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Buckaroo Banzai, part 1- BB insignia and stuff

Although not a time machine
A truck that jumps through matter?

Before there was a flying DeLorean there was Buckaroo Banzai with a jacked up super nerd truck that allowed people to travel though the inner space of atoms in the 8th dimension, or something like that.

Buckaroo Banzai 1984 was science fiction movie with a more than overstated complicated plot. It featured a science-pimped truck that could travel though solid matter.

Buckaroo Banzai, the hero, is played by Peter Weller, a multi-talented genius who is a medical doctor, rock star, political aide to the president and most importantly... a particle physics research scientist.

Buckaroo Banzai Fan Club Member
note Buckaroo the rock star poster with group logo

The logo of this group - scientific and musical - features a letter B facing itself. Sometimes it was yellow, red, or other colours. It was the sign for Buckaroo.

This movie was ahead of the times, perhaps too far ahead? A remake could definitely work. If a sequel were made it has the serious potential of being one those rare franchises where the sequel is better than than original like Mad Max 1979 which lead to the more than awesome Road Warrior 1981. They could even go out of order and make a prequel to 1982 - it'd fit perfectly for the irrational quantum realities posed by modern nuclear physics and string theory. Somebody call Spielberg, Bob Zemeckis, and James Cameroon!

Although Buckaroo Banzai movie didn't meet box office expectations, it successfully launched Peter Weller into an epic cyborg-cop orbit and prepared Mr. Lloyd for time travel hijinks with Mr. Fox.

Mr. Banzai with mission patch
for transporting through matter

Buckaroo Banzai lives up to its odd semi-retro 50s sci-fi name. After passing though matter, Buckaroo inspects his trans-dimensional truck. Over his heart is the mission patch that reads 'Team Banzai' with a vehicle up top with an 80s style Atari flames in yellow, red, and orange.

The quirky quintessential 80 music theme

Avatar Insignia, part 2 - arm patch insignia

Marine Pandora Mission Patch - right arm
Science sortie pilot Trudy Chacon

The visually stunning movie Avatar 2009 was an epic award winning science fiction film by James Cameroon. Humans have learned to travel to their closest neighboring star system - Alpha Centauri and a clash of planets occurs over precious resources.

Of vexillological interest are the military badges that humans wear on the right arm. It is a pentagonal shape. Divided in the center - the right half is red with a blue and white sphere. The left half is blue with several indiscernible markings.

Native Na'vi arm band rank - left arm

The natives of Pandora the Na'vi also employ an armband type of marking. However each person has their own design. To the right Jake Sully in this Na'vi body wears an arm band with two colourful 'feathers.'

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dances with Wolves - part 5, the shield of arms for Ten Bears

Lakota Shield painted by Ten Bears

One shield is clearly shown in Dances with Wolves 1990. The design of a shield has always been keen custom long before the formal development and institutionalization of heraldry.

It has a center pale partition, dexter azure, sinister gules, both sides are charged with dragon flies flying upwards following a wispy trail.

Avatar Insignia, part 1 - RDA

The Venture Star with RDA Corporate Logo

Audiences around the world whipped away to an imaginative tale about our neighboring star system - Alpha Centauri - by James Cameroon in Avatar 2009.

The story is set on an imaginary planet where the native blue skinned peoples live on resource that humans desperately want for it's high value. The RDA corporation uses remote control bodies to manipulate the natives off their 'sacred' land.

In RDA logo can be seen in several shots. The first time the logo of RDA corp. can be seen on a space ship above Pandora.

RDA Mining Truck on Pandora

In another shot the an RDA minning truck passes in front of Jake Sully - the hero of the story. The colours of RDA corp. are yellow, white, and navy blue. The logo consists of four circles - linked four petal flower. The chief and base discs are yellow. On the sinister side is a navy blue disc and on the dexter side is a white disc with a blue outer ring.

