Monday, February 28, 2011

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vice Presidents Day?

Official Vice President Flag Design

A day of Honor for #2?

Vice presidents were originally the runner up in the presidential election. They are also presidential trainees with on the job experience.

With President Tyler, Vice Presidents realized their potential as the emergency back up president.

Recently VPs are chosen in Yin and Yang like fashion to balance the presidential ticket in the hopes of getting more votes. Likewise their responsibilities have enormously grown.

Vice Presidents who do not become Presidents are Americas unsung heroes. You'd think a few book publishers would mass market an American Vice President Book every once and a while? Evey year publishers pump out US Presidential books! Come one, lets give the big number two some shelf space.

Vice Presidential Flag

Most people don't even now if their own state even gave America a Vice President. Ask your average Joe in Pennsylvania, "How many vice presidents came from Pennsylvania?" Most will not know. But two Grand All American Number Twos were made in PA - Vice President Biden - and George Dallas. Vice President Dallas was in office when Texas was annexed to the United States. Thus we have Dallas, Texas. So in a weird way the Dallas Cowboys inherit their name from a man born in Philadelphia.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day with Beavis & Butt-head via Vexillology

Beavis as Betsy Ross

Beavis and Butt-head do vexillology in thier next to final 'normal' episode - #199 - Our Founding Losers. Beavis and Butt-head came to us out of the creative imagination/confessional of Mike Judge back in 1992. Beavis and Butt-head ran for five years from 1992 until 1997. The show is epic of youth culture in the 1990s. It aired just before the dawn of text head-zombies and instant pestering, and captured the national psyche on a diverse set of demographics.

Beavis accidentally standing on the US Flag

In this episode Beavis and Butt-head were supposed to lower the US flag at their High School - Highland High. However their consistent ineptitude shines its inglorious lime light as they bungle the simple act of lowering a flag - which any high school grad should be able to do. The Star Spangled Banner unpatriotically hits the ground. Soon enough they find themselves bickering and Beavis unintentionally steps on the American Flag.

However Mr. Buzzcut is witness to this tragic event and punishes them with a writing assignment, which is to write an essay about the founding fathers of the United States of America.

Beavis and Butt-head try their best. Their effort is geniune yet paltry. It is proverbially well below the American Standard.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Provisional Confederate President - Jefferson Davis

Alabama's Confederate State Flag
at Jefferson Davis' Inauguration

The Confederate Government officially came into existence on February 4, 1861 and the provisional president was chosen - Jefferson Davis. Only six states had left the Union and formed the Confederacy - South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Thus only six states 'voted' in Jefferson Davis as the 'Provisional President' of the Confederacy.

Texas would later join the Confederacy in the following month making Texas the first state admitted into the Confederacy, as the proverbial Vermont of the Confederacy.

Texas was the original Johnny Reb Come Late of the first batch, before Ft. Sumter. Likewise Texas' current fraternal flag twin North Carolina was the final Johnny Reb Come Late of the second batch after Ft. Sumter.

Jefferson Davis would be elected again under the Confederate Constitutional Election in 1862 as the 'First Constitutional' President. President Davis served in opposition to three US Presidents - Buchanan, Lincoln, and Johnson.

Back side of Flag

But 150 years ago today Jefferson Davis was inaugurated at the Montgomery, Alabama state house. The Confederacy did not yet have an official flag but it is reported that the Alabama State flag was raised.

This flag was double sided. On the front is a woman in a crimsion dress holding the Bonnie Blue Flag in her left hand. In her right hand she is holding a sword that is pointed towards the ground. The motto printed in all Capital Yellow Letter on the blue background reads, "INDEPENDENT NOW AND FOREVER." On the other side of the flag is a cotton bush with three red flowers and white cotton ready to be picked. On the bottom left side of the bush is a serpent. Below the Cotton Bush is a motto in Latin, written in the same manner as it is on the front, "NOLI ME TANGERE," which means DON'T TOUCH ME.

Monday, February 14, 2011

For the Lonely Hearted!

Dear Ms. or Mr. Lonely Hearts in 2011,

Sending you all love tonight!

The Jelly Belly Care Bear Kind!

Happy Valentines Day,

Love Christopher Maddish

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day 2011 with Villanova and Diet Coke

Valentines Day Flag

Valentines Day is the primary holiday in February. It overshadows Groundhog's Day and commands more attention than Presidents Day. Valentines Day is celebrated all over the world in different ways. For some it's a holiday for romance, for others it is a chance to send love to all, and for a few its a chance to make a buck or two.

Valentines Day has taken a life of its own in Japan. On February 14 only women buy chocolates, and only give them to men. But then a month later on White Day - March 14 - only men are supposed to buy cookies for women.

