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Back to the Future Flags - adjunct Part V, expanded description of Hill Valley's Community Service Organizations

The badge of Rotary International uses 24 toothed sprocket. It has a six spoke wheel . In the ring of the wheel it is written Rotary International in yellow letters. In the center of the is a key hole in white.

Kiawnis International also uses the colours yellow, blue, and white.  Founded in 1915 in Indianapolis, Indiana as a service organization. Kiwanis is a Native American word meaning that we share our talents or build. They aim much of their attention to the service of children.

Here is the original logo of Camp Fire Girls,

Lions International uses the colours yellow and blue. The badge features a yellow letter 'L' on a blue disk. The blue disc is bordered with a yellow ring. On the left and right sides of the outer ring are two profile sides of a lion with its mouth opened up. In the upper portion of the disc is 'Lions' written in all capital letters on a frame. Below the disc on a curved frame are the words are 'INTERNATIONAL' in capital letters.

The badge for the Future Farmers of America badge features an owl on top an animal pull plow pointed to the right. Behind the owl is a red sun along the horizon. Above the owl are the letters FFA, which represents the Future Farmers of America. In a circular format written in blue appears the word 'Agricultural' on the upper half, and on the bottom half in the same format it is written 'Education.' The outer ring of the is composed of 20 kernels of corn. In the crest position is the American Eagle facing left with an American shield.

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- it featured the colours gold and blue with the name written in a ring centered with a letter K. Underneath is Jaycees sign - with Jaycees written in red cursive and a 'Welcomes You' written in black on a brown square shield. Next is Rotary International with the colours blue, gold and white and it which features 24 strutted sproket with six spokes. Next is the American Legion with the colours blue and gold. In the center it features a blue star on a gold disc. In the ring is a the name and on the outer rim are obtuse points to eight pointed star. In the center we see a rectangular sign for 'The Future Farmers of America - Hill Valley' printed in blue on white with the golden seal of the Future Farmers of America. Next are the Lions International using blue bold and white. Underneath and overlapping the Lions space in sign for the Hill Valley Chamber of Congress in olive green with white. Starting from the bottom right is the YMCA sign using the colours red, blue, and white. The YMCA uses a red triangle charged with its name written in white on a blue rectangle. Above that a sign for the National Grange of the Order of Partrons of Husbandry. It uses the colours white, gold, and blue. In the center is a 'garb' of wheat wrapped with suppored by a blue ribbon with 'P' and 'H' on it. Above the is the seal for Optimist International. It too uses the colours blue and gold. In the center are the letter O and I in gold on a blue octagonal background with rays of splendor up top. It is within another octagonal ring with the name of the organization. Finally in the upper right hand corner is the badge for Camp Fire Girls. It uses the colours blue, gold, red, orange, and yellow. Camp Fire Girls features a four logged camp fire on a background of blue. It is placed on an arched triangular frame of gold with the organizations name upon it.

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