Official Logo of RDA - Resources Development Adminstration

Never Ending Story, part 2 - arms of the fallen kinght

First Gate of the Southern Oracle

The Never Ending Story 1984 is an inspirational fairytale movie for children and adults. In it a builled boy who likes to read skips class to read a book that opens the door to fantasia.

In one scene our hero - Atreyu - must pass the first test of the Southern Oracle which a person must pass trough. Essentially to cross this rift one must have the purest of intentions and complete confidence from within and look death in the eye while continuing on.

Close up of the knights shield of arms

Before Atreyu attempts to pass through, a knight in shining armor tries and fails. Atreyu must then pass by looking death in the eye and continue on his journey. The knight with shining armor has a coat of arms. It is a regular bend partition dexter gules sinister azure. Each partition is charged with a lion rampant facing dexter.

link to part 3

Monday, November 28, 2011

Never Ending Story, part 1- the AURYN, a Badge for Fantasia

first appearance of the AURYN

The film the Never Ending Story 1984 is based on a story written by Michael Ende of Germany in 1979. In it a bullied little boy learns about the power of fantasia and unlimited bounty of imagination. The movie is a story within a story that even hints at the presence of the audience.

The world of Fantasia is under attack by a fear mongering entity known as the Nothing. The Nothing preys upon people without dreams so they can be controlled. When people live without dreams they become virtual zombies and give away their power to the empty soulless power hungry Nothing.

Thus if you think you have been bitten by a zombie and may be infected, find a dream - find it fast and never let it go! A Luck Dragon will find you, believe me!

Atreyu is chosen to save Fantasia

The badge of the chosen hero is the AURYN. The AURYN is similar to an ouroboros - a snake that is eating its own tail. But in The Never Ending Story the AURYN is composed of two snakes symmetrically intertwined and chasing or latched upon each others tail. The upper snake is gold and the lower snake is green in inner fantasia - the fantasy world of a fantasy.

But in Bastian's universe the AURYN is found as a monochrome decorative seal on the book he borrowed.

Link to part 2 of this thread

Yin and Yang with Heraldry - Goonies 'R' Good Enough by Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper holding a box
with a typical Modern American Heraldic Shield

An appropriate anthem and video for the economic climate of 2011 could be Goonies 'R' Good Enough 1984 by Cindy Lauper. The video is based on the movie Goonies 1984. In the video Cyndi's Mom and Pop Gas Station that gives "cookies while you wait" is visited by their cheating creditors.

In the beginning of the video Cyndi is seen carrying a box with a heraldic shield on it. The shield is typical of modern American Corporate design - azure fess argent. In the Chief is reads "PEERLESS." There is other indiscernible text in the base and argent fess.

Smiley and Frownie Face Badge

In the video creditors or bad guys all wear a frownie badge. The frownie-bad guys included Rowdy Roddy Piper, the Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkof, and Freddie Blassie.

On the good guy-home team with smiley face badge is Captain Lou Albano, Cindy Lauper, Dave, and Wendy. The smiley and frownie face badges ranged in colours from red to yellow.

The economic strain put on Cyndi and her friends is a certain reality that many Americans and people all around the world feel right now as of 2011. Thousands of families have lost their homes and hundreds of business small and large have become memories - Borders, Circuit City, etc...

Video Goonie 'R' Good Enough 1984

Confederate Flag and Cyndi Lauper

Notice Confederate and American Flags

Cyndi Lauper's She Bop topped the Billboard Charts in the spring of 1984. The song was off her She So Unsusual album. The song's controversial nature subsequently was reinforced with a wave of the Confederate Flag in her video.

As Cyndi leaves her car she meets the hunky and bad boy biker wearing a Confederate Flag. It can be seen on the upper left side of his jacket. On the other side is the American Flag.

Beef Cake Biker Gang

The icon of the fanciful Beef Cake Biker gang consists of a four pointed yellow crown with three black trapezoids.

The director of the video associates rough and tumble biker gangs with the Confederate Flag - at least controversially.

