Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Flag of Antarctica

A new proposal for a flag of Antarctica. This design is multi-layered. Primarily the colour scheme comes from the emperor penguin.
Secondly, the design incorporates the celestial aurora australis. Thirdly the upper coloured section represents the stylized 'bottom of the earth' from outer space. Finally, the stars are of the most southern constellation Octans.

The lower half the flag is in darkness so it can be easily distinguished during the long days of summer and on the white ice fields, while the upper half has a bright colour so it can be more easily noticed during the long winter nights.

Emperor Penguins have lived for thousands of years on Antarctica. Although humans are clever at using tools and pushing buttons, penguins can survive in the harsh antarctic climate without the need of technological devices. Penguins often have a keener sense of parental responsibility than some humans show cased on television (Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, and "Reality TV"). Rarely is there any kind of penguin on penguin penguin-slaughter. However penguins seem to be at war with fish.

Example of an OCTANT
The stars represent a navigational device used to calculate ones position. The smaller eight pointed star represents the celestial south polar star Sigma Octans, which is just barely visible to the naked eye.

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  1. This flag was first presented to vexillologists around the World at the 24 International Congress of Vexillology that was held a George Washington, Masonic Memorial.