Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baseball Team Symmetry - Minnesota Twins vs San Francisco Giants, part 1

Classic Minnesota Twins Pennant

Since June is the month of Gemini - a flag of with twins is a must. This is part 1, the part of my Baseball Team symmetry thread. Enjoy!

Perhaps the most popular twin flag of our generation belongs to the Minnesota Twins, in my 'flag alignment' idea the iconic partner of this team is the San Francisco Giants.

Modern San Francisco Giants Pennant

Why do I make such an association? Look and my old 'flag symmetry posts.'

When compared - Twins like Giants seem to exist in between the intangible supernatural world and solid reality. All our ancient cultures were enchanted by and adored these atypical manifestations of the human form.

The lives of twins and noticeable much taller than average people enjoy a certain kind of fame and karma. This is blessing which can also be an annoyance - but more so a blessing when compared to Dwarfs or Conjoined Twins. People who complain about being tall people should have a talk with little people.

Team Cap Logo
Minnesota Twins

Twins and Giants are in effect real life X-men. If they chose to use their gifts properly. Very very very tall people can choose to play on the villains side or superhero side. Example being a 6'7" police officer vs 6'8" Street Thug Gang Member. Likewise twins can use their gift to deceive the naive.

Team Cap Logo
San Francisco

Natural Clones and Giants have always had a role in ancient mythology. But in modern America the earthly and semi-mystical spirit of the Twin and Giant was destined to be enshrined in Major League Baseball.

If these two teams ever meet in a world championship it'd be the 'Mythology Series.'

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