She Bop Video from 1984

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dances with Wolves - part 4: the eagle father flag

Lakota Indians from Dances with Wolves

The Lakota where the people portrayed in Dances with Wolves 1990. The background of this shot was in perfect harmony with Native Americans. Note that Every spear or lance is intricately decorated as to indicate the user. Used in a similar manner to heraldic lance pennons.

A heavily feathered Native American 'Pennon'

A close up image of the highly symbolic and decorative lance of one of the Lakota. It is safe to assume that the amount of feathers and the more elaborate, are proportional to rank and position. Note the Native American lance pennon was used in a similar manner as a flag in a cavalry unit.

Another Image of the Lakota on Horse

In this picture the Lakota have taken John Dunbar's advice and found the trail of the desperately needed herd of buffalo.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Flagology - the scientific study of flags, only

Flagology Definition: the study of flags, only.

Vexillology is a big word that covers all types of poles with decorative items. It includes heraldry, aircraft markings, ancient Egyptian pole markers, and even military medals and pins. But Flagology only concerns itself with flags. Flagology concerns itself with flags and their depiction in various media - such as art, prints, movies, and in photographs.

Flagginese - the various terms associated with Flagology. Ex - The jargon and code for Flagology is Flagginese.

Flaggist - male, female, or inter-sexed person who studies Flagology, with published articles. Ex - Dr. Scmidt Witty is a Flaggist.

Flagmen - a male person who studies Flaogology, with published articles. Ex - The flagmen were required to wear jock straps when playing capture the flag.

Flageress - a female person who studies Flagology, with published articles. Ex -The flageress gave birth to two sets of triplets, so they called her the Sextomom.

Flagtastic - something that garners attention about flags. Ex - The Confederate Battle Flag is Flagtastic in Canada and the United States but no where else.

Flagee - a person who studies flags as a hobby but has never been professionally published. Ex- The flagee read over 300 books about flags and knew all of the world flags by heart, and knew more about flags than anyone but was never published so was ignored on important flag issues.

Flagish - the apparent non verbal communication between a flag and observer. Ex - Many Native Americans and wise men from the East recognize that flags can communicate beyond words.

Flagosity - when a flag captures your attention and penetrates your soul. Root Curiosity.

Flagalicious - When your heart pounds when a flag you love speaks 'Flagish' to your heart. Root to delicious. Ex - Sports fans enter a flagalicous state of mind before the game began when the cheerleader waved their flag.

Flagatecht - A person who designs flags. Ex - The Flagatecht was paid with bananas for her design of Banana Republic Flag.

Flaggit - a person who negatively judges another flag, and not open to another positive point of view of the flag in question. Ex - The flaggit mocked and burned Rudolph's flag because it had too many colours, patterns, and the word 'love.' OTHER DEFINITION - a person who flies their sports team flag from their car window.

Dances with Wolves - part 3, the US Civil War Flags

Union Flag in Dances with Wolves

The epic drama Dances with Wolves 1990 is set during the US Civil War. The movie opens with a battle scene between the North and the South. John Dunbar does not want to live as a cripple and is worn of war. He tried to end his life but ends up giving the Union an accidental victory.

Confederate Flags in Dances with Wolves

The South flying the Confederate Battle Flag which is the square saltire. Behind it is the official flag of the Confederacy which at this time had 'three' thick stripes - red, white, and red with a 'Betsy Ross' canton of several stars.

Note the Confederate Officer has a feather in his cap. Perhaps he has some Native American heritage?

Friday, November 25, 2011

UK flag in Disney's Tarzan 1999

UK flag in Tarzan 1999

The UK Union Flag makes an appearance in Disney's Tarzan. When the gorillas explore the camp of the humans Tarzan's big sister climbs a pole with the flag on it.

The cosmic coincidence about Tarzan is that in the novel Jane comes into contact with the 'Ape Man.' Nearly 50 years later a real life Jane would make personal contact with 'Ape Men' of central Africa.

