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Cricket vs Baseball - The Yin and Yang of Stick Ball

Notice that the typical color of baseball is white with red thread, while the typical colour of a cricket ball is red with a white thread. In heardic terms we call this juxtoposition of colours a counter charge.

But in New Age-Ancient Eastern Tao...little grasshopper is way of Yin and Yang.

Baseball and Cricket descend from a common 'stick and ball' ancestor game that originally formed in the United Kingdom. This is an analogous situation with American Football and Rugby. Cricket are Baseball have similar elements but went their separate ways.

Will Russia choose Baseball or Cricket?

Baseball and Cricket are beloved sports all across the world. And the world is divided as to their favorite 'stick ball' game. The core nation identified with Cricket is England. Cricket is like tea time, crumpets, and calico printing.

On the other hand, Baseball is as American as apple pie, but apples originate from Asia as does calico printing.

Interestingly the preference for Baseball or Cricket has divided the world and especially Asia. East Asia - Japan, Korea, and China have made baseball their own. Baseball for East Asia is home as much as chopsticks and squatting for a number 2.

Swing Batsman, Batsa-Batsa-Batsaman!

But West Asia has adopted Cricket as its national pastime. The head quarters for the ICC - International Cricket Council is nowhere near London. It is in Dubai, of the United Arab Emirates in the West Asia. South Asia has also hopped over Cricket rather than Baseball. Only North Asia has remained relatively undecided.

I speculate that in Russian-Asia.... Baseball will pull ahead in popularity over Cricket.

Up next MLB Team Symmetry

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Sea Shepard Indigenous Flags - Iroquoi, Aboriginal, & Maori

Who knew? Who knew that the Iroquois Flag would become the battle flag in the South Ocean in the 21st Century?

The Sea Shepard Group is a seriously dedicated environmentalist organization, willing to risk their own lives in order to protect endangered species.

On their first season on Animal Planet - the world was witness to their extreme but non lethal assault on a South Ocean Japanese Whaling Fleet. Green Peace conducts similar missions but on a caliber that is much less confrontational. When Sea Shepard targets a Japanese whaling vessels they use non-lethal annoying chemical weapons.

The Violet Iroquois Flag flying on the Steve Irwin

Not only does Sea Shepard fly a Native American Flag - but the flags of the Native Aussies - the Aboriginals- and Native Kiwis - the Maori - are proudly flown on their decks.

The Southern Ocean has not yet hosted a 'theater of war.' But the clash of "Scientific" Japanese Whalers vs an aggressive environmentalist group is perhaps the closest 'battle' the South Ocean has yet to witness. Even today battle continues.

Video Collage of Iroquois Battle Flag

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sea Shepard Flag - Whale Warriors

The flag of the Sea Shepard Conservation Society gained a bit of popularity in 2008, when the cable channel Animal Planet aired the show Whale Warriors.

Sea Shepard Conservation Society operates in all oceans across the world. It's mission is to protect endangered wildlife from poachers. This environmentalist organization was founded in 1977 by Paul Watson - a former member of Greenpeace. Watson created this splinter group due to phisolosphical differences. Green Peace is an annoyance to wildlife poachers, but the Sea Sheapard is several degrees more confrontational and aggressive.

Flag of Sea Shepard

The flag of Sea Shepard design is based on classical pirate flag design. But the Sea Shepard Jolly Roger is not a decorative museum flag of a bygone era. This flag is active and has recently born witness to violent confrontation on the high seas. And it will continue to do so in the near future.

This flag has a black background. Like the classical jolly roger, it features a white skull, upon the forehead is the outline of a dolphin and sperm whale. The dolphin and whale are positioned like yin and yang like fashion. The dolphin is swimming 'upwards' while the whale swims 'downwards.' Below the skull are crossed arms - a traditional shepard's crook and trident spear. Harder to see is another dolphin etched at the base of the trident's meeting point with the pole - and on it is an 'above' profile of a dolphin.

Finally along the bottom is the name of the organization written in white print SEA SHEPARD.

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Independent Borg Flag - Star Trek

In the most popular syndicated television show - Star Trek the Next Generation - a fictional alien species is known as the Borg. Their name is derived from 'cyborg.' A cyborg is a mix of computer and biological organism. Currently the most dominant nations of the world are externally cybernetic - since there is critical union of computer and biological form.

