Friday, February 17, 2012

Gotham City Flag - The Dark Knight, Batman

Gotham City Flag
Reversed from film to show it accurately

The flag of Gotham City has a blue background with the city seal surounded by thirteen yellow stars.

Close up of Gotham City Flag
The Dark Knight 2008

The flag has been reversed since it appears in the film 'backwards.' Gotham City seal features a ship sailing towards the fly. A yellow rope composes the outer circle. There are two crossed swords at 45 degrees pointing upwards behind the seal that are partially visible. A crossed and bound olive branches appear at the bottom. In the compartment is the city name 'GOTHAM' written in black on a heraldic yellow scroll-ribbon.

Gotham City Central
US flags with Gotham City Flags

The US flag appears alongside the Gotham City Flag. The Joker takes advantage of the event by impersonating police in order to assassinate the officials.

The Joker without Makeup
notice police badge of Gotham City

The Gotham Police like all units across the world have their own arms patch. The Gotham Police use an eagle at the center with varied borders. Here the Joker apparently stole some uniforms in a 'false flag' move.


Director Christopher Nolan recycles this footage in The Dark Knight Rising 2012, during the flashback scenes.

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