As Tarzan was a fictional being that bridged the gap between ape and man, Jane Goodall is a non-fictional being that also bridged the gap between man and ape.

Dances with Wolves, part 2 - Ten Bears' Vexilloid

The elder of the John Dunbar's adopted tribe in Dances with Wolves is Ten Bears. Ten Bears was witness to comming and passing of the Spanish and French, before the arrival of the Yankee.

Ten Bear's vexilloloid consists of a hook shaped fuzzy candy candy cane decorated with various items.

Close Up of Ten Bears with primitive flag

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dances with Wolves & Kicking Bird vexillology, part 1

John Dunbar with US Military Guidon Flag

Released in 1990 Dances with Wolves became a sparkling jewel cast in gold. The movie is set during the US Civil War period and a US Army Officer sick of fighting and the bloodshed gets a fateful opportunity to see the American Frontier before it disappears.

Kevin Costner plays as the semi-fictional John Dunbar. His distaste for war and curiosity to see the disappearing natural and wild American Frontier leads him on a winding road of war, romance, and a spiritual journey towards the inner and true heart of America.

Kicking Bird with Vexilloid

The wise medicine man - Kicking Bird - of the plains senses that John Dunbar is different from his wild American brethren. Kicking Bird is able to see that Dunbar is more that just a visitor and more of an man deserving a real name.

In this picture Kicking Bird is holding his personal vexilloid - a primitive flag. It consists of a several Eagle feathers and a red woven fabric with a white fringe attached to a bow.

Wind in the Hair & Kicking Bird
meeting John Dunbar of the US Army

The decorated spears that the Plains Indians carried had as much symbolic meaning as the US flag did for John Dunbar. However the Native American flags were of a personal nature like heraldry. The flag that Dunbar carries represented his tribe but not John Dunbar the individual.

John Dunbar with US Guidon

In other words, Newcomer Euro-Americans like the Native Americans carried decorated poles that served to identify and represent themselves. Native Americans had very individualized organic flags while Newcomer Americans had refined manufactured flags that represented a large community.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A family from Punjab: the Sikh-Khalistani and Roma-Gypsy

Flag of Khalistan
a nation that almost was

Here is another cosmic or rather earthly pair of fraternal flag twins that originate out of the enchanted land known as Punjab in India. The forlorn flag of Khalistan and flag of the Roma.

The Roma commonly known as Gypsies are distant cousins to people of Punjab in India. Currently Punjab has been graced as the homeland to the Sikh Religion. The Sikh Religion in a way acts as a bridge between the Abrahamic and Hindexic Religions - the two most ancient religions to survive unto the modern world, that have both given rise to many rival branches and schools of thought.

Flag of the Roma
a nation that never was

Neither the Roma-Gypsy nor Sikh-Kalistani have a recognized nation state. Rather they are people with a defined way of life. The Roma-Gypsy were fated to roam across the western world while the Sikh-Kalistani have stayed home cloistered between a dominantly Hindu-India and Islamic-Pakistan.

1971 were watershed moments in both histories as the Roma Flag became official at the 1971 Roma World Congress held at London. In balance to that the founder of the Kalistan-Sikh Nation - Jagit Singh Chauhan - proclaimed the existence of the Independent Nation of Kalistan in the New York Times (October 13, 1971) where the Sikh Religion would no longer have to play second or third fiddle to the Hinduism or Islam in the Punjabi Region.

The harmony between the flags is rather subtle. They are divided banners in the middle, the Roma with a fess and the Khalistani with a pale. Centered on both flags is a religious icon a red wheel for the Roma and a black Sikh symbol. Harmony lies in a the over all design of the flag elements and the colour blue - the colour of law.

"Pujab, Punjab, a land that the Romani could call home or mother. You were indeed home for a long lost brother. Loved by Islam and hoped for by the Hindu, an enchanting heart you are for any Jew. Your perpetually golden temple shines bright for all. Your virtual nation and flag shine with awe. Both turn 40, what of coincidence! Never fear, your over the hill and its all in Gods will, easier it will be, for your perpetual journey, towards your splendid and enchanted romantic destiny."

