Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Never Ending Story, part 2 - arms of the fallen kinght

First Gate of the Southern Oracle

The Never Ending Story 1984 is an inspirational fairytale movie for children and adults. In it a builled boy who likes to read skips class to read a book that opens the door to fantasia.

In one scene our hero - Atreyu - must pass the first test of the Southern Oracle which a person must pass trough. Essentially to cross this rift one must have the purest of intentions and complete confidence from within and look death in the eye while continuing on.

Close up of the knights shield of arms

Before Atreyu attempts to pass through, a knight in shining armor tries and fails. Atreyu must then pass by looking death in the eye and continue on his journey. The knight with shining armor has a coat of arms. It is a regular bend partition dexter gules sinister azure. Each partition is charged with a lion rampant facing dexter.

link to part 3

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