Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NY & NJ the Big Apple & the Zesty Tomato

New Jersey State Flag
Goddess Liberty & Goddess Ceres (Abundance)

New York and New Jersey have similar flag charges. They are the only states with goddess supporters on both sides. On both their left sides they have the goddess Liberty holding phrygian-freedom hats on poles, but the supporters on the right differ. New Jersey has the goddess Ceres who represents abundance of grain-cereal crops, thus 'cereal' is derived from Ceres. New York has the goddess Justice who is blindfolded and holding a sword and scales.

New York State Flag
Goddess Liberty and Justice
The background colours of their flags differ, but the combination is patriotic. Oftentimes people will mistake the background colour of New Jersey as yellow, partly due to sun bleaching. The colour's official name is buff, which in layman's terms is a light khaki with a tint of yellow. New York's colours are dark blue. When you combine them you get the official colours of George Washington's regimental colours: buff and blue.

New Jersey are New York are like Yin and Yang of American culture. New York has the reputation as being the white collar, classy and just a bit snooty. While New Jersey is more typically blue collar, earthy and a bit boorish. New York gave America the famous Manhattan cocktail, which can only be consumed by people over the age of 21, while New Jersey gave America Yoohoo a chocolate drink for kids and adults.

Both states are in the stress belt and driving in their urban areas can be hazardous. People who walk in crosswalks often do so at their own peril, and many of the drivers disobey yield to walkers in the crosswalk law.

Italian culture has deep roots in both states. The American Underworld has become something of cultural icon and institution, and two classic imaginary American Sagas took place in these states. First the Godfather was set in New York, while the Sopranos were set in New Jersey.

You can enjoy theater anywhere in America but for NY, theater is on top of the world with Broadway. NY may be the king of Broadway but NJ is the King of Boardwalk.

You cun go'd'da' beach anywhere in the USA, but the original, oldest, most American seaside amusement town belongs to New Jersey. New Jersey has a shore town for every kind of American. Classic Jersey style is Atlantic City, but if you want something the whole family can enjoy there is Ocean City, NJ where the sale of alcohol is prohibited. Then there is the southern grace in Cape May, NJ which is actually below the Mason-Dixon line. But if you're young and just want to have fun, there is Wild Wood, NJ. Even if you're tough guy with somethin' to prove there is Seaside Heights, NJ. America's firstly famous shore town was Atlantic City. Its fame has resulted in one of America's most popular board game based on none other than a city in the great state of New Jersey: MONOPOLY. Since then every state in the union has followed in the footsteps of this "Jersey Original."

Country music may be for Southern folk and people who live in the boon docks, but if you could make up a "Yankee-Country" music category... we have from NY, the honorable Tony Bennett and from NJ the original sensation old' Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.

You can sum up the stereotypes between NJ & NY with two poster boys who reflect their states identity. Born in NY is the sparking knight in shining armor Sir Michael Jordan, and born in NJ is the gritty, flavor-flab, outspoken, outrageous, and colourful Dennis Rodman. They are American men who expressed their freedom in drastically different forms and enchanted the sports world with their superior basketball skills, and charming personalities.

Finally.......when you say the pledge of allegiance you are in a strange way saluting the state flag of New York. Why? New York has the Goddesses Liberty and Justice on it, and believe it or not the man who wrote the pledge of allegiance was from New York, Francis Bellamy. Francis Bellamy wrote it in 1892 for the 400th anniversary of 1492.

'LIBERTY & JUSTICE...for all'

New York and New Jersey are the A to the Z of America
"Big Apple and Zesty Tomato"

Official Port Authority Flag of NJ & NY

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