Friday, May 7, 2010

China & Vietnam, Red Men in Iron

Flag of Red China
Many Stars
I have paired up China with Vietnam. Their histories have been intimately linked for countless centuries. They had the same cultural influences and were once thriving centers of study for Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. But in the age of discovery and imperialism these two nations were subject to aggressive European adoption. They became independent nations only after war with United States. They were able to free themselves from the yoke of European Colonialism, under the mighty weights of Communism.

Flag of Vietnam
One Star
First, China became violently entangled with the United States during the Korean War. Red China shifted the destiny in Korea, to a draw. It was kinda' like the War of 1812 but with a greater death toll of civilians and combatants.

Several years later another similar situation arose in Vietnam. Like Korea, Vietnam became divided after the fall of a colonial empire, France. Once again the warrior castes of the US and East Asia crossed paths.

Although the United States lost this battle it won the Cold War. Even though China and Vietnam are officially ruled by Communism many executives on Wall Street and Walmart would think otherwise, rather China and Vietnam are 'Capitalists in the Closet.' Or perhaps something in between as "Commu-apitalists."

Both flags have red backgrounds and yellow stars. China has five stars while Vietnam has only one. China and Vietnam are ancient sisters, similar yet very very different of matching colours.

Long before these nations became enchanted with Communism, the colour dynamic between red and yellow was reversed: their flags were mostly yellow (Yang) and red lesser but essential colour was red - (Yin).

Last Flag of Imperial China
Flag of old Imperial Chinese Ching Dynasty in 1890, as standardized as a rectangle.

Last Flag of South Vietnam
Flag of Vietnam first created in 1890 and later became the flag of South Vietnam during its ally period with United States during the Cold War.

As for the Iron Man comment in the title, the Iron Man comic book was inspired in American Consciousness by the Vietnam War and Iron Man 2 officially opens today May 7, 2010
(make mine a Marvel)

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