In US children give Valentines to everyone in their class - at least until middle school. But as an adults, only lovers give to each other. Right now the marketing people on Madison Avenue have given more gravity to romantic lovers love. Unfortunately this can lead to some lonely and or broken hearts. Perhaps this can also be a day for a universal love fest. Love what ever you got - your car, your sports team or favorite video game, your family or neighbors, your dog or cat, your heath, your favorite TV network? Just love it and feel no shame about it!

Villanova University Seal

The university seal of Villanova in Pennsylvania is featured today since it has a heart with an arrow though it. Villanova is a relatively Catholic College that won the NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship in 1985.

Close up of Villanova Heart
with Arrow on the Seal

In the center of the Seal is a bounded bible with red heart on top. The heart is pierced with a golden arrow crested with a crown. Behind the bible are a cross staff and sheapard's crook. The motto of the university is on ribbon and it says Veritas, Unitas, Caritas. This literally translates to Validation, Unity, and Caring. Or more traditionally Turth, Unity, and Love.

Love a Lot Bear

If your feeling down and think you have no one to love, just remember lessons of the Care Bears. The most appropriate Care Bear of the hour is of course Love a Lot Bear!

Weather a commerical, song, stranger, colour, feeling, TV preacher, bird song, or fluttering of a flag. The arrow of cupids love can strik from nearly any dimension if you let it! Where ever it comes from grab on to a soak it up!

Finally Coke has flown a heart flag campaign to raise money and awareness for women's health.

Diet Coke Women's Health Heart Flag Commercial

Friday, February 11, 2011

One Piece Flag

Flag of Once Piece

Every once and a while the world of Japanese Anime & Manga-Comic Books strikes a chord in Japan. Recently the Comic One Piece since 1997 has captured a big audience in Japan. In the US its considered child's play but in Japan the majority of people who read this comic and watch the cartoon are adults.

The flag of One Piece is a jolly roger - white skull and cross bones on a black background. The skull is wearing a yellow round straw hat with a red wreath-band. The skull also has eight teeth in a smiling position.

It is popular partly because it shows that trust and friendship can carry people through difficult times. It also inspires people to follow their dreams and fear not the obstacles in your path. Do not worry about what others will think, trust in yourself, and people who care about you!.

The intro in the third season sums up the spirit of One Piece, "Seek Freedom and the world will stand stretched out before your eyes. If the endless dream guides your spirits, follow it! Bear the will and conviction behind your flag!"

This show has truly inspired rather than just entertained.

Intro of One Piece with Flags edited

Link to Once Piece - watch in English

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wookie Flag - The Force Unleashed

Wookie Flag - Star Wars

In The Force Unleashed two designs are shown - a Wookie Flag, which looks like a royal flag, and the 'flag' of the Rebel Alliance.

This game takes place in between Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith 2005 and Episode 4 - A New Hope 1977. In this video game we see the origins of the Rebel Alliance. Ironically Darth Vader is a catalyst for the movement.

Close up of Royal Wookie Flag?

Short Movie showing Birth of
the Rebel Alliance and its "FLAG"

First Cut Scenes for this Video Game. Acting, story, and special effects are top notch.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Star Trek Federation Spock Coffin Flag

Arguably Star Treks most popular movie - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Spock dies from radiation poisoning while saving the fictional United Star Ship Enterprise from ultimate destruction.
Sulu is chosen to carry
off the Federation Flag

This flag of fancy from the imaginations of Hollywood and Paramount Pictures was waved in front of audiences in 1982. In this movie we learn of revenge, passion, and the logic of love.

Spock is an alien without religion with a seemingly religion of logic. Spock gives up his life for the crew in this movie. Although an imaginary sacrifice, such things have come to pass many times over in history.

We walk in shadow of countless officers, alien nations, and scientists who surrendered their lives for our benefit.

Short Video of Star Trek II Flag

LINK to website with excellent history of Star Trek Flags and Vexillology Link

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl XLV - NFL Flag Logo Symmetry, Part 11

Waving the Green Bay Flag

The Green Bay Packers are the NFL's First Team. The first to win Super Bowl I 1967 on Martin Luther King's Birthday.

This is the last in a string of 11 blog posts that explores what I call a certain kind of flag symmetry. Click here for part one to get a quick overview. The basic idea about flag symmetry is that the NFL team mascots-logos exhibit flag symmetry - nearly all flags are connected in an intimate and amazing way to another flag.

Since the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XLV they get the final 11th and lucky position on this string. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the other teams will have to wait until my book comes out.

A Large Browns Banner

The Packers exhibit a strange kind of flag symmetry sort of like Buffalo and the St. Louis Rams. The names of host city for the Bills are combined with the team logo of St. Louis- that form a pair: (Rams and Buffalo).

