Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back to the Future Flags - Part VI, Non-American Flags

Griff Standing in front of the US and Soviet Flag
Back to the Future 2

The only official non-American flag in the Back to the Future trilogy belongs or belonged to the Soviet Union. It appears when Marty travels to 2015 and meets Griff in Cafe 80s.

When this movie was originally made in 1985 the Cold War was flaming hot in Afghanistan, Africa, and Central America. But by the release of Part 2 in 1989 - the Soviet Union was on its way to a becoming a historical footnote.

Japanese Rising Sun Flag
on the Hover Board - BTTF 1989

The Japanese Rising Flag also appears in this movie but not as a flag. Rather it appears as a decorative design on a hover board. In this scene Biff's side kick bully chump holds his hover board with the Imperial Rising Sun Flag design.

Link to Part VII - Back to the Future Flags

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