Once people start to allow computers to exist within their body - they will be classical internal cybernetic organisms.

The USA, Japan, Russia, Canada, and UK are nations that would fall apart without computer assistance. They are external cybernetic nations. It is probable that they will be the first of Earth Nations to give rise to "internal classical cybernetic people" in the near future - say by 2052.

The imaginary Borg Species introduced by Star Trek are an aggressive species. They wish to make all 'intelligent' species of the universe conform to their image. Their ravenous appetite for knowledge causes them to inflict suffering and pain on their fellow organisms. The Borg motto seems to be "If other species get harmed in our their pursuit of perfection - so be it."

In one way the Borg are similar to an ant colony - since both are controlled by an individual queen.

Basically they have an aggressive 'melting pot' agenda - UNITE WITH US OR DIE. If a species chooses to resist the Borg - then the Borg will give them no quarter - and make every effort to destroy them.

In one way - the United States of America acted in 'Borg-ish' manner towards the Soviet Union and Confederacy. But on the other hand, the USA gave quarter to Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Japan, North Korea, Germany, and Vietnam.

Digitized Independent Borg Flag

In one episode the humans infect a lone Borg with an independent mind teaching program. And thus they hope, the Borg would be less inclined to take over and conquer/assimilate their neighbors. It works for some and a few Borg learn to be independent of the collective. Eventually these Borg create an alliance with an android. The final effect is a Borg Flag.

The flag is vertical tri-bar of red, white, and red. A black geometric design of six pieces seems to represent a Borg hand, body, or both. The Borg are essentially technological-fascists.

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Q Judgement Day Flag - Star Trek

It is ironically appropriate that today - May 21, 2011 - the last flag shown of Star Trek the Next Generation be discussed. This last episode of Star Treks closes the story arc from the initial season where the Enterprise encounters an advanced being known as the Q. Captain Jean Luke Picard, played by Patrick Stewart, faces final Judgement from Q.

Once Picard realizes who is behind the time warping phenomena he is zapped into Q's domain. He is transported to a lit stage standing in front of the apparent Flag of Q.

This flag has a red background. Secondly it features a black eagle facing towards the hoist. Its talons clutch a golden ribbon. The golden ribbon surrounds a black circular disc with six circular indents around the edges.

Digitized Q Flag

Perhaps this flag was created by the Q to represent its authority - Q as a superior being wouldn't necessarily need a flag. However this flag could have been the flag of the Q nation when it was in its humanoid or lower life form. But the story content it can be a flag from supposed post-nuclear war earth based civilization?

On the other hand perhaps Q is simply mocking Captain Picard's uniform, culture, and colours. Captain Picard wears a red and black Star Fleet outfit and with four golden circular markers on his collar that shows his rank. Likewise Judge Q, also wears red and black clothing and wears golden necklace.

But from a Q-point of view there is only one explanation. All of the above explanations are incorrect, while at the same time being both correct, while others only only half correct most of the time, plus additional unknown reasons reasons. It's quite a maddening explanation from a linear or unilateral point of view. But the human mind is more than just a logical circuit.

Video of Judge Q - Last Episode

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Tarot Yin & Yang - Temperance & Judgement, part 11

The Tarot card of Temperance and Judgement align in a peculiar way. The key element that links these cards is the angel with blond hair and reddish wings. In Temperance the angel holds a golden cup in each hand, while in Judgement the angel is blowing on a golden trumpet.

The Temperance Angel is grounded. One foot on solid earth, the other wading in the water. In the most general sense Temperance begs for a need between the logical-rational side of mind (earth) and the intuitive-emotional side of mind (water). Balance is a theme in all religions-philosophies. It was also one of Benjamin Franklin's favorite virtues - look it up and read his biography.

Do it before you vote again. If you have not read Benjamin Franklin's autobiography by the time you are 40 and you still cast votes in political elections - then you should be stripped of US Citizenship.

Judgement Angel appears in a lofty position amongst the heavens. In the great tradition of a herald, Judgement Angel has a banner attached to a trumpet - a red cross on white background. The scene is a basic representation of Judgement Day.

There are two families beseeching the divine apparition. The angel of Judgement seems to have chosen the family in the foreground. Oddly the woman of the foreground family is taller than her male companion and has her hands outstretched towards her shorter 'husband.'

