Friday, February 4, 2011

Rams & Bills, St. Louis and Buffalo - NFL part 9

St. Louis & Buffalo

Rams and Buffaloes are animals with cloven hooves and horns on their heads. Although they are vegetarians, cross a ram or male Buffalo during the mating seasons and you'd better hope you have some kind of escape plan and way of defending yourself!

Flag of St. Louis Rams

A Ram is a male sheep, specifically a non domesticated bighorn male sheep. The thing to note with Buffalo is that their totem comes from the city name instead of the modifying noun or adjective - the Bills. It is a play on words of the famous Buffalo Bill whose real name was William Fredrick Cody. Also by going out on a limb...a Bill by it self could also represent a Billy Goat, which is a male goat. Thus on some strange level it is also the clash of the ram vs billy goat?

Waving a 50th Celebratory
Jubilee Flag for the Bills in Buffalo

But these two teams align by hoofed, vegetarian, wild animals that rack each others brains - literally during the mating season. The Ram and Buffalo are hoofed animals with horns that clash for defense and breeding rights with the finest of females of their clan.

These totems reflect linemen the most. The players who line up face to face in order to defend the quarter back or the who are trying attack the quarter back are players who butt heads. They must be big, strong, and durable to take such weekly beatings.

Since they are in different conferences this gives them the potential to meet up in a Super Bovine Horn Bowl - someday in the future. If their franchises don't fold or get sold.

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