Thursday, December 1, 2011

Never Ending Story, part 3 - American Flag in the School Attic

American Flag is neatly folded on the
shelf behind the left shoulder of Sebastian

The American Flag makes a small appearance in the Never Ending Story 1984. Oddly, Bastian the hero of the movie, skips class to hide in the school attic so he can read a book.

Here Bastian has trouble grasping that fantasia and reality are magically intertwined by mystical threads of fate and karma. The hero in the book is reading about his higher self in a magic mirror.

The Luck Dragon Snuggled with Atreyu - Sebastian

Are we the dreamer or the dream? Welcome to my dream and I'll wish tonight that you'll have sweet dreams, so take note when you wake up tomorrow.

Find that small dream hidden in your heart. When you do a luck dragon will find and protect you. Didn't you know we are all a part of a never ending story?

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Happy Dreams await all Dreamers!!

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  1. "It's like the nothing never was!" Never Ending Story