The flag on the trumpet is reflective of Christianity. A red cross on a white background is known in vexi-circles as St. Georges Cross. In contrast, the Temperance card has no flag, but upon the robe of the angel is another type of square. On this square is an orange triangle.

Before the rise of Christianity and Judaism, philosophers & thinkers were fascinated with triangles. They often ascribed them to having some kind of mystical, magical or divine power. Even today the triangle continues to have meaningful symbolism with some churches and of course........Freemasonry^.

Upon close inspection of the Temperance Angel you can see the name of God written in Hebrew - read from left to right the letters are approximately, H - V - H - Y. But Hebrew is read like Arabic from right to left!

Thus for most left handed people - it is quite a pain the butt to write in English. But for left handed people in the Arabic or Hebrew world, they are in harmonious alignment when writing.


LINK Q's Judgement - Star Trek

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Tarot Yin & Yang - The Magician & The Hanged Man, part 10

The Magician and The Hanged man complement each other like yin and yang. The Magician is a confident man in control of his destiny. His right hand is held high with a white wand in a victory pose. The Magican's left hand is pointing towards the ground as if to claim it as his own. On the flip side The Hanged Man has his hands tied behind his back. With a triple insult - he is hanging upside down.

Although The Hanged Man may seem helpless, his head glows with a halo indicating spiritual enlightenment. The Magician also has a special kind of halo over his head - an infinity sign. By the pose of his hands it seems to echo Buzz Light Years heroic chant, 'to Infinity and Beyond.'

In front of the Magician are all four suits of a Tarot Deck - Cups, Swords, Wands, and Pentacles. This means the Magician like any good student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry has a kind of magical mastery over his emotional, spiritual, ego, and earthly spells.

In another point of view the Magician has a scientific mastery over the four elements via the modern notion of solid, liquid, gas, and plasma or in the ancient way of earth, water, air, and fire.

In stark contrast the Hanged Man has no control over his situation. The world has hung him out to dry. The vegetation of The Magician is abundant above and below but does not control him, but in The Hanged Man he is hung upside down on a living T-shaped tree - showing that the world has total control over the man.

Do we control and dominate our technology or is it the other way around?

In any case The Magician illustrates a mastery and development of outwards control upon the world, while The Hanged Man shows an inward and spiritual development from within, because of the world.


In the early 1990s two famous magicians were born out of Fantasia - Harry Potter and his fraternal twin - Timothy Hunter. Maybe someday their paths will cross?

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Tarot Yin & Yang - The Wheel of Fortune & The Wolrd, part 9

The Wheel of Fortune aligns harmoniously with the Tarot World card. The primary alignment deals with the four winged angels in each corner.

Starting in the upper right there is an eagle, winged lion, winged ox, and finally an angel - all are seated in the clouds. In the four corners of The World the same pattern repeats but it is a close up of their faces. These divine creatures in the four corners are influenced by the mysterious creatures described in the biblical book of Ezekiel.

In the Wheel of Fortune the four angels are each studying a book. But in the The World they have abandoned their books and convey a regal dominance over their studies in their assigned corner.

The Wheel of Fortune is popularly known as a game show hosted by Pat Sajak and Vanna White. But the concept of a wheel of fortune or wheel of fate goes back thousands of years before the rise of the Roman Empire. This seemingly random fate of ones fortune has been associated with a spinning wheel.

This Tarot Wheel of Fortune interestingly has Hebrew written upon it. Starting from Hebrew Letter Yod and going either clockwise or counterclockwise it spells the Hebrew Word for God. The wheel also has English letters upon it. Starting from the Letter T and going clockwise it spells out TAROT, but from the same starting position and going counterclockwise it spells out TORA. There are also some alchemical symbols that have a coded meaning.

The card for The World conserves the circular shape of the Wheel of Fortune with a green wreath. It is tied with two red ribbon at the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions. The mythical red and blue creatures of the Wheel of Fortune are gone. Rather a women suspended in the air apparently by her own will, holds two wands and is wearing a purple sash. She rests at the center of her world - confident, cool, and collected.

In the New Testament the four creatures were often associated with the four Gospels - the winged lion is associated with St. Mark, the winged bull is tied to St. Luke, the Eagle is linked to St. John and finally the angel is represented by St. Matthew. This Gospel-majestic creature association was evident in the 7th century Lindisfarne Gospels - see below.


