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Vexillological Wrap Up 2012

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Vexilloids in the Outsiders 1983

The Outsiders 1983 is one of the rare instances where the transition from fiction to film is successful.  The genesis of this movie was inspired by a librarian - Jo Ellen Misakian at Lone Star Elementary School in Fresno, California.  In 1980 she wrote to Francis Coppola to turn the book into film.  Amazingly Coppola followed her recommendation. 

As it was in the 1950s, 1980s and will be in the 2020s youth are often confronted with an economic social caste system of culture and labels. As they adapt to 'modern' culture they often create their own counter culture to deal with it.  The 1950s Greaser is the grandaddy of all subsequent anti-establishment youth movement counterbeats before the Goth, Emo, Skater, Punk Rocker, Metal Head, Slim Shady, Hoodie, and Trenchcoat Mafia cliques. 

The emblem of DX gasoline was originally an independent company that operated out of Oklahoma but merged with Sunoco in 1968.  Here Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise work as gas station attendants. 

The film stars an ensemble of actors who became a would be male version of the Pleadies upon the imaginations of the world as it starred Tom Cruise, Emillio Esteves, Ralph Machio, Mat Dillion, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, and Christopher Howell.

No flags of note appear in this film but several vexilloid related items made a cameo.  Namely the high school letter-man jacket of livery and unintended streamers of disuse and mischief.

 Two high school letter-man jackets appear, during the concession at the drive-in and at the rumble between the Greasers and Socs.  The colours - or livery-  of the 'Socs' at the drive-in is green and white.

The livery of the Alpha Soc before the rumble is blue and yellow.  Although lead Greaser Darryl used to play football with his football buddy, the rift in culture and socioeconomic status is wide.  

Ponyboy and Johnny take refuge at a playground, what seems to be the worn ends of a volleyball net sway from a pole like a streamer.  This is a vexilloid-streamer of accidental-natural genesis.  But like any other flag or vexilloid it conveys a message.   In this case it signals 'neglect' or 'disrepair.' Likewise Ponyboy and Johnny are boys who are neglected by their parents.

Finally when Ponyboy and Johnny are on the monkey bars a lone streamer of toilet paper can be seen hanging from a tree branch.  TP on tree is a vexilloid-streamer created out of vandalism, humor, or as a silly prank. 

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Ren and Stimpy with the American Flag

 Before the talking yellows sponge and wacky crab cake burgers, there was Ren and Stimpy.  Wacky doodle chuckles from the 1990s that recycled art from nearly every decade of the 1900s.  Wacky bulb noses from the 1930s, recycled and charmed art from the 1950s.  Ren and Stimpy became an iconic animated duo during the 1990s decade.

Ren and Stimpy go against the grain as best befriended friends of a cat and a dog.  The cat has the big blue nose while the dog has the long floppy ears.

The American Flag makes several appearances in the show.  On of the best examples is the 'banned' episode with Mr. Liquor who had pet fish that smoked.  A unique 35 starred flag with ten stripes is featured in this episode.

The red and white US stripes are also seen in the background when our amazing duo explore the outer reaches of space in zap nackered original parodies of Star Trek and other 1950s sci-fi.

In one introductory sequence they can be seen saluting the American Flag Planet, whose geography has been altered to look like a US Flag, or perhaps the planet has been covered with the a really really really really really large flag.

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New Jersey and the New York State Flag with the Christmas Spirit - December 25, 2012


 Joy to the World and a Merry Merry Christmas to all.  New Jersey and New York were chosen as this years Winter Holiday X-Mas Spirit Cards.

Every year since 2007 I have chosen two state flags that align as 'providence partners.'  This 'providence partner' idea is revolutionary. A pattern emerges when the state flags are put in a certain order that seems too surreal to be true.  Is all a big coincidence, or rather an arrangement of fate? 

The flag of New York has been 'North Polarized' with the spirit of an American Christmas.  The Goddess Liberty is holding a large candy cane instead of a liberty pole.  Likewise the Goddess Justice has her sword replaced with a red candle and instead of a balance holds two Christmas Bells in her left hand.  Justice is nearly blinded by the Santa Hat, except for the wee corner of her right eye.

A slight colour adjustment to Liberties blue dress is made green, in honor of the festivities. Likewise the heraldic wreath, more commonly known as a  head band that holds the earth is changed to the traditional Christmas colours of red and green.  The Earth too has rotated on its axis to show the Indian Ocean and most of Asia, since many of the great religions and philosophies all originate from this continent.  East Africa, India, Russia, the Western Asia, China, and the west coast of Australia are visible on this globe.  Instead of an American Eagle, a white peace dove with holly in its mouth flies at the crest.

Night has replaced day upon the shield of arms.  It is the same view on the regular New York State Flag but snow is covering the ground and you can see Santa and his reindeer flying over the moon.  Finally the motto "JOY TO THE WORLD" is along the bottom in the honor of the Christmas Spirit.


Coincidentally the Goddess of Liberty makes an appearance on the flag of New Jersey on the same side.  However the flag of New Jersey is the more traditional world wide view of the Christmas Spirit with a keen focus on the Nativity.  The Goddess Liberty is made into an angel and her 'freedom pole' is replaced with a biblical Shepard's crook.  The Goddess Ceres is playing a brass horn instead of holding her traditional horn of plenty.

Along the shield are three Kings or Magi who came to visit the baby Jesus in Israel, which replaces the three plows on the official New Jersey Flag.  Although the Magi have different coloured clothes they match in design except for the crowns.  The heraldic helmet with mantling is missing and now the mantleing acts as a stage window into the iconic Nativity Scene of Mary in red, Joseph in green in a manger overlooking the birth of Jesus.  Above the manger is the star of Bethlehem that is shinning brighter than any other star.

