Friday, May 13, 2011

Tarot Yin & Yang - The Lovers & the Devil, part 4

The Lovers Tarot Card
the card of love

It is nothing new that the Tarot Lovers Card is considered the complement to the Tarot Devil Card. One card exudes 'Love' white the other shows us 'Hate.'

Both cards feature a nude Man and Woman. The Lovers are reminiscent of the the Garden of Eden. There is even a serpent in a tree behind the woman.

In the Lovers Cards the woman stands in front of a tree that bears an orange fruit, while the man stand in front of a tree that bears a flaming leaf. In the Devil's Card the fruits of the tress have become attached to the naked man and women as tails. At the end of the woman's tail is a purple fruiting body - perhaps a bunch of grapes. She is aware that she is picking at it as if to offer it to the man. The man also has a tail with a flaming leaf but the Devil is flaming his passion by goating him with torch.

When combined the dichotomy of an Angel and Devil are apparent. Their colours are even counter charged. The Angel of the Lovers is wearing a purple robe and has red avian wings, while the Devil has purple bat wings and a red body. The Angel appears at high noon when the sun is directly overhead and clearly shines a loving energy, while the Devil appears in darkness. The light hidden and occulted.

The Angel has golden skin while the devil has horns on his head. The Angel intuitively appears loving, while the Devil is frightening.

The Devil Card
the card Hate

The Angel appears out the clouds and shows the lovers that they are to be united. But the Devil sits on a black monolith that chains the lovers around their necks. The Devil is the less than friendly middle man who keeps the lovers in a wicked bondage.

The Devils hands are in two different positions. The Devil has his right hand over the woman with a tattoo upon it. While his left hand holds a torch that manipulates the flaming tail of the man.

The Devil is manipulating man and woman, or two points of view for his own benefit. One of the Devils most powerful tool is hatred - it is his perfect tool that allows it to control and manipulate lovers, families, and nations.

The Devil has an upside down pentagram on his head. The suit of pentacles also has pentagrams, but they are right side up and surrounded by a circle. This pentacle suit usually deals with earthly issues or advancement - wealth, trade, and life skills. But an upside down pentagram symbolizes a corruption of earth skills or rather greed.

These two tarot cards match in design like yin and yang or rather - love and hate.


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