(click the picture below for a more clear image)

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Tarot Yin & Yang - Emperor & Empress, part 8

The Emperor and Empress make a harmonious pair, obviously they match as male and female rulers over an Empire. The Emperor and Empress sit upon thrones and both carry a golden metal wand in their hands. The wand of the Empress is capped with a golden ball while the Emperor holds a golden ball in his left hand.

Their thrones differ in traditional expectations of men and women. The Empress sits in a relaxed pose on a throne on several pillows. On the other hand the Emperor sits on a hard stone throne while wearing armor. The Emperor is for business and the Empress rules for pleasure.

The backgrounds also differ like Yin and Yang. The Emperor's office has no trees, it is reflective of modern industrial development. The background is desolate, hard, rocky, and lifeless. The Empress's office is the complete opposite. There are trees, grasses, bushes, and healthy crop of wheat in the foreground.

The Empress and Emperor mirror Mars and Venus. There is a heart shaped icon below the Empress and on it is the planetary symbol for Venus - which is also the symbol for woman. The Emperor card does not show us the planetary symbol for Mars which also the symbol for male, but the four ram heads are visible at the far corners of his grey throne.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Tarot Yin & Yang - Strength & the Star, part 7

In the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, strength is tied to the star. The first yin-yang aspect is of day and night. The woman of Strength is bending over to tame the lion during in the day, while Star woman is kneeling at the waters edge at night.

The woman of Strength is fully clothed but the woman of the star is completely nude. The clothed woman is occupied with a Lion. This imagery not only refers a show of stregth towards external issues, but having the inner strength to tame the passionate Lion within.

The woman of the Star conveys a different message. She is pouring water into a pond and upon the earth. Her nakedness shows that she at ease with her naked self exposing her will and emotions. She no longer has to hold in emotions, but rather let them flow in a calm and serene manner.

The background of these cards reflect a Yin and Yang dynamic. There are trees in the background of the Strenth that lie below a blue hill in the distance. But in the Star card the paradigm has shifted, rather a tree is planted on hill that has higher ground than the purple hills in the background.

Besides women, both cards have animals of opposite temperaments. The lion of Strength in the foreground is tied to the bird perched on a tree in the background of the Star. People need not fear our avian cousins but a lion is the most fearsome of our earthly neighbors. The roar of lion and song of a bird are two dialects that stir our hearts in different ways.

Eight eight pointed stars are visible on the star card. The central star above the nude woman is shining the brightest. Above the clothed woman is an infinity symbol. Just as their is an infinite power in our universe - the stars at night seem to sing of this infinite power.

These two cards show women interacting with their environment. One woman demonstrates her power over the world by dominating the King of Beasts, while the other humbly returns the what she taken back to he earth. She dose not dump it carelessly, but with a keen sense, carefully with one leg on land (logically) and another in the water (emotionally).


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tarot Yin & Yang - The Hierophant & Justice, part 6

The Hierophant and Justice feature two men dressed in red robes sitting on a grey throne with two solid grey pillars on their left and right. Their crowns are golden - Justice wears a crown with three square helms and the Hierophant wears a triple crown reminscent of the Pope.

In many Tarot Decks the Hierophant is called the Pope, but the term Hierophant is more general of any spiritual doctrine. But no matter, the imagery of the Pope is conserved with the papal cross keys at the Hierophants feet.

These two cards tells of divine law and man made laws or rather the reality that man has discovered and of the higher reality that religious leaders are aware of. Likewise law men and women - police, judges, and lawyers.............(under construction)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tarot Yin & Yang - The Fool & The Hermit, part 5

The Fool and the Hermit are linked by the dynamic dichotomy of youth and old age, or rather an immature neophyte and wise elder.

Their cards differ like night and day. The Fool seems to be trotting off a cliff in broad daylight with the shining sun at his back, while the Hermit stands at attention on a dark moonless midnight hour. The Fool wears an elaborate, fancy shirt full of vitality but the Hermit wears a plain grey robe.

Both of these men carry a stick. The Fool uses his wand to carry his material belongings in a manicured purse, while the Hermit uses his golden staff for balance on his high ground.

The Fool holds a white rose in his left hand - that symbolizes his innocence. In stark contrast, the Hermit holds a lantern of enlightenment - to guide those below. The lantern shines as a golden six pointed star.

