Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tarot Yin & Yang - Death & the Sun, Part 1

Suits of Playing &
Tarot Cards Compared

In this eleven part series, the 22 Trump Cards will be presented in 'flag symmetry' order. Flags like Tarot Cards convey a deep sense of symbolism. Flags are symbols of nations, likewise Tarot Cards are symbols of the human condition.

Tarot Cards are related to playing cards. Essentially the four suits match up with four suits of a Tarot Deck of cards. Clubs match to Wands, Diamonds match Pentacles, Hearts match to Cups, and Spades match to Swords. Tarot decks have Royal suits - Kings, Queens, and Jacks...but instead of a Jack or Knave there is Page for Tarot.

Tarot Cards also have an extra royal suit called a Knight - that ranks above a Page and below a Queen. Imagine if regular cards had a extra royal suit. How much fun would that be?

The most important difference between a regular deck of cards and Tarot Deck is that Tarot has 22 trump cards - also known as Major Arcana. Essentially Trump Cards are related to varied personal challenges that an individual must deal with in life - if it is to be lived fully.

One should wisely use the hand that fate has deals you, since "you'll never know what life will deal you next" - Jack Dalton of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

The cards used in these posts are from the most popular deck - the Rider-Waite Deck. This deck is grounded to the English Language and Judeo-Christian tradition.

There is no better place to begin with than two cards that feature flags - DEATH & THE SUN.

The flag of Death has a black background and features a wholly white rose similar to that of English Royalty. The flag is square like a military regimental flag. A human skeleton in black armor is holding the flag with its left hand and is riding a white horse.

The flag of the Sun is wholly red and extends lengthwise beyond the bottom of the card with no seeming end. In contrast to the Death Card a naked child wearing a wreath of flowers joyfully rides towards us on a white horse. But the white horse of the sun is unharnessed. It is essentially naked like the child. The child is crowed in a red feather in its fullness, also the black skeleton knight has red feather that has wilted on his helmets crest.

The sun can be found on both flags. The sun in the Death Card is at the point of transition on the upper horizon. Whether the sun is rising or setting an unwelcome change marches on. While the sun of the Sun Card is high in sky - in full splendor.

The Death Card and Sun Card are a balance of life in the beginning and at its end. Where do souls come from and where do they go? Both are 'horsemen' bearing two different flags. Likewise life & death are two interlinked concepts like Yin and Yang.


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