Green Bay is often referred by its city name which has a colour within it, and another team with a colour in it, is rooted to the city of Cleveland. The Browns of Cleveland are matched to the team of Green Bay, Wisconsin. It is the Greens vs Browns - via the Green Bay Packers and the Cleveland Browns.
The Core Colours of Football
Green and Brown

Green and Brown are masculine earthy colours. They are the essential colours of this game. Every player who has played this game will know that this tug of war is best played for with a BROWN FOOTBALL and bed of GREEN GRASS.

When the games begin of the NFL - Mother Nature is Green - but near the end of the season Mother Nature prefers that things go Brown.

Some Day these Teams may meet in an

Sporting events are strange phenomena that allow communities to unite disharmonious minds and egos.

Republicans, Democrats, Super Liberals, Christians, Atheists, Feminists, ghetto thugs, soccer moms, marijuana users, alcohol drinkers, tobacco smokers, anti-tobacco people, blue collar workers, college boys, high school drop outs, Jews, Muslims, band wagon fans, and hardcore gamer facinistas can all unite as one force when their team needs their help - a Pittsburgh Steeler Fan is a Pittsburgh Steeler Fan - no matter what. When the team wins all fans in all classes share in the common joy.


Finally an open message and proposal to NFL executives and team owners: If you like what you see, let's finish this book together.

Link to Green Bay Packers Official Site
Link to Cleveland Browns Official Site

Link to Original NFL Post - this Blog

Final Part of NFL - Winner of Super Bowl XLV

Which team will get the final grand stand in this blog chain? The Steelers or Packers?


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cowboys & Texans, Dallas and Houston - NFL part 10

Texans are proud of their Cowboy Heritage, likewise Texan Cowboys are a special breed of American Cowboy - flashy, showy, and full of gumption.

What is the difference between a Cowboy and a Texan? Not much. There logos differ but the common element are the stars on their helmet.

Although Football was born in the North and the NFL was created in the All American Yankee Belt - at Canton, Ohio. Football has become something of Quasi State Religion in Texas and the South.

Totems in the NFL include wild animals, legendary figures, intense adjectives and icons of history. These icons are meant to bring on a certain kind of spirit and will. Included amongst these imposing totems of power is Texas. Texans are in the majestic league of imposing figures like Vikings, Bears, and Eagles.

Houston & Dallas Stars

Since the Cowboys are in the NFC and the Texans are in AFC they may some day meet up in an Super Lone Star Bowl.

One Day We May See a
Super Cowboy Bowl

Link to Dallas Cowboys Official Site
Link to Houston Texans Official Site

Link to NFL Part 11

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rams & Bills, St. Louis and Buffalo - NFL part 9

St. Louis & Buffalo

Rams and Buffaloes are animals with cloven hooves and horns on their heads. Although they are vegetarians, cross a ram or male Buffalo during the mating seasons and you'd better hope you have some kind of escape plan and way of defending yourself!

Flag of St. Louis Rams

A Ram is a male sheep, specifically a non domesticated bighorn male sheep. The thing to note with Buffalo is that their totem comes from the city name instead of the modifying noun or adjective - the Bills. It is a play on words of the famous Buffalo Bill whose real name was William Fredrick Cody. Also by going out on a limb...a Bill by it self could also represent a Billy Goat, which is a male goat. Thus on some strange level it is also the clash of the ram vs billy goat?

Waving a 50th Celebratory
Jubilee Flag for the Bills in Buffalo

But these two teams align by hoofed, vegetarian, wild animals that rack each others brains - literally during the mating season. The Ram and Buffalo are hoofed animals with horns that clash for defense and breeding rights with the finest of females of their clan.

These totems reflect linemen the most. The players who line up face to face in order to defend the quarter back or the who are trying attack the quarter back are players who butt heads. They must be big, strong, and durable to take such weekly beatings.

Since they are in different conferences this gives them the potential to meet up in a Super Bovine Horn Bowl - someday in the future. If their franchises don't fold or get sold.

Link to St. Louis Rams Official Site
Link to Buffalo Bills Official Site

Link to NFL part 10 - this site

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year of the Rabbit or is that a Cat?

Yin and Yang of the Year of the Cat or Rabbit

As we say good bye to the year of the Tiger, we welcome the Year of the Rabbit or is it the Cat?

Maybe you never heard about Year of the Cat? Most people who are aware of the Chinese Calendar recognize it as the Year of the Rabbit, but in Vietnam they call it the Year of the Cat. This is one of those cosmic to-may-to vs to-maa-to moments or rather soda vs pop.

Most of East Asia is grounded to the 'Eastern Chinese Horoscope.' But there are subtle variations in each nation. In Japan they have the Year of the Boar instead of the Year of the Pig.

Another dichotomy is found with the Year of the Goat instead of Year of the Sheep. Sheep and Goats are closely related, but different species, since they can't interbreed. Depending on the manufacturer of your paper Chinese food place mat - you may see a Goat or Sheep.

