Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tarot Yin & Yang - The Fool & The Hermit, part 5

The Fool and the Hermit are linked by the dynamic dichotomy of youth and old age, or rather an immature neophyte and wise elder.

Their cards differ like night and day. The Fool seems to be trotting off a cliff in broad daylight with the shining sun at his back, while the Hermit stands at attention on a dark moonless midnight hour. The Fool wears an elaborate, fancy shirt full of vitality but the Hermit wears a plain grey robe.

Both of these men carry a stick. The Fool uses his wand to carry his material belongings in a manicured purse, while the Hermit uses his golden staff for balance on his high ground.

The Fool holds a white rose in his left hand - that symbolizes his innocence. In stark contrast, the Hermit holds a lantern of enlightenment - to guide those below. The lantern shines as a golden six pointed star.

These Tarot Cards illustrate the common theme of youthful indiscretion versus the wise man of the mountain. Whatever your stage in life or personal endeavor in a martial art, work, life or love - these two cards represent the two extremes of a journey.

The Hermit is a serious card. The man's dress, stature, and imagery convey humble and almost divine calling, while the imagery of the fool is lighthearted, playful, and of course foolish.

Back in 1971 the Hermit gained a note popularity thanks to Led Zeppelin. The design of The Hermit was used on the inside cover art of Led Zeppelin's fourth album. The Hermit is associated with one of their most popular songs - A Stairway to Heaven. You can often find lyrics printed beside the image of The Hermit. In this song the wondering English Minstrels tell us of a foolish stairway to heaven...they combine ancient instruments with modern rock. Perhaps Led Zeppelin will have to write a song that is inspired by the fool?


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