These Tarot Cards illustrate the common theme of youthful indiscretion versus the wise man of the mountain. Whatever your stage in life or personal endeavor in a martial art, work, life or love - these two cards represent the two extremes of a journey.

The Hermit is a serious card. The man's dress, stature, and imagery convey humble and almost divine calling, while the imagery of the fool is lighthearted, playful, and of course foolish.

Back in 1971 the Hermit gained a note popularity thanks to Led Zeppelin. The design of The Hermit was used on the inside cover art of Led Zeppelin's fourth album. The Hermit is associated with one of their most popular songs - A Stairway to Heaven. You can often find lyrics printed beside the image of The Hermit. In this song the wondering English Minstrels tell us of a foolish stairway to heaven...they combine ancient instruments with modern rock. Perhaps Led Zeppelin will have to write a song that is inspired by the fool?


Friday, May 13, 2011

Tarot Yin & Yang - The Lovers & the Devil, part 4

The Lovers Tarot Card
the card of love

It is nothing new that the Tarot Lovers Card is considered the complement to the Tarot Devil Card. One card exudes 'Love' white the other shows us 'Hate.'

Both cards feature a nude Man and Woman. The Lovers are reminiscent of the the Garden of Eden. There is even a serpent in a tree behind the woman.

In the Lovers Cards the woman stands in front of a tree that bears an orange fruit, while the man stand in front of a tree that bears a flaming leaf. In the Devil's Card the fruits of the tress have become attached to the naked man and women as tails. At the end of the woman's tail is a purple fruiting body - perhaps a bunch of grapes. She is aware that she is picking at it as if to offer it to the man. The man also has a tail with a flaming leaf but the Devil is flaming his passion by goating him with torch.

When combined the dichotomy of an Angel and Devil are apparent. Their colours are even counter charged. The Angel of the Lovers is wearing a purple robe and has red avian wings, while the Devil has purple bat wings and a red body. The Angel appears at high noon when the sun is directly overhead and clearly shines a loving energy, while the Devil appears in darkness. The light hidden and occulted.

The Angel has golden skin while the devil has horns on his head. The Angel intuitively appears loving, while the Devil is frightening.

The Devil Card
the card Hate

The Angel appears out the clouds and shows the lovers that they are to be united. But the Devil sits on a black monolith that chains the lovers around their necks. The Devil is the less than friendly middle man who keeps the lovers in a wicked bondage.

The Devils hands are in two different positions. The Devil has his right hand over the woman with a tattoo upon it. While his left hand holds a torch that manipulates the flaming tail of the man.

The Devil is manipulating man and woman, or two points of view for his own benefit. One of the Devils most powerful tool is hatred - it is his perfect tool that allows it to control and manipulate lovers, families, and nations.

The Devil has an upside down pentagram on his head. The suit of pentacles also has pentagrams, but they are right side up and surrounded by a circle. This pentacle suit usually deals with earthly issues or advancement - wealth, trade, and life skills. But an upside down pentagram symbolizes a corruption of earth skills or rather greed.

These two tarot cards match in design like yin and yang or rather - love and hate.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tarot Yin & Yang - the High Priestess & the Chariot, part 2

The High Priestess is aligned with Chariot for several reasons. Firstly they have a balance of black and white via the pillars of the High Priestess and black and white sphinxes.

In scientific terms the pillars represent potential energy while the chariot is its complement - kinetic energy. The High Priestess is holding the TORAH in her hands, which is considered by many the most important part of the Old Testament. Over her heart she wears an equal length white cross. In balance to that the Charioteer has rectangle of equal length -a square - in the center of his chest. He holds a wand that acts the 'steering wheel' on the unharnessed sphinxes.

Another common element is their sky blue dress and both wear crescent moons. The woman wears a crown that has rims that that look like the phases of the moon and by her feet there is a golden crescent. The man has two golden crescents hidden in his shoulder pads.

The colourful cloth behind the woman reflects a pattern of Mother Nature, while the drapery around the man reflects a pattern of the Night Sky - or rather Father Sky.

The black and white pillars next to woman have the letters B and J written upon them. This is in reference to the two sacred bronze columns at Solomon's Temple - Boaz & Jachin. Boaz is painted black and translates from Hebrew as 'Divine Strength.' Jachin is also a Hebrew word that approximately means, 'Holy Foundation.' In between these pillars sits the High Preistess holding a sacred document - the Torah. By no accident the chariot looks like Chupah - the four pillared Jewish 'wedding gazebo.'

