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Back to the Future Flags - Part V, Hill Valley's Welcome Banners and Seals

Hill Valley Welcome Sign
Decorated with Community Organizations

In Back to the Future 1985 Marty gets a unique perspective on this home town. He gets to travel back to 1955 and see how things once were.

On his magical return to 1955, Marty passes by a community welcome sign. We can see the insignia of the various community organizations. Starting from the upper left: Kiwanis International, Jaycees, Rotary International, American Legion, The Future Farmers of America, Lions Club International, Hill Valley Chamber of Congress. From the lower right we see the icons of the YMCA, Patrons of Husbandry of the National Grange, Optimists International, and finally Camp Fire Girls.

Back to the Future 2015
Hill Valley - Welcome Board

When Marty jumps to 2015 where his dad stands up to his personal bullies, we see a hovering welcome sign. New Organizations presented are the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, 4-H Youth Organization, Neighborhood Crime Watch, National Exchange Club and ....

Community Organizations still running strong thirty years later are Kiwani's International, Rotary International, and the Lions Club International.

The Rule of Avarice upon Hill Valley 1985
notice H-E-LL VALLEY Graffiti

In Part II - Marty's avarice though betting on athletics leads to a dark and less than friendly version of Hill Valley. In this reality Hill Valley is devoid of civic service organizations and his father's nemesis is a powerful violent self-absorbed greedy tyrant.

The 'original' Hill Valley of 1985

The 'original' Hill Valley that we meet in 1985 is dilapidated and worn down. The mom and pop businesses have been put out by strong corporations. Low brow adult oriented business have taken over the heart of the city and all of the community service organizations have left town.

On the back of the welcome sign we see various forms of graffiti, tags, and vandalism. This was a reflection of many central small town city centers and even with Times Square in New York City in the 80s. The original 1985 Hill Valley may not be the best place to live, but it is still better than Biff's World.

Back to the Future III
Hill Valley Banner 1885

Perhaps the first community banner to be hung in Hill Valley, if only for a short time. None of the familiar community organizations were created yet, except for the Lawman or the Sheriff. The banner was a notice heralding a festival on September 5, 1885. The proceeds are used to "Construct the Clock Tower."

It reads:

The Foundation of Hill Valley set in 1885
setting the legend for Clint Eastwood


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