Monday, January 24, 2011

Lions & Tigers - Detroit and Cincinnati, NFL part 1

Cincinnati Bengals Flag

Vexillology is the study of flags and in football - flags are everywhere. Little yellow flags - minus the pole - are thrown by the referees to signal a penalty. Fans wave towels with the teams logo as vexilloloids. But most importantly flags are waved before, during, and after the game with the team's colours and emblem.

Lion vs Tiger

Subsequently like most flags, it is possible to partner up the teams of football with some kind of 'flag symmetry.' But rather than colour or design as being important - it is the team emblem that matters most. As of now there is no official standard design for a football team flag. Football flags are kinda like the original flags of the American Revolution - there is no official specification.

Detroit Lions Flag

The first teams compared have big game cats as their totem - the Tiger and the Lion. The Lions are based in Detroit, Michigan and the Bengal Tigers are based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Both of these big cats are originally found in the Old World - Africa and Asia. The Bengal Tiger is a specific kind of tiger usually found in India that is much larger than average.

These powerful cats have been adored and even worshiped in the past. But in modern America they have become the call sign of two football teams.

It'd be neato if the Bengals and Lions met in Super 'Kitty' Bowl LIX.

The Bengal is a large Tiger

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Lion + Tiger Video

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