Saturday, July 30, 2011

Antarctic Ocean Flag or Southern Ocean Flag

Flag of the Antarctic Ocean

This is the flag of the Antarctic Ocean or rather the Southern Ocean. There is some debate by geographers if it even qualifies as an ocean.

Perhaps the Southern Antarctic Ocean could be categorized as a Dwarf Ocean, since Pluto was also reclassified by changing perspectives?

Since the flag of the North Arctic Ocean has a canton in the upper fly, it makes sense that the flag of the Antarctic or 'Southern Dwarf Ocean' should have a canton in the lower fly.

Map of the Southern Antarctic Ocean

This flag was first presented to Vexillologist around the world at the 24th International Congress of Vexillology that was held from August 1st unto August 5th in 2011 at the George Washington Masonic Memorial. Coincidentally the highly unusual lower fly canton of the Southern Ocean has a white hammer on a blue field. The hammer is a key symbol in Free Masonry.

The colours of this flag include - black, white, navy blue, red, orange, yellow. The colours are modeled on the Emperor Penguin that has red, orange, yellow, white and black feathers. The colours navy blue and white represent the waters and ice of this ocean.

South Antarctic Ocean planted on the Ocean
one of the few Oceans that you can actually walk on in your bare feet

The Antarctic Ocean is perhaps the easiest ocean to live a life on without ever stepping on to land. Life on an iceberg, which is a natural extension of the ocean would be difficult but not impossible. In theory a person can be conceived, carried to term and born on this ocean without ever touching land or stepping on to a boat. There are some icebergs that are bigger than some nations like the Vatican or Liechtenstein.

Link to proposed Antarctica Flag

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