Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The US state flags are ugly and should be changed?


However there seems to be a reason for everything, at least most of the time.

It is easy to dismiss and scorn things that seem unusual. It seems to be a part of our nature. For example the Algol Star has a noticeable variability - thus the ancient mind in nearly all cultures assumed it was associated with the dark arts or evil. This variable star is the eye of Medusa in the Perseus Constellation.

Basically heraldic and humbly appropriate state seal flags are often judged in the modern eye as ugly. The key motive to change flags of this nature is rooted to personal taste. But this effort to create pleasing flags to today's view point obliterates historical value, and replaces it with the fluctuating flavors of the moment. Who is to say that in 50 years tastes wont change again?

A key argument to keep state flags as they are is that they illustrate the phenomena of Providence. Almost by 'accident' the 50 American State Flags show a pattern that echos of why things are and reveals a meta-vexillological structure.

The new paradigm is that flags exhibit a certain kind of dualistic pattern. A coherent pattern emerges with the 50 US state flags, when put in a certain order - two by two. This idea runs counter to the seemingly random order of flag creation. Who would've thought that each US state flag can be paired up with a similar looking flag? And are deeply tied together with parallel lines of culture, politics, and history?

This idea may seem like a 'strange red pill.' But perhaps you need to see and it for yourself - watch the videos below.

This idea is big and has the potential to change the way we look at America and the international order. It is a strange and lonely feeling to be at the spear head of a new idea. Lonely because we are the first to come up with a new idea, and strange because this idea invokes the power of synchronicity and Providence.

And going out on a limb...any civilization similar to our own that has nation states populated with equivalent flags will, I strongly theorize will also exhibit this matching vexilloid phenomena.

A question often asked after meeting people who 'get this flag paring phenomena' is 'How does this happen?' My current answer is that it points to Providence and or synchronicity. Providence and synchronicity essentially describe the same phenomena but with slightly different qualifiers.

Washington spoke a lot about 'providence'
which is synonymous to 'synchronicity.' He never spoke
of synchronicity because it was not yet coined

Providence was one of George Washington's favorite adjectives for the footprint of the divine. The key to understanding its meaning only comes with time and experience. To know Providence is to know falling in love. Providence is a deep loving feeling in conjunction with a logical or non-logical thought.

The questions of 'How come?' 'Why did it happen that way?' and judgement of a situation as being good or bad fortune become moot with a heartfelt experience of Providence. Providence is the call sign to the non-linear reality that permeates our logical centers of mind.

With Providence regret no longer feels like a harsh burden but seems to take on a semi-solid shape, acting as a barrier in the best interest of your own protection. Overall Providence is a very comforting Yoda like Jedi Knight feeling.

Synchronicity is a relatively new baby boomer word that became official in 1951. Before the rise of scientific objective reality, Providence was shadowed with a heavy spell of superstition. With the advent of the industrial revolution and modern 'objective' point of view - the enchanting rhythms of Providence went to the way side.

But Dr. Carl Jung's scientific investigation brought new life into the perceptible non-linear heart felt personal experience commonly known as synchronicity. His work resulted in a modern reformation of Providence into the word "synchronicity." Providence was presented in an academic manner, palatable to the hard nosed modern scientific academic establishment.

The key difference between Providence and synchronicity is that synchronicity has a non-religious connotation while Providence has an overtly spiritual-divine flare.

Basically synchronicity is Providence cloaked in 'Western academic mumbo-jumbo,' or rather Providence is synchronicity is covered with divine-love.


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  1. i agree with the flag blogger

  2. The State flags are second only to the flag of the United States of America, which is the national flag. The State flags tell the story of the evolution, glory, power and prestige of the States.