Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tarot Yin & Yang - Emperor & Empress, part 8

The Emperor and Empress make a harmonious pair, obviously they match as male and female rulers over an Empire. The Emperor and Empress sit upon thrones and both carry a golden metal wand in their hands. The wand of the Empress is capped with a golden ball while the Emperor holds a golden ball in his left hand.

Their thrones differ in traditional expectations of men and women. The Empress sits in a relaxed pose on a throne on several pillows. On the other hand the Emperor sits on a hard stone throne while wearing armor. The Emperor is for business and the Empress rules for pleasure.

The backgrounds also differ like Yin and Yang. The Emperor's office has no trees, it is reflective of modern industrial development. The background is desolate, hard, rocky, and lifeless. The Empress's office is the complete opposite. There are trees, grasses, bushes, and healthy crop of wheat in the foreground.

The Empress and Emperor mirror Mars and Venus. There is a heart shaped icon below the Empress and on it is the planetary symbol for Venus - which is also the symbol for woman. The Emperor card does not show us the planetary symbol for Mars which also the symbol for male, but the four ram heads are visible at the far corners of his grey throne.



  1. I am Emperor and I once dated the Empress perfect Harmony but I became Saved in Jesus and now wear new clothes.