Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Frogger Check Point Flag, and a proposal for a new holiday - Leap Day! Frogs and Rainbows oh my!

Check Point Flag from the Frogger Universe

It's leap day 2012! Coincidentally it is in sync with the Summer Olympics and US presidential elections. It's kinda' odd that Leap Day hasn't become a more fun filled action packed business booming holiday!

Maybe next time in 2016? Let's get started, you have four years to plan people!

You can decorate the restaurants and bars in a swamp frog theme and or celebrate Kermit the Frog or any other famous frogs that leap out into our consciousness from fantasia. Rumor has it Kermit was born on Leap Day - February 29th.

The action packed LEAP DAY festivities would include mandatory dancing and jumping? Think of it as a pre-spring cleaning before the official arrival of spring? Or maybe just a day off to sit in your lily' pad and contemplate the cosmos!?

A new holiday that comes once every four years? Think of the business opportunities! The game of the day would be of course - leap frog! Perhaps a competitive adult leap frog playoff? People can set a new records for longest and fastest leap frog set? Leap Frog teams by age and weight? Public reading of the Frog and Princess? A national day to celebrate our amphibian neighbors who switch hit from water to land?

HAPPY LEAP DAY - Once Every 4 years

The only flag I could find for Leap Day 2012 that is remotely related to Frogs was found in the Frogger video game, which leaped out of the imagination of Japan back in 1981. Since then their have been over 30 video game sequels. The check point flag is taken from Nintendo's Gameboy Color.

Happy Leap Day & "hopping" Leap Day 2016 leaps into your imagination.

Holiday "LEAP DAY" Music would be based on the game Frogger

A day a positive thinking and joy - RAINBOW!

UP and Up and UP!

The Ultimate Leap Day Holiday Song - by Kermit the Frog

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Caddyshack Flags, the classic 1980s golf comedy

Caddyshack Ball with flag logo

Golf is a choice game for vexillologists, since flags play a critical role in the game. Players take aim at a flag after all. Their hope is to get closer and closer to the flag. Eventually players or caddies are allowed to lift the flag. Golf certainly is a vexillological delight.

Starring Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, and Rodney Dangerfield Caddyshack became the iconic Country Club comedy of the decadent 80s. Caddyshack lampoons the various personalities that convene around a country club golf course - the fancy pants snobs, old farts, new money, arrogant jerks, gifted geniuses, spoiled brats, and of course young and ambitious rascal caddies. This movie proves that rich people are funny too.

A victory dance around the 18th hole!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Derby County F.C. Flag

Derby County Flags and Banners
real footage recycled into a film

Everybody loves the tale of an underdog. Here the football club of Derby County in England rose to great heights.

The incredible story of this romantic team was portrayed in film.

Derby County Ram Logo

Sunday, February 26, 2012

9 to 5 Princess Flags, 1980

Liberated 9 to 5 Office
notice flags of the peasants

9 to 5 was a comedic epic for the working woman in 1980s America. Starring Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, and Lily Tomlin. During one scene the girls fantasize about putting the old boy's school style of sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigoted management out of service.

In Violet Newstead's dream the boss gets poisoned and shoved out the window. Afterwards the office is liberated and the workers and cartoon townsfolk celebrate the three queens victory over the jerk wad chauvinistic boss way of life.

Close up of flags and Princesses

The flags waved by the townsfolk workers are pennants that vary in solid colours - from left to right purple, yellow, sky blue, green and red.

Happy Forest Critters Encourage a rise up against jerky bosses?

The forest critters encourage Violet to permanently fire her boss with smiles. The bunny seems to be knitting a vexilloid of some sort - that has a tombstone with R.I.P. written on it with a green helmet.

Free of sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigoted
work environment flag inspired from 9 to 5

Here is a flag inspired by 9 to 5 that symbolizes the hope for a work environment that is free from sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigots. The colours are based upon the pennants found in the fantasy scene that are being waved to the liberating queens of the office.

Annin Flag Company

Annin Flag Company is one of the oldest and largest flag companies based in the United States. Manufacturing flags since 1847, based in New York. Flags from this company have flown during the US Civil War, Great London Exhibition of 1851, inauguration and burial of President Lincoln. Recently Annin was one of the few selected companies chosen to fly a flag on for the Apollo 11 mission.

link to company website

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Phils Green "Go for It" flag - Hercules 1997

Philoctetes with "Green Go for it!" Flag
Disney Studios 1997

In 1997 Disney released a modern tale about the epic story of Hercules. Before he becomes a hero, Hercules is sent for training under the watchful guidance of Philoctetes, better known as Phil. Phil is a Satyr, man up top and goat on the bottom.

