Friday, February 24, 2012

12 Tribes of Israel Emblem Symmetry - Rueben and Dan, part 6

The final segment in the 12 Tribes of Israel string. The Tribe of Dan the Snake is aligned to the Tribe of the Mandrake - Rueben. Snakes and a 'magical' root? Snakes and hallucinogenic plants certainly have seductive and dangerous elements that rouse our curiosity. But in the wrong hands, it can lead to big trouble. This post is a poem, so enjoy! Who said poetry in American is dead?

Part VI - Dan and Reuben

Dan is represented by the fearful Snake
House of Slytherin Arms from the Harry Potter Universe

Mandrake and the snake are the final pair. Something of magic, like a white hare. Twelve tribes in all, are matched in this cosmic electronic fair hall.

Together we see Reuben and Dan, represented by a snake and the mandrake. Sometimes Reuben is water or a man, it makes no difference to the younger Dan. Dan is a judge, whom can smell false fudge. So be warned do not cheat, or your horse may be bitten at its feet.

Reuben to the north, who belittled his father's worth is balanced with Dan. Whom stands towards the south and can, watch every word to come out of your mouth. If deception is your perception, you will hear him hiss and then you will feel a sweet bitter kiss.

The mandrake can cast an enchanting spell, a warning to tell, it can also make you regrettably unwell. Often considered a witches brew, yet it can make two people come together like glue. As you can see, it was a lover's potion, for it set into motion, the expansion of a great family tree.

The Mysterious Mandrake
is an emblem for the House of Rueben
Mandrakes as depicted in Harry Potter Land

Don't be scared or petrified, there is no need to run and hide. Like a gentle dove, kindness and love will rescue all from above.

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