Tuesday, January 18, 2022

'Sup Dawg Logo from Hot Tub Time Machine 2010


Take me back to 2010, old movies are like time capsules in a bottle.  In 2010, another classic time machine movie came to be, Hot Tub Time Machine.  Of vexillological note is the unique logo for 'Sup Dawg specialty care pet store.  The logo features of pink poodle in the crest upon a coat of arms with S and D, and the motto underneath that reads 'Sup Dawg. 

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Lunar Twilight 2021 - a solo song


Wishing you all in the future a 'Lovely Lunar Twilight.'  This is a short one!  Since the last moon of 2021 dissolves tonight on New Years Day.  Lunar Twilight's length depends on the phases of the Moon.  Since the last New-Empty Moon was just about one month ago, we only get one night of Lunar Twilight.  This is when we get an extra moment to say goodbye to yesteryear that returned at sunset.  Reason being the next new cycle of the Moon wont start until January 3, 2022. 

During the evenings when yesteryear returns, it is a soulful time to reflect on the gift that was and cherish all of last year.  Looking to the future with enthusiasm is best mixed with a sweet good bye kiss to past.  

One song that captures all the feels of Lunar Twilight is Alan Jackson's Remember When, released back in 2003!

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Other Vexilloids from Trading Places 1983


The stain glass works image is from the classic Christmas-New Year's Holiday celebration film Trading Places 1983. Several coats of arms can be seen in the windows, including the arms for the UK, Longon, and what looks like Harvard. 

On the back of The Wall Street Journal an advertisement for the Apple II personal computer is visible on the back.  Who knew, this little computer company would grow and grow to become the great corporate oak of 2020.

Barely noticeable in the background is Christmas Holiday banner flying from a flag pole on a building.  It is red flag that is impossible to determine what is reads. 

The ancient question of hereditary vs environment.  Which factor plays a bigger role on shaping a man?  No doubt hereditary plays a critical role in shaping a women and providing her or him with a certain advantage over others.  Likewise for men who inherit 6ft genes, get romance handed to them on a golden platter.

Note the logo of Jamison scotch can be seen, which employs a coat of arms. 




Pennsylvania and City of Philadelphia Flag in Trading Places - 1983


During the Heritage Club humiliation scene the flags of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia appear in the background.  The best shot of the flags when the camera zooms on Clarence Beeks, the covert security expert. The flag of Philadelphia is on the left behind Beeks' right shoulder.  It has a light blue color and you can see the Goddess Ceres holding a cornucopia.  On the right side of the image, behind the left shoulder of Beeks is a dark blue flag with three sheaves of wheat.   A gold fringe and gold tassels are visible as well. 


From left to right is the US flag, Heritage Club flag, city of Philadelphia flag, and Pennsylvania state flag. 

The flag of Philadelphia is vertical tribar of sky blue, yellow, and sky blue.  In the middle yellow section is Philadelphia coat of arms.  The colors are based upon the flag of Sweden which planted the first permanent Old World colony in the Pennsylvania and Delaware.

African Pride Flag in Trading Places 1983


The Pan African Pride flag makes an appearance in the Trading Places 1983.  The colours also do a swell job of echoing the spirit of Christmas, since they include red and green. 

The Heritage Club Flag - Trading Places 1983


It is funny how Hollywood sometimes conforms itself to star, and in 1983 it made way for Eddie Murphy to shine in the film Trading Places.  In the background is the flag of the 'Heritage Club' of Philadelphia.  It is a horizontal tribar of green, yellow, and green. 

The fictional Heritage Club of Philadelphia has a flag flying from the side of the building.  This movie plays the rags to riches theme, but also riches to rags, and makes a statement on high society and the city poor. It is classic 1980s movie that pulls hard punches, and not afraid to show some the lewd humor of the time.

In reality this show is a complete fantasy, yet is grounding in reality.  It is an absurd plot, but the super rich are often an absurd bunch, who are willing to spend money in absurd ways. 

In this shot the Heritage Club flag is to the left of US flag. 


US Flag in Trading Places 1983


One of the best Christmas movies to come out of the 1980s is Trading Places 1983.  It is a comedy that throws Philly punches to the gut, in a time when art over ruled the modern day checklist of politically correct boxes that permeate modern movies as of 2020. It is vulgar, funny, and captures a certain Christmas magic in a bottle starring Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, and Jamie Lee Curtis in their prime.

The US flag appears several times in the movie.  During the meeting at the club where Louis Winthrop III is cast out from the elite circles of high society.  It also appears at the police station where we can see a balding Miss Piggy, Frank Oz, walking by a US flag and the bottom half of a US flag is visible behind a tree. 


In the opening montage the US flag can be seen hanging off a building in front of Philadelphia's City Hall.  However the marquee of the a low brow movie theater can be seen as well.