Here Hercules is about to run his final test before he can set himself on his quest to become a true hero. To the right of Hercules is Pegasus and Phil to his left with the "Green Go for it" flag.

The Satyr Green Go for It Flag

The "Green Go for it Flag" is composed of four colours - three shades of green and black. The main field is composed of light green. Along the top and bottom are two green stripes, and along the fly is a dark olive green colour. The olive green section is a full horizontal stripe of the same length as the vertical stripes. There is also a portion that extends slightly into the middle with a geometric design.

Friday, February 24, 2012

12 Tribes of Israel Emblem Symmetry - Rueben and Dan, part 6

The final segment in the 12 Tribes of Israel string. The Tribe of Dan the Snake is aligned to the Tribe of the Mandrake - Rueben. Snakes and a 'magical' root? Snakes and hallucinogenic plants certainly have seductive and dangerous elements that rouse our curiosity. But in the wrong hands, it can lead to big trouble. This post is a poem, so enjoy! Who said poetry in American is dead?

Part VI - Dan and Reuben

Dan is represented by the fearful Snake
House of Slytherin Arms from the Harry Potter Universe

Mandrake and the snake are the final pair. Something of magic, like a white hare. Twelve tribes in all, are matched in this cosmic electronic fair hall.

Together we see Reuben and Dan, represented by a snake and the mandrake. Sometimes Reuben is water or a man, it makes no difference to the younger Dan. Dan is a judge, whom can smell false fudge. So be warned do not cheat, or your horse may be bitten at its feet.

Reuben to the north, who belittled his father's worth is balanced with Dan. Whom stands towards the south and can, watch every word to come out of your mouth. If deception is your perception, you will hear him hiss and then you will feel a sweet bitter kiss.

The mandrake can cast an enchanting spell, a warning to tell, it can also make you regrettably unwell. Often considered a witches brew, yet it can make two people come together like glue. As you can see, it was a lover's potion, for it set into motion, the expansion of a great family tree.

The Mysterious Mandrake
is an emblem for the House of Rueben
Mandrakes as depicted in Harry Potter Land

Don't be scared or petrified, there is no need to run and hide. Like a gentle dove, kindness and love will rescue all from above.

link to part 1 (Aslan & White Fang)
link to part 6 & 1/2 (What about Levi, Joseph and the other symbols?)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

12 Tribes of Israel Emblem Symmetry - Simeon and Manasseh, part 5

At least now in 2012, when you do an Internet search on the emblems for the 12 Tribes of Israel, it's not all that consistent. Almost every tribe has at least two and sometimes more distinct and differing icons. Furthermore different tribes are listed, due to the substitution of Joseph's two half tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, which usually put out Levi and Joseph. On top of that, their listing in the holy texts are inconsistent. There are actually 14 names which can make up the 12 Tribes of Israel. Sometimes Manasseh is listed twice as East and West Manasseh. Consequently this has led to wee bit of diversity.

Part V - Simeon & Manasseh

Flag of Astrakhan
used here to show sword emblem of Simeon

It is the less popular emblems of Simeon and Manasseh that align with a harmonious design, the sword and arrows. Ancient yet modern weapons known to all the ancient kingdoms of earth put a certain kind of gravity between the tribe of Simeon and the tribe of Manasseh.

In many portrayals of the Twelve Tribes of Israel the other emblem associated with Simeon is a castle gate or tower. The castle in particular is thought to be at the City of Shechem. Sword or castle? Which is correct? It all depends on ones point of view. Nonetheless the union of the sword with arrow is an appropriate militaristic match of self defense.

The totem of the sword like the other emblems arise during their final blessings from father Jacob, who chastises Simeon for the cruel and deadly use of weapons. The totem of the castle is based on later chapters. Although the symbol of a castle may be a popular symbol for Simeon, his association with weapons comes much earlier.

