Saturday, May 21, 2011

Q Judgement Day Flag - Star Trek

It is ironically appropriate that today - May 21, 2011 - the last flag shown of Star Trek the Next Generation be discussed. This last episode of Star Treks closes the story arc from the initial season where the Enterprise encounters an advanced being known as the Q. Captain Jean Luke Picard, played by Patrick Stewart, faces final Judgement from Q.

Once Picard realizes who is behind the time warping phenomena he is zapped into Q's domain. He is transported to a lit stage standing in front of the apparent Flag of Q.

This flag has a red background. Secondly it features a black eagle facing towards the hoist. Its talons clutch a golden ribbon. The golden ribbon surrounds a black circular disc with six circular indents around the edges.

Digitized Q Flag

Perhaps this flag was created by the Q to represent its authority - Q as a superior being wouldn't necessarily need a flag. However this flag could have been the flag of the Q nation when it was in its humanoid or lower life form. But the story content it can be a flag from supposed post-nuclear war earth based civilization?

On the other hand perhaps Q is simply mocking Captain Picard's uniform, culture, and colours. Captain Picard wears a red and black Star Fleet outfit and with four golden circular markers on his collar that shows his rank. Likewise Judge Q, also wears red and black clothing and wears golden necklace.

But from a Q-point of view there is only one explanation. All of the above explanations are incorrect, while at the same time being both correct, while others only only half correct most of the time, plus additional unknown reasons reasons. It's quite a maddening explanation from a linear or unilateral point of view. But the human mind is more than just a logical circuit.

Video of Judge Q - Last Episode


  1. oh! that reminds me. who gives a shit.

  2. Great Star Trek post! My impression watching the episode had been that the flag had been given a vaguely German appearance (black eagle, red field, gold wreath), to try to make it seem menacing, which is a common Hollywood design strategy. However, looking at the eagle in detail here, it actually looks like the eagle of Saint John, the which was a symbol of Spain during the reign of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, and again in the 20th century, under Francisco Franco after he overthrew the Communist government. You can see the Spanish eagle here:

    That said, I find your idea about it being the symbol of the ancient Q, before they evolved, very fun to think about. Also the idea that Q is sort of mocking Picard, who expressed his disdain for old Earth uniforms and insignia, while still wearing these things himself! As you said, with Q its probably all of these ideas and more.