Friday, May 20, 2011

Tarot Yin & Yang - Temperance & Judgement, part 11

The Tarot card of Temperance and Judgement align in a peculiar way. The key element that links these cards is the angel with blond hair and reddish wings. In Temperance the angel holds a golden cup in each hand, while in Judgement the angel is blowing on a golden trumpet.

The Temperance Angel is grounded. One foot on solid earth, the other wading in the water. In the most general sense Temperance begs for a need between the logical-rational side of mind (earth) and the intuitive-emotional side of mind (water). Balance is a theme in all religions-philosophies. It was also one of Benjamin Franklin's favorite virtues - look it up and read his biography.

Do it before you vote again. If you have not read Benjamin Franklin's autobiography by the time you are 40 and you still cast votes in political elections - then you should be stripped of US Citizenship.

Judgement Angel appears in a lofty position amongst the heavens. In the great tradition of a herald, Judgement Angel has a banner attached to a trumpet - a red cross on white background. The scene is a basic representation of Judgement Day.

There are two families beseeching the divine apparition. The angel of Judgement seems to have chosen the family in the foreground. Oddly the woman of the foreground family is taller than her male companion and has her hands outstretched towards her shorter 'husband.'

The flag on the trumpet is reflective of Christianity. A red cross on a white background is known in vexi-circles as St. Georges Cross. In contrast, the Temperance card has no flag, but upon the robe of the angel is another type of square. On this square is an orange triangle.

Before the rise of Christianity and Judaism, philosophers & thinkers were fascinated with triangles. They often ascribed them to having some kind of mystical, magical or divine power. Even today the triangle continues to have meaningful symbolism with some churches and of course........Freemasonry^.

Upon close inspection of the Temperance Angel you can see the name of God written in Hebrew - read from left to right the letters are approximately, H - V - H - Y. But Hebrew is read like Arabic from right to left!

Thus for most left handed people - it is quite a pain the butt to write in English. But for left handed people in the Arabic or Hebrew world, they are in harmonious alignment when writing.


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