On a side note, the Pillars of Boaz and Jachin are important in Freemasonry. The pillars found on the Tarot High Priestess card can often be found on Masonic Aprons. If you click on the Masonic Apron to the left you can see more clearly the letters 'J' and 'B' on the columns - but on this apron they are on opposite sides when compared to the High Priestess.

It's no accident that this deck of Tarot Cards uses Masonic Imagery, since the artist was belonged to the Golden Dawn. An organization with similar rituals and coded secrets. However Golden Dawn was co-ed, Freemasonry is not.

The pillars of Solomon of the High Priestess are a natural counterbalance to the black and white sphinxes of Ancient Egypt. In a way the mystery of Solomon's Temple is on par with the mysticism associated with the Magical Sphinx.


(Part 3 not allowed by Google)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tarot Yin & Yang - Death & the Sun, Part 1

Suits of Playing &
Tarot Cards Compared

In this eleven part series, the 22 Trump Cards will be presented in 'flag symmetry' order. Flags like Tarot Cards convey a deep sense of symbolism. Flags are symbols of nations, likewise Tarot Cards are symbols of the human condition.

Tarot Cards are related to playing cards. Essentially the four suits match up with four suits of a Tarot Deck of cards. Clubs match to Wands, Diamonds match Pentacles, Hearts match to Cups, and Spades match to Swords. Tarot decks have Royal suits - Kings, Queens, and Jacks...but instead of a Jack or Knave there is Page for Tarot.

Tarot Cards also have an extra royal suit called a Knight - that ranks above a Page and below a Queen. Imagine if regular cards had a extra royal suit. How much fun would that be?

The most important difference between a regular deck of cards and Tarot Deck is that Tarot has 22 trump cards - also known as Major Arcana. Essentially Trump Cards are related to varied personal challenges that an individual must deal with in life - if it is to be lived fully.

One should wisely use the hand that fate has deals you, since "you'll never know what life will deal you next" - Jack Dalton of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

The cards used in these posts are from the most popular deck - the Rider-Waite Deck. This deck is grounded to the English Language and Judeo-Christian tradition.

There is no better place to begin with than two cards that feature flags - DEATH & THE SUN.

The flag of Death has a black background and features a wholly white rose similar to that of English Royalty. The flag is square like a military regimental flag. A human skeleton in black armor is holding the flag with its left hand and is riding a white horse.

The flag of the Sun is wholly red and extends lengthwise beyond the bottom of the card with no seeming end. In contrast to the Death Card a naked child wearing a wreath of flowers joyfully rides towards us on a white horse. But the white horse of the sun is unharnessed. It is essentially naked like the child. The child is crowed in a red feather in its fullness, also the black skeleton knight has red feather that has wilted on his helmets crest.

The sun can be found on both flags. The sun in the Death Card is at the point of transition on the upper horizon. Whether the sun is rising or setting an unwelcome change marches on. While the sun of the Sun Card is high in sky - in full splendor.

The Death Card and Sun Card are a balance of life in the beginning and at its end. Where do souls come from and where do they go? Both are 'horsemen' bearing two different flags. Likewise life & death are two interlinked concepts like Yin and Yang.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Origins of the Rattle Snake Flag - May 9 1751, not May 9 1754

260 years ago Benjamin Franklin published an sarcastic note entitled To the Printers of the Gazette - May 9, 1751.

In this article Franklin addresses the Empire's issue of sending "Felons" to the Colonies. In order to balance this immigration policy, Franklin suggests that North American Rattle snakes should then be sent back to England.

Ben wrote on today 260 years ago... "And Rattle-Snakes seem the most suitable Return for the Human Serpents sent us by our Mother Country. In this, however, as in every other Branch of Trade, she will have the Advantage of us. She (England) will reap equal benefits without equal risque of the Inconveniences and Dangers. For the Rattle-Snake gives Warning before he attempts his Mischief, which the Convict does not. I am."

Yours, Americanus
(May 9, 1751)

Three years later on May 9, 1754, Franklin printed his famous rattle snake image that became an American Symbol on several US flags. Did Ben Franklin have a fondness for May 9th? Maybe it's just a coincidence? Franklin was many things - insightful, creative, thoughtful, calculating, sarcastic, and keenly aware of natural cycles. He published an Almanac after all.