The two grandsons of Joseph - Manasseh and Ephraim - are blessed as being as a son rather than a grandson to Jacob. Meaning that the blessings given to Joesph pass on to his sons Ephraim and Manasseh. Coincidentally the promotion of Joseph's sons as brothers equal to their paternal uncles Reuben and Simeon, happen right before Jacob blesses the twelve founding fathers of Israel. Jacob also specifies that he is giving Shechem to Joseph and not his brothers with his sword and bow.

Flag of Adygea
used here to show arrow emblem of Manasseh

In any case a bundle of arrows have become one of the many emblems associated with Manasseh. It's beyond me to say where and when this happened. Suffice it to say its been forgotten in the sands of time.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

12 Tribes of Israel Emblem Symmetry - Asher and Ephraim, part 4

Each tribe within the Twelve Tribes of Israel has a totem, but some tribes have more than one. It's like in the Western Zodiac since some people refer to Capricorn as a goat while others picture Capricorn as a mermaid goat. Which is correct? I suppose it's in the eye of the beholder. The emblems for the 12 tribes of Israel arose in the wake of Jacob's final blessing to his sons, who became the twelve founding fathers of Israel.

Part IV - Asher & Ephraim

The emblem of Asher is fairly consistent - an olive tree. While the emblem for Ephraim varies. But a harmonious totem par excellence for the olive tree of Asher is the grape. Although the grape is a lesser less popular symbol for Ephraim it balances with Asher's olives figuratively and literally. The totem of grapes can also represent the tribe of Joseph. That's fine, since Ephraim was blessed as one the same footstep with his father - Joseph - in the wake of Jacob.

With the match of two treasures from mother earth, a vine and a tree connect the tribes of Asher and Ephraim. Likewise their fruits have deep sacramental significance. Olive oil is painted in a divine light in all of the branches that sprouted forth from the Great Patriarch - Abraham. Olives are mentioned all throughout the Torah and New Testament, even in the highest of Islamic Holy Books. Even before the birth of Christ olives were associated with the realm of the divine in Ancient Greece.

So what's so special about olives? One amazing fact is that these little trees can live for millenia, and still produce fruit. Their root systems are something of a kind of magic, that go deep into the earth. If the upper parts get damaged or cut off, new shoot can arise from the roots, making the olive tree a hardy little tree. The bark of these trees are also totally gnarly, intricate and paradoxically ancient and post modern.

The grapevine too, is seen with holy glory. The paramount Biblical plant par excellence is the grapevine. It is a work of art, decoration, delicious appetizer, religious sacrament and a narcotic. The history of this vine was intricately memorialized in Egypt long before the rise of the Great Pyramids.

Imagine if you had never seen an olive or grape before? You would see two fruits of a similar size and shape. However their ripe flavors contrast like night and day. The grape can be sweet and succulent, while the olive is meaty and sour.

The roots of the olive tree match in magnificence to the vines of the grape....(more to come)

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Grape Pic By eflon October 11, 2012
Olive Pic by Nick Fraser 2005. en:User:Nickfraser by the Dead Sea in Jordan. March 4, 2006. en:Image:Olivesfromjordan.jpg

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

12 Tribes of Israel Emblem Symmetry - Gad and Zebulun, part 3

Over the ages the Tribes of Israel became attached to certain emblems. Some have two distinct symbols while others have a few. In art and poetry these emblems are powerful icons especially when displayed on a flag. Subsequently they illustrate my fraternal flag idea. Basically flags often, if not always, exhibit a certain kind of harmony. The Twelve Tribes of Israel have taken flight on the flag pole and like the flags of the 50 US states, exhibit a certain kind of "flag symmetry."

Part III - Gad and Zebulun

Gad's icon is usually a tent or group of three tents. The number doesn't matter so much, lest you understand that the totem for Gad is a group of outlaw folk commonly called raiders, bandits, thieves, or robbers. The totem for Zebulun on the other hand is almost always represented by a single ship. The origins of these icons trace back to the account in Genesis when Jacob blesses the Twelve Tribes of Israel on his death bed.

Most of the tribes derive their icons from this account, subsequently the emblems of the Twelve Tribes of Israel have served as a source of inspiration for artists for countless generations.

But the odd common element for Simeon and Gad is, both are external to the blessing. Most of the tribal emblems arise when Jacob uses a direct metaphor or simile. For example it is written that - Judah is like a lion, Benjamin is like a wolf, Dan will be a snake, Issachar is no better than a donkey.