A lamb has replaced the regular horse head of the Jersey Flag as a symbol and metaphor for Christ. The wording upon the compartment scroll has changed to reflect the angels celebration of 'FAITH' and 'JOY.'    Finally the infinity symbol has replaced 1776 to reflect the timelessness of this magical moment in human history.

For Comparison of Official and Christmas Versions
New Jersey & New York

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US Mayan Flag Fun

115 is the total value of stars and stripes when taken as Mayan numerical elements.

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Flag of Shambhala Organization

The flag of Shambhala uses five colours - white, yellow, orange, red, and blue. It is based upon the Buddhist Flag and was designed by Salting Mipham Rinpoche. The yellow disc represents the Eastern Sun and the inherent wisdom of all beings. The four stripes represent the positive essence of the tiger, lion, garuda and dragon. The colours also reflect joy, equanimity, and wisdom. Along the hoist is a blue stripe.

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Flags in the Adventure of Milo and Otis - 1989

 The Adventures of Milo and Otis tells the story of a kitten and puppy who become life long friends.  After growing up on the farm together they journey in the wilderness.  In one adventure, they get separated and are subsequently put on a quest to find each other.

During the beach sequence by a old fishing shack,  flags make a short appearance.  The top flag is white, the middle flag is black and the bottom flag is blue.

An interesting note about this film is that it's recycled-cinema, originally made from a Japanese movie in 1987.

Here Milo runs into an abandoned shack for shelter.

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The Last Unicorn is the original animated classic that harkens unto the original calling of the such things made of Stardust.  The film features the some dude as the Hero, and Mia Farrow as the so lovely and enchanting unicorn fated to love a man. Flags appear in this movie set in European Middle Age times.

An old greedy witch uses exotic animals charmed with spells to dupe audiences into thinking they are mystical animals from another world.  However a few creatures really are animals from another land of magic.

All along the carnival troop cages are pennants.  The pennants are a dark purple with yellow crescent moon.

 Although this movie can be enjoyed by children many of themes are of an adult and new age mystical nature.

The film has a dash of mystery, sprinkled with a hint of fairy dust, two tea spoons of a hobbit salt, and baked with a glaze of romantic embers. 

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Flag of Phoenix Arizona

The city flag of Phoenix Arizona is as distinct and simple - in a similar vein to the 'state-prefectural' flags of Japan. Oddly Japan is the proverbial Phoenix-like nation of our world.

Insiginia of Phoenix - Star Trek First Contact 1996

 Notice the Skylab Mission insignia
 along the wall
In The Star Trek - First Contact 1996 several original and official space insignia appear in the film.  During the bar meeting in Montana the crew of Star Trek meet of the soon to be legendary Zefram Cochran.  
You can also barely make out what is supposed to be a green wing of a phoenix on the side of the hull of ship when Data and Captain Picard make first hand contact with the Phoenix. 

 Here first officer Commander William Riker gazes at a primitive moon devoid of cities and bright lights. Since he is from the future, the moon is populated with visible cities and lights.  Thus a 'new moon' is no longer completely black in his time, rather city lights twinkle on the moon like a Christmas Tree, in his timeline.

Zefram with his ships insignia on his left shoulder. Zefram had no idea his ideas would have such deep impact upon the future.  In many ways were are the lucky-middle civilization that lives before 'first contact' and void understanding of the mysterious dominion of stars. 

The Phoenix was originally made to be nuclear missile but fate saw that it was to usher in a new age of peace for humanity and the cosmos.

City Seal for Phoenixville Pennylvania

Phoenixville is as old as George Washington since it was founded in 1732 and the first of American Presidents was born that very same year.  The city was incorporated in 1849.  Of particular note was that its town movie theater was the location shot infamous Blob Scene.

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Logo of Benthic Petroleum from The Abyss - 1989

The Abyss is a grand movie that hits on politics, energy consumption, nuclear weapons, and attempts to answer some of the deepest mysteries of our world.  It's part action, part science fiction, part political drama, and part romance.  

Benthic Petroleum is a fictional oil company in the movie by James Cameroon - The Abyss 1989.  Here a flight deck crewman guides the landing of a helicopter on the ships deck.  The companies logo is on his back.  

The logo of Benthic Petroleum uses a yin and yang counter charge of blue and light blue.  The logo is like a rounded pennant and uses the colours blue, sky blue, and white.  It is divided horizontally.  The a symbol that looks like a mashed up lower case letter 'b' and letter 'p' is counter coloured with the background and intuitively symbolizes a stylized drilling character. 

Notice the Logo of Benthic Petroleum on the hat

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Fox Island Flag

Fox Island is a small island off the coast of Canada that was claimed by the US under the US Guano Act.  The flag is based upon the colonial New England Flag when Canadian and US histories merged.  In the canton is a pine tree, along the fly is a fimbrated white stripe that pays homage to the modern Canadian Flag.

Note that the US claim on this island is 'dormant.'

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Flags in Dude, Where's My Car? - 2000

 Dude, Where's My Car? 
Starring Ashton Kutcher & Seann William Scott
notice the 18th hole mini golf flag
In the year 2000 the universe was almost destroyed. However due to the calm and peace loving youth of America disaster was averted.  Although the details of their cosmic escapade were lost in the annals of time, a muddied tale of their heroic deeds was told in form of movie entitled - Dude, Where's My Car?

The US flag makes an appearance during the confrontation with the disposed evil entity that wants to destroy the universe.  Standing in awe are the scientifically minded yet out to lunch bubble people.  
Using logic with a sprinkle of luck, the rightful owners of the mystical object retain dominion and keep the cosmos safe for love, dancing, and pudding.  

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