Franklin's Famous Rattle Snake Image
in 1754, three years after
" I Am Americanus" Immigration Proposal

In any case Franklin shook his patriotic rattle in a threatening tone towards England three years before his famous rattle snake print was printed.

It seems the association of the rattle snake with America was set in Franklin's mind, long before his famous "JOIN, or DIE" rattle-snake print of 1754.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, 2011

Mothers Day Flag
Mother & Daughter Jarvis

In honor of Mothers Day, here is a Mother's Day flag. Mother's Day took its form under the guidance of Ann Marie Jarvis and her mother Ann Maria Jarvis.

In order to distinguish the founders of Mother's Day it will be a bit easier to refer to them as Daughter Marie and Mother Maria.

Mother Maria was born in Virginia when it was still united with West Virginia 1832 in Culpeper County. Culpeper county is also vexillologically famous for Culpeper County Minute Men Flag from the US Revolution of 1776.

Culpeper Minute Men Flag 1775
Clupeper County later became a
birthplace of Mother's Day due to US Civil War
under the leadership of the Jarvis Family

Daughter Marie was born in West Virginia a year after it had broken away from Mother Virginia on May 1, 1864. West Virginia officially separated from the older eastern Virginia on June 20, 1863.

Likewise Virginia is considered to be the 'Mother State' of the United States, since Virginia is the oldest. The American Dream, at least in English started in Virginia, without interruption.

History books also call Virginia the Mother of Presidents since many of the early and founding father presidents of were born there: Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Tyler, Taylor, Wilson, and of course the grandest of all - Washington.

In honor of this privileged position I have created a Mother's Day Flag that combines the state flags of Virginia and West Virginia, since both states coincidentally gave birth to the founders of Mother's Day - as it is in the USA. The blue border and cross wreath are taken from West Virginia, while the inner head wreath is from the current flag of Virginia. In the center are portraits of the Jarvises - Mom Jarvis on the right and Daughter Jarvis on the left.

Mother Maria Jarvis organized women to help injured men on both sides of the US Civil War and became a pacifist. She like many other women and men thought a day to honor motherhood would help reconcile the tragedies of Civil War.

West VA Flag with Mother's Day Founder

Mother Maria Jarvis never lived to see Mother's Day officially adopted. But Daughter Marie Jarvis did, in 1914 under the last US President born in "Unbroken Virginia" - President Wilson.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Soviet Union & Red Afghan Flag - Fraternal Partners

Soviet Red Flag of Afghanistan

The flag of the Soviet Union is partnered up with the Red Soviet Flag of Afghanistan. From 1978 unto 1980 these flags were harmoniously aligned in the last quarter of the Cold War.

The scythe is simply a farm tool but when combined with the hammer - it became the essential icon of Communism.

The red flag of Afghanistan was the final harvest for the Soviet Union. In the 1980s the Red Army would fight is final fight against Islamic Militants & Osama Bin Laden.

Previously the Soviet Union was America's greatest ally against Nazi Europe and Imperial Japan. But soon afterwards the Soviet Union and United States became fierce political rivals that erupted into the Cold War - or rather World War III. It was fought on all five continents and in outer space.

The last of nations to raise a Red Communist Flag was Afghanistan. Both flags have yellow stars in the crest position. The Red Afghani flag officially flew for three years. It features a cross-wreath of wheat wrapped in a red ribbon. This harmoniously aligns with the scythe of the Soviet Emblem, since wheat is the primary crop associated with the sickle.

But the reaper also represents death. The conjunction of these flags hint at a notion of life and death. Likewise bread is a symbol of life. The Afghan flag has Arabic Script written upon it. In the center is reads in Pashtu "Khxalaq," which means the "Masses." On the banner written near the compartment is "Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, April 1378 (Islamic Calendar)."

During the proverbial sunset of the Cold War, the United States and her Mujahideen Allies delivered the death blow to an ailing and economically frustrated Soviet Union in the 1980s. Afterwards, the Soviets abandoned their social-political efforts in Afghanistan, and their Communist Forms dissolved into the history books.

After the smoke of the Cold War settled, the free and wild wildly contested Central Asian Region gave birth to the Taliban, which became a protective harbor for Osama bin Laden, until 9/11.

Flag of the Soviet Union

A generation later, the United States was fated to follow in the wake of the Red Army's Last Stand.