However the emblems for Zebulun and Gad are predictions of men in an occupation. They also apply more aptly to foreigners rather than Israelis. Zebulun is predicted to become a haven for ships? What kind of ships? Ships that bring trade and economy - which includes foreign ships. Gad's emblem refers to a troop of raiders that rob him, subsequently Gad - like Batman - must pursue them, lending us the joke of Gadman the desert avenger. But seriously folks,the raiders could be future Israelis that go bad or robbers of foreign nations.

Also, the emblems of Gad and Zebulun hint at the perpetual dichotomy between the navy and army. Just as there is a captain of the ship and officers, a desert caravan - bandit or merchant - must have a chief with lieutenants. The life of a sailor or roving band of 'land pirates' requires an organized group effort composed of roughnecks as well as a shrewd class of keenly intelligent individuals. Setting camp, maintaining order and navigating a sea or dessert are the important duties for sailors or and an army of raiders.

link to part 1 (who is man's best friend?)
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photo credits
: User:WIBEAN (维基百科,自由的百科全书), upload in commons.wikimedia of 22-02-2006
Troops in Tent: J. David Rogers

Monday, February 20, 2012

12 Tribes of Israel Emblem Symmetry - Issacar and Naphtali, part 2

There is a natural balance in the cosmos - day/night, up/down, positive/negative, etc. Almost any concept or natural phenomena can be cut into two complementary parts. Ancient Eastern mystics from China called this phenomena as the imprint of Yin and Yang. Likewise the Twelve Tribes of Israel can be cut into compliments via their emblems.

Part II - The Tribe of Issac and Naphtali

The popular emblems of Naphtali and Issacar make a fine pair - a donkey and a deer. Note that nearly every tribal totem has two forms, but the totems for Naphtali and Issacar are farily consistent.* Both tribes feature four legged, hoofed herbivores of similar body types. You can think of a donkey as being a deer without antlers, or rather a deer is donkey with antlers.

A sharp dichotomy presented by these emblems is the separation between wild and domesticated. It is also a reflection of our own domestic and wild natures.

Some people easily fit into the 'square' domestic establishment. Some individuals have a knack to do the work of a banker, bureaucrat, and navigate the paper-cubical forest of business with ease and efficiency. Examples of the domestic heavy book and brain load bearer with the "Issacar Trait" are Alan Greenspan and Henry Kissinger.

On the other hand, there are people who have difficultly fitting into the regular 'square' rules of society. Rather their instinct is to let loose and run free in the forest of feelings, music, and art. They dance, mock and run counter to the dominant business-professional way of life. They don't want to carry the heavy burdens of society, not necessarily because they don't want but rather they don't know how or are incapable. Excellent examples include Howard Stern and Bob Dylan. These men exhibit the free bird wild essence of the "Naphtali Trait."

But like Yin and Yang, it is important to not preclude one as being absolutely wild or domestic. Meaning that believe it or not, Greenspan and Kissinger have wild nutty sides, just as Stern and Dylan have conformist square pro-establishment elements.

link to part 1 (it's raining like cat and dogs)
link to part 3 (army vs navy, sort of)
*The vast majority of emblems of Issachar show a donkey carrying a large burden of supplies. But in 1955 the modern state of Israel issued a stamp series with the Tribe of Issac with the totem of the sun with stars. Which one is correct? It all depends on your point of view, but in a sense they are both are correct. However the association of Issacar with donkey stems from Genesis, star and sun does not.

Photo Credits
Donkey: March 20, 2010 by Marie-France Durieux :
Antelope-Deer: by Sean Gibbon at here

Sunday, February 19, 2012

12 Tribes of Israel Emblem Symmetry - Judah and Benjamin, part 1

The Petco Logo with domestic versions of
the Feline and Canine Tribal emblems of Israel

In the modern world, the Twelve Tribes of Israel are attached to certain emblems. Nearly every tribe has more than one emblem, and the origins are somewhat of a mystery. Nonetheless, a harmonious duality is apparent. The foremost example being between the Tribe of Judah and the Tribe of Benjamin.

Of the twelve tribes, Judah's Lion and Benjamin's Wolf are the most consistent. They are fraternal emblems in the universal sense of the canine and feline, or rather as the rivalry between cats and dogs.

