Saturday, July 30, 2011

Arctic Ocean Flag, The Frozen North Ocean

Flag of the Arctic Ocean

This is the flag of the Arctic Ocean. It was first presented to Vexillologists at the 24th International Congress of Vexillology, that was held in Virginia at the George Washington Masonic Memorial.

The colours of this flag are red, white, black, and indigo. Near the upper fly is a canton that takes is design from the flag of Jamaica with stars added along in the black saltire.

Modified Imaginary Painting of Explorer
Adolf Erik Nordenskiold flying the North Arctic Ocean Flag

Indigo represents the native people to this ocean who call it home from the Nenets of Russia to the Inuit of Canada. White represents the European People who live along its shoreline. Black persons of African American heritage and the long winter nights. Red represents strict social order needed when living in such remote and harsh conditions.

The indigo stripes along the bottom represent the three great shorelines of Eurasia, America, and the dwarf continent Greenland.

Link to Antarctic Ocean Flag

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