Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kiribati with Antigua & Barbuda

FLAG OF KIRIBATI: Nation of the first sun
with two extra time zones that reach into
the future
. The nation of the 1st New Years

These two nations are on opposite oceans and worlds away yet their flags look similar. Blue and white represents the waters that surround their lands. Antigua & Barbuda are in the Atlantic Ocean, specifically the Caribbean just east of Puerto Rico. While Kiribati is in the South Pacific, south of Hawaii. The flag of A&B has what could be a rising or setting sun. Coincidentally when the sun rises over A&B at 6:01am, tomorrow has already begun in Kiribati, for it is 12:01am the next day.

Kiribati lies in a strange time zone that is actually 25 hours ahead of Alaska. The Eastern Part of Kiribati is officially the first nation to see the new day and the new year!

Flag of Antigua & Barbuda: a rising
sun on
her shores indicates a new
has officially started on earth

Once again the uncanny symmetry of flags reveals itself!

Happy New Year to all, may 2010 be the year where we undo this horrible economic trend!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fiji and Tuvalu: Polyglot, Polynesian, Polyfaith,

Flag of FIJI

Two nations to first celebrate the new years are Fiji and Tuvalu. Spattered in the South Pacific. Fiji is Yang - larger, loud, and diverse. Fiji's ethnic diversity is due to the UK's Colonial Policy of transporting foreign labor to the island, mostly from India. Thus Islam and Hinduism has found a beach head in the South Pacific.

But Tuvalu is typical Polynesia that is mostly Protestant or Catholic due to British and French influence. Tuvalu is not as renowned, not as loud and more serene. Thus Tuvalu is - Yin. Yin and Yang are the Chinese way of describing balance to the system of ideas. In the West it is sort of like duality and dichotomies.

But just in case you didn't notice, a nation with a UK Union Jack typically means a strong connection England. From one island nation to the other -the Prime Meridian and the International Date Line link up London and Fiji. The Prime Meridian's opposite line - 180 degrees longitude- crosses into Fiji.

Usually when one travels east you go into the future. But for Fiji and Tuvalu -you go into the past of the previous day. And on New Years Day you can travel go into the previous year.

Fiji and Tuvalu demonstrate that time travel is possible. They illustrate that time is simply a construct of the human mind in ideas. Tuvalu and Fiji are nations that sit along the edges of yesterday and tomorrow.

Flag of TUVALU

Both of their flags have a sky blue background and kept the Union Jack as their Canton, thus they share the colours of Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand.

As Tuvalu is Polynesian Fiji is certainly Polyfaithic.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas - Holiday Card 2009

Flag of Maine in Christmas Style

For this year's 2009 Christmas Season, I used the flags of Maine and Wisconsin to illustrate my newly coined 'flag symmetry' concept.

First of all the men are now wearing Santa hats, the star on the crest was brightened, and the shield was modified. The tree was decorated as a Christmas Tree and the moose was given a bright red nose. Finally, it's night with a fresh sprinkling of snow.

Both Wisconsin and Maine have sailors on their flags. The sailor is the supporter on the left for Wisconsin and for Maine, the seaman is on the right. They represent sailors of the salt and fresh waters. Maine has a scenic Atlantic Coast line, while Wisconsin has two Great Lake coast lines: Lake Superior & Lake Michigan. Because of this, both states are littered with beautiful light houses. Famously Maine has Acadia National Park, while in Wisconsin there is Apostles Islands state park.
Holiday flag of Wisconsin

To the right the flag of Wisconsin has been 'North Polarized.' The four quadrants are replaced with spiritual icons that peoples across the world can appreciate. In the lower left corner is a Menorah.

In the lower right corner is a crescent moon with two stars; one for Shiites and the other for Sunnis on a background of Islamic Green. It purposefully makes a smiley face in honor of the occasions when both schools of Islam get along.

In the upper left is a star for anyone of any faith who enjoys Christmas & loves Christmas Cookies. In the upper right is the Taoist (Yin Yang) Icon of Harmony and behind it is the 'Ohmmm' of the Hindu-Buddeic Tradition written in Sanskrit.