The tribe of Judah
A Fearless and Powerful Roar of the Lion

Dog is considered man's best friend, but when it comes to respect and power man could be considered the king of the cats wannabe best friend. Basically man is a fanboy to the King of the Kitties. But the lion in its natural wild state seems to see man as a nuisance or dinner. Nonetheless the size, strength and power of the lion has perpetually enchanted man. Nations all over the world use the King of Kitties in their national seals and flags. Dog may be man's best friend but man would rather be the best friend to the King of Kitties - aka the lion.

Can dogs be found on flags or heraldic emblems? Or even wolves the most ferocious of canines for the matter? Imagine a King Richard the "Wolf-heart?" Didn't think so.

The Tribe of Benjamin
a Mysterious and Enchanting Howl of the Wolf

Ben and Jude also align by direction, the Lion of Judah is associated with the east incidentally partners up with a 'western' tribe of Benjamin. Just in case you forgot, the tribes of Israel were supposed to camp on the certain sides of the ark during their march into the promised land. Since then in mystical kabala-baba talk, these directions have new age kind connotations.

Finally the pairing of totems of the Lion and Wolf occurs between brothers from different mothers who were also rival sisters. The Tribe of the Lion originated out of Leah, while the Tribe of the Wolf came from Rachel. Although sisters, they were fated to compete for their mutual husband's love who seeded the Twelve Tribes of Israel from four wives.

The 'states' of Benjamin and Judah also had geographic significance since their territories were divided right through the city of Jerusalem.

link to part 2 - an Ass and a...

photo credits

Lion PIC: Originally posted on Flickr at The King, 26 July 2004
Wolf PIC: Wolf_Kolmården.jpg: Daniel Mott
from Stockholm, Sweden - 2010-12-23 18:10 (UTC)
Home page of Petco :

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Smith Island Flag - Antarctica

Flag of Smith Island Flag

Smith Island is a part of the South Shetland Islands in Antarctica. This flag is modeled after the flag of Brazil in honor of Brazil's entry as a polar explorer. However instead of a green field, it has a white filed with green stars. The four green stars represent Octans the Star Compass, the most southerly constellation of our skies.

In 1982 Brazil undertook its first official exploration of Antarctica. Since then Brazil has maintained a based on King George Island since 1984 - Comandante Ferraz Brazilian Antarctic Base.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Seven Samuari Flag - by Akira Kurosawa

Seven Samurai Flag
Japanese Film by Akira Kurosawa 1954

A flag from one of the greatest and legendary directors from the 1950s - Akira Kurosawa. The Seven Samuari 1954 was an epic ground breaking film for Japan. A small farming village hires Samurai to defend itself from thugs and bandits.

The flag of the Seven Samurai is the typical long banner used in feudal era Japan. It has six circles that represent six samurai and a triangle to represent the non-conformist Kukuchiyo. Along the bottom is the hiragana letter 'ta' which oddly looks like the English spelling for 'ta.' However in this case it represents the farmers.

Something akin to the Japanese version of Citizen Kane or rather Citizen Kane is the American version of the Seven Samurai. Both movies penetrate deep in the respective psyche of their nations. Both Welles and Kurosawa lived though the same time period and were respective artists in the medium of film.

1950s Movie Poster

Japanese Samurai movies were something like American Westerns in their old charm and good guy vs. bad guy mentality. Likewise they have been called spaghetti-samurai drama just as American has spaghetti-westerns.

Gotham City Flag - The Dark Knight, Batman

Gotham City Flag
Reversed from film to show it accurately

The flag of Gotham City has a blue background with the city seal surounded by thirteen yellow stars.

Close up of Gotham City Flag
The Dark Knight 2008

The flag has been reversed since it appears in the film 'backwards.' Gotham City seal features a ship sailing towards the fly. A yellow rope composes the outer circle. There are two crossed swords at 45 degrees pointing upwards behind the seal that are partially visible. A crossed and bound olive branches appear at the bottom. In the compartment is the city name 'GOTHAM' written in black on a heraldic yellow scroll-ribbon.

Gotham City Central
US flags with Gotham City Flags

The US flag appears alongside the Gotham City Flag. The Joker takes advantage of the event by impersonating police in order to assassinate the officials.

The Joker without Makeup
notice police badge of Gotham City

The Gotham Police like all units across the world have their own arms patch. The Gotham Police use an eagle at the center with varied borders. Here the Joker apparently stole some uniforms in a 'false flag' move.


