Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tarot Yin & Yang - The Hierophant & Justice, part 6

The Hierophant and Justice feature two men dressed in red robes sitting on a grey throne with two solid grey pillars on their left and right. Their crowns are golden - Justice wears a crown with three square helms and the Hierophant wears a triple crown reminscent of the Pope.

In many Tarot Decks the Hierophant is called the Pope, but the term Hierophant is more general of any spiritual doctrine. But no matter, the imagery of the Pope is conserved with the papal cross keys at the Hierophants feet.

These two cards tells of divine law and man made laws or rather the reality that man has discovered and of the higher reality that religious leaders are aware of. Likewise law men and women - police, judges, and lawyers.............(under construction)


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