Normal Flags of Maine and Wisconsin Seals
compared to North Polarized versions


The badger has her nose lit with a green light. If you didn't know, female badgers can light up their noses during the winter in various colours. They can sense when a camera is around so don't even try to take a picture if you see it. The sailor is wearing an Elf Hat, and the miner on is actually wearing a Sikh Turban with a glowing jewel that the Ghost of Christmas Past gave him.

Geographically Wisconsin & Maine are similar states full of pine sap and forest critters. The four seasons line pierces them both, at 45 degrees north. This is the midway point between the north pole and equator. Thus on Christmas Night Santa usually takes a reindeer bathroom break in Portland and Milwaukee when he is crisscrossing the earth.

But the most amazing coincidence only found in great fiction and surreal cosmic alignments are two different rivers of the same name that make up their boarders. On Maine's eastern side is the St. Croix River and on Wisconsin's western side is another St. Croix River. They are totally two different St. Croix Rivers.

Paul Bunyan is a legend in both states and rightfully so. Many states claim to be Bunyan's birth place but the Society of Paul Bunyan has declared that Bunyan was born in Bangor, Maine and buried near Rib Mountain at Wausau, Wisconsin.

Finally Maine and Wisconsin represent the proverbial union of 'Surf & Turf,' or rather lobster and steak.

Merry Christmas & a Ho Ho Ho!!!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Ghana & Ethiopia

Flag of Ghana
The code for red, yellow, and green is perhaps the only universal communication system that the entire world agrees upon. Red means stop, yellow means caution, and green means Go! Nations drive on different sides of the road, use thousands of different languages, and have different measuring systems. But at least with traffic lights we all agree the meaning of each colour. No nation has it backwards, as of yet.

In the United States the pattern of traffic lights positioned vertically matches the flag colours of Ghana, or rather an upside down version of Ethiopia!

Coincidentally by the good fates both of these flags have stars in the central position. Ghana has a black star reflective of night, while Ethiopia has a yellow star on a blue circle reflective of day.

Historically Ghana and Ethiopia are the leading black African nations of the world. Just as the United States has the Mason-Dixon division, Africa has a Arabic-Black division. North Africa is obviously a part of Africa but in the big picture it is Mediterranean in ethnic dimentions.

Flag of Ethiopia

Ethiopia was never completely colonized by Europe, but a good go at it, was attempted by the Italians. In fact Ethiopia gave Europe her first defeat when it ousted the Italian invaders in 1896.

Ghananians are proud to be the first black African nation set free from European Colonialism in 1957 (UK), the same year Eisenhower ordered integration at Little Rock Central High in Arkansas. Just as the United States underwent radical racial integration in the 1960s the world of Africa too underwent a radical reconstruction from European hegemony.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kenya, Malawai, Madonna, & Kwanza

Flag of MALAWI
The matching pattern of Africa: Malawi and Kenya. Both nations are relatively new nations born out of the British African Empire. They are at the two ends of the Rift Valley. Kenya in the north and Malawi in the south.

Malawi was recently made famous because of Madonna's adoption choices. Perhaps some day in the distant future a famous black pop star from Malawi will adopt an white orphan from Bay City, Michigan?

Flag of KENYA
Kenya and Malawi are both below the horn of Africa & on the east side. They are composed of your typical African admixture of Christians in the majority with Muslims in the minority, with a strong undertow of Native Beliefs and mixed spiritualists combined with Abrahamic faiths.

Kenya and Malawi are rich in resources and diversity. Surely in the next 50 years they will be proverbially totally different nations.

Finally, in 1966 Ron Karenga of Maryland, USA invented a pan African Holiday called Kwanzaa. The lighting of seven candles during December was meant to promote African Unity: 3 red and 3 green with a black candle in the center. So...if you are celebrating Kwanzaa, hanging the flags of Kenya and Malawi in the background would look just smashing!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yokohama International Congress of Vexillology

ICV Flag 23 Colours of Japan: Red & White

In 2009 Yokohama, Japan hosted the 23rd International Congress of Vexillology. I was honored to speak and be a delegate at Asia's first international vexillological congress. I spoke about the flags of Japan, specifically the sub-national prefectural flags. You can think of prefectures as being the 'states' of Japan. Japan has 47 prefectures, kind of like the 50 US States. In Canada they call their sub-national districts 