Director Christopher Nolan recycles this footage in The Dark Knight Rising 2012, during the flashback scenes.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

White Island Flag, Antarctica

White Island Flag

White island is next to Black Island in the Ross Archipelago in Antarctica. This flag is based upon the national design of the UK flag.

Black Island Flag, Antarctica

Black Island Flag

The flag is based upon the UK Union Flag. It employs the colours black and indigo.

Flag of Sherman Island Antarctica

Flag of Sherman Island

This part of Antarctica was recognized as an island by the United States in 1946. Sherman Island gets its name from Forrest Sherman - who was an admiral in the US Navy.

The colours of Sherman Island Flag use red, green and white. Red and green are in honor of American Christmas colours while white represents clouds of heaven that are associated the realm of the divine as well as ice. The pattern is modeled after Iceland but with a different pallet of colours. In the upper canton is the South Star form the most southerly constellation - Octans eight parted star compass.

Happy Valentine's Day Valentina Tereshkova

Mission Insignia
Vostok 6 - first woman in orbit 1963

The first woman in space has a name matching Valentines day - Valentina Tereshkova. Valentina was born in the Soviet Union, which is now simply Russia. The Soviets or Russians had a wondrous opportunity to launch Valentina into orbit on Valentine's Day 1963 or 1964.

But communism lacks a certain fundamental shrill for fun and being silly - thus they botched a free cosmic fun footnote fact to make more than history. Imagine if Valentina became the first woman in space on Valentines Day 1963? Nobody'd forget that.

Ya see, the USA had sparkle and jazz, they called their moon ships Spider, Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Communists and atheists often abhor wacky and fun nut aspects of life, preferring a dry and grey tone neutral to existence. But humans are not grey nor neutral.

Coincidentally the mission insignia for womankind's first flight into orbit employs grey, white, and red. At least there is passionate red and divine white.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Flag of Masson Island, Antarctica

Masson Island

Based partially on the flag of Australia, here is the flag of Masson Island.

Elephant Island, Antarctica

Flag of Elephant Island

The flag of Elephant island is based upon the colours of Estonia with a Scandinavian Cross. The constellation represents Octans the Star Compass which is most southern constellation in the night sky.

Coronation Island, Antarctica

Flag of Coronation Island

Using the combined colours of the Smith and Bartram Antarctica designs, in conjunction with the most southern constellation Octans the Star Compass.

Mill Island Antarctica

Flag of Mill Island Antarctica

The flag of Mill Island uses the colours black, orange, and blue. The design is honor of Norwegian explorers of Antarctica.

Mill Island takes its name after a Scottish geographer.

Flag of Bear Island Antarctica

Flag of Bear Island Antarctica

The Flag of Bear Island uses the colours black, white and orange. These colours are based upon Antarctica's most famous residents - the penguins. The design of the flag is based upon the flag of Iceland but with altered colours.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good Morning Vietnam 1987

Official Title of Good Morning Vietnam 1987

Starring Robin Williams, an epic and hilarious film about Vietnam. A ground breaking war film that ran the gambit of sorrow, joy, humor and love. Produced under Touchstone Pictures, it was a total polf, the opposite of an expected flop that became a super smash hit.

In the title credit is a unique logo created for the film. It featured an old time bar shaped microphone tilted to the left with air force wings of three stripes.

Robin Williams with Air Force hat
and Forrest Whitaker with Vietnam Sword Badge

In this shot the Airman Adriane Cronauer the military disc jockey that dared to play modern music is played by Robin Williams. To his right is first class private Edward Montesquieu Garlic played by Forrest Whitaker. On private Garlic's left arm is a military badge - it is a shield with a white sword facing upwards and composed of the colours red, yellow, and white.

US Navy Gunboat with US Flag

The US flag makes several appearances in the movie. Here it is proudly flown on the US river gunboat.

Official Trailer 1987

Pulp Fiction Flags - 1994 Quintin Tarintino's epic 90s gangster film

The Modern Confederate Flag with US flag

Pulp Fiction 1994 directed by Quintin Tarintino was a smash success gangster movie. Raunchy, racy, wild, entertaining and yet philosophical. It broke the Hollywood public consumption formula with retro sounds and cutting edge plot twists.

Here Butch Coolidge played by Bruce Willis stays at the River Glen Motel. A neon green and red "Drive In" sign is shaped like a pennant.

Official Trailer 1994