Eastern Zodiac Wheel with Cat
instead of the more popular Rabbit

But by far the most dramatic rift in the Oriental Horoscope is the Year of the animal in between the Tiger.....and.....the Dragon.

Is it a Rabbit or Cat? Most East Asian nations follow China and call it the Year of the Rabbit, but Vietnam and a few 'renegades' call it the Year of the Cat!

Cats are soft and fuzzy like Rabbits, and both are charged with feminine energy. Basically a rabbit is totally infused with Yin-feminine energy - submissive, timid, shy, and cute. The Cat is too, but with a dash of Yang-male energy. Cats would rather run and hide like a bunny or 'pussy cat' but if you push a cat into a corner - he or she will stand up and fightback!

Link to Blog Post about China and Vietnam Post - they are Flag Symmetry Partners

Link to Year of the Cat post by Cat Lady BLOG

In honor of the Year of the Rabbit
Here is a video game about Rabbits and Flags.
Bunny Flags is a real time strategy video game where bunnies defend the flags. It has overly dramatic warrior music. The irony is that the submissive and docile rabbit is the patriotic defender of the flag.

Bunny Flags Video Game

Bear Flag Centennial

Celebratory Flag for California's State Flag
Officially at 100 years

100 Years ago on February 2, 1911 California officially adopted her state flag. The flag was first designed during the Mexican American War back in early June of 1846, and has been slightly altered. To learn more about this flag see the link below to the Virtual Bear Flag Museum.

California is the Yin and Yang State. She is in between the West and the East of the Old World - geographically speaking. California's Eastern side is closer to Asia, while California's Western side is closer to Europe. You can think of it like this - Los Angeles is closer to Pairs than Shanghai but San Francisco is closer to Shanghai than Paris. California sits at a meridian in between two fantastic cities of the Old World - that are packed with a lot of grace, style, and attitude.

Likewise California is a certain kind of Key Stone State for the America's by North and South - Southern California is a lot like Latin America while Northern California is more like Canada.

Link to Internet -

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ground Hog Day 2011

t's here again, the marmot that can tell the future, it all started in 1887.

The is one of the few true a made in America Holidays!

As It's a Wonderful Life is to Christmas, Bill Murray's Groundhog Day of 1993 is for today!

Right now in Pennsylvania it's freezing, two feet of snow is covered in ice, it's cold and windy!

Link to Groundhog Day Official Website in Pennsylvania

I hope your right Mr. Phil, but I don't think so...

Ground Hog Day Movie Review

Film Clip of Ground Hog Day

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February is Aquarius Month

Symbol of Aquarius

Aquarius is the month of the Water Bearer. Water is key for life, it sustains, heals, purifies, and enchants. The sound of rainfall and the beauty of the snowflake are perpetual symbols of cosmic harmony, honored and beautified in countless poems. Along the beach or in an oasis, water is a reflection of love.

British Indian Ocean Territorial Flag

However the image of a water slave pouring water - does not inspire patriotism. Nationalism is usually associated with fire, thus the spirit of water runs counter to the instincts of nationalism.

But the symbol of Aquarius appears only accidentally on a few flags. Perhaps the most 'Aquarian' flag belongs to a far off remote island in the Indian Ocean - the Chagos Archipelago. This last remnant of the British East India Company has a flag that reverberates the essence of water via six wavy blue lines. These wavy lines - blue and white - represent the natural and cosmic forces at work upon seas.

Personal Flag of Annie Platoff

Here is another flag that reflects the 'footprint' of Aquarius - although by accident. When the name 'Annie' is spelled using hieroglyphic symbols for the sounds of the letter, the repeating symbol for the letter "N" resembles the symbol of Aquarius. It spells out phonetically from top to bottom "Ah - N - N - ee" or Annie. Anne M. Platoff is the author of Russian Regional Flags - the Flags of the Subjects of the Russian Federation - 2009.
Wonderful Ice Cold Drink
in Japan made by the Coke Company

Finally I must mention the drink - Aquarius. Anyone who has visited Japan will know this drink. It is a refreshing sports drink made by the Coca-Cola Company. It is a mystery of corporate marketing mumbo-jumbo as to why Aquarius is not marketed in the US or Canada. Perhaps Coke has other products it wants to keep protected.

Hey Coke Stock Holders! Starbucks basically has a monopoly on the bottled ice coffee North American Market. Those marketing nit wits at Coke are costing yous millions of dollars in lost can/bottled ice coffee revenue. Some places charge 3.99 for ice coffee in a can! THINK Georgia Ice Coffee Drinks! Better Yet...Hey Pepsi Stock Holders - WHY don't you tap the can/bottle coffee market before the Coke-heads? You snooze - you loose.

The Age of Aquarius in 2011