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nauscaa of the Valley of Wind Flag - Tolmikia

In the epic Japanese film Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind 1984 the people of the valley are invaded by the Tolmikian Nation. After taking over the village their flag is raised over the village.

The flag uses the colours black, red, and yellow. The main charge is a red dragon with a head on its head and tail on a black field. The head and tail headed red dragon is looped. In the middle is yellow-gold sword pointed downwards.

Another flag of the Tolmikian Flag flying above the military leader -a princess.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Syria and Iraq - Fraternal Twins

Flag Syria 1932-1958, 1961-1963

Syria and Iraq have had hundreds of different nations fly flags over their soil. But in the modern era they have been conjoined as Arab Nation States - ever so similar yet completely different.

There are two modern day 20th century versions that match by colour. Their matching colours are green, white, black and red. They are both divided equally in three parts but different ways. Syria horizontally and Iraq vertically. The old Syrian flag has three red stars reflective of night while the old Iraqi flag has yellow sun with eight red rays reflective of day.

Their flags were in official alignment at the dawn of the space age from 1961 unto 1963.

Flag of Iraq 1959-1963

They align like Yin and Yang - Syria facing west on Mediterranean Sea in tribute to the Atlantic and Iraq towards the east on the Persian Gulf in tribute to the Indian Ocean. They are both biblical lands were all of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Mormonism all agree that the will of God was revealed to man. Forget about landing on the moon, all the leaders of the Western World believe that the God spoke to mankind in both Iraq and Syria.

Both nations were settings for the Old Testament. And technically speaking Abraham was born in ancient Iraq and lived in ancient Syria. Although Islam is the strongest anthem in both nations, the original ancient Asian Christian Churches are still active. They are in fact older than the Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox Churches of Europe.

Coincidentally both nations have been thrust in the tempest of change by the modern world and sit on the rift of the ancient and modern worlds. They have similar friends, enemies and frenemies. Their relationship with the West has been dynamic and vibrant. It can be summed up with a most common of paradoxes - bitter-sweet.

Just as their 'retired' black, white and green flags match so do their official pan-Arab black, white and red flags match. They are perpetual brothers locked by fate like the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. Similar, yet so different.

Maybe it's something about their latitude, which is on par with Texas. Like Texas, Iraqis and Syrians express their faith with utter conviction and fear not the shame of their inner light and outer calling. But unlike Texas, Iraq and Syria are root nations witness to the every changing historical drama and presence of divine will. The foundation to all the branches of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam trace their deepest of roots to these two nations.

Their water shed was of the original rivers mentioned in Book of Genesis. It is no wonder the word of God would have a deep impact on the character of this region.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

National Flag of Cyberia from Futurama

ag of Cyberia

This is the flag of Cyberia as shown in the Futurama Universe. The flag is composed of four colours - indigo, navy blue, yellow, and grey. The background is indigo and a wide navy blue diamond is positioned in the center. Within the diamond is a grey four fingered robot arm holding a yellow lightning bolt.

The beings of Cyberia are participating in a future Olympic Games 1000 years in the future. The national dress of Cyberia is coincidentally similar to our modern day dress of Siberia.

Note that most of the beings that inhabit Cyberia are robots, but not all robots are citizens of Cyberia.

Here is a neat video that was released in Cyberspace

Flag of Zero One - the colours of the unrecognized machine nation from the Matrix

The Animatrix was a series of short animated prequels for the Matrix Trilogy. It was a collection of nine stories that expanded and explained some of the back story. In The Second Renaissance the 'flag' of the machine-robot nation is revealed as a union of white with black.

It is first shown as an imprint on cars made by 01 - the machine nation.

Arms of the Machine Nation

Here the apparent arms of the 01-machine nation are shown. It is a shield cut in three sections vertically. On the left side it is white, in the middle is a thin grey metal division and on the right it is black. In the center is a thin grey line below the navel. At the honor point tilted to right is a grey disc. It is crowned with six metal extensions. In the compartment is a silver V shaped chevron. Notice 01 white and black badge in the lower left corner.

Here a package shows the white and black badge of 01-machine nation.

After the governments decide that the unrecognized and economically powerful nation of 01 must be destroyed, war results.

On the left a humanoid robot riding another robot horse leads the 01 armies into battle with the nations of the world. The flag of 01 is torn and tattered.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Robocop Flags and Insignia

US flag in Robocop - 1987

In the movie Robocop 1987 the US flag makes and apperance during a hostage scene. In it a former city council member - Ron Miller - holds Mayor Gibson hostage at gun point. Miller has let the lesser half of his emotions get the best of himself. He demands a recount and wants his old job back and a big car that gets poor gas mileage.

OCP Logo

Here the senior president Dick Jones stands at the podium with several screens showing the OCP logo. OCP is an acronym for Omni Consumer Products. OCP is a fictional high technology company instrumental in starting the Robocop cybernetic police unit - using Alexander James Murphy as its first guinea pig. The logo here is sliver on red.

Alexander James Murphy
with OCP Detroit City Badge

Here the person chosen to become the experimental Robocop Police Unit in his human pre-cybernetic form before he is murdered by a gang of thugs who are also secretly under the control of OCP. On the left is his partner Anne Lewis.

The arm badge illustrates the union of the Detroit Police Department with the OCP corporation. Here OCP is written in blue along the crest. The colours of the badge are blue, gold, and silver.

Official Preview of Robocop 1987

The Real Badge of the
Detroit Police Department

Anti Flag Album Covers

Debut Album of Anti-Flag

Anti-Flag is a punk rock group that lives up to its name. As the title suggests, flags can often be found in the art and music associated with Anti-Flag. Anti-Flag combines elements of the counter culture movement with music and political activism. Their musical riffs lie at a polar opposite of patriotic American Country music - like Toby Kieth.

Their debut album was Die for the Government released in 1996. It featured the US flag held upside down and members of the band blind folded with punk rock haircuts.

The People of the Gun album cover 2009

The album covers and shows with Anti-Flag often have the US flag hung upside down. Hanging the US flag in this manner is not necessarily an insult, officially it means that the situation is dire and help is needed.

Their shocking use of the American flag is purposeful. Their anti-establishment message and harsh judgement on certain aspects of US corporate culture is intended to garner attention and jolt people into thinking about larger global and social issues beyond personal consumerism.

A New Kind of Army 1999

Perhaps their most controversial cover was the on artwork on A New Kind of Army released in 1999. On this album the four members of the band are raising an upside down distress US flag signal in a similar manner as in the famous Iwo Jima flag photo of 1945.

A typical video of Anti-Flag

Friday, November 18, 2011

Total Recall - Mars Colony Insignia

Martian Immigration Officer
notice Mars Colony Patch on left arm

Total Recall 1990 is a science-fiction adventure set in the not to distant future. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the hero who fights his way to Mars and fulfills an ancient alien mystery. It is an action packed, suspense filled mystery. It's a great wonder why a modern video game or sequel has not been in works.

Total Recall asks us to question reality and wonder about who has control.

Upon 'Douglas Quaids' arrival upon Mars he has to clear immigration. Here we see a Martian Immigration officer with the colony patch on his left arm. It features the planet and its two moons - Phobos and Deimos.

Immigration Stamp Admission to Mars

The passport of the future isn't so different. You can see that Mars is a 'Federal Colony.' The stamp features a striped red Mars with counter charge lines that pass through.

Colonies on Mars? It is very possible, and we may be much closer than anyone thinks. However people will likely have computer chip implants on the brain before a colony is made permanent. People are already enchanted/addicted their I-phones and smart phones. "Chips-heads" (Borg like people) will be apart of society before Martian settlement.