Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cowboys & Texans, Dallas and Houston - NFL part 10

Texans are proud of their Cowboy Heritage, likewise Texan Cowboys are a special breed of American Cowboy - flashy, showy, and full of gumption.

What is the difference between a Cowboy and a Texan? Not much. There logos differ but the common element are the stars on their helmet.

Although Football was born in the North and the NFL was created in the All American Yankee Belt - at Canton, Ohio. Football has become something of Quasi State Religion in Texas and the South.

Totems in the NFL include wild animals, legendary figures, intense adjectives and icons of history. These icons are meant to bring on a certain kind of spirit and will. Included amongst these imposing totems of power is Texas. Texans are in the majestic league of imposing figures like Vikings, Bears, and Eagles.

Houston & Dallas Stars

Since the Cowboys are in the NFC and the Texans are in AFC they may some day meet up in an Super Lone Star Bowl.

One Day We May See a
Super Cowboy Bowl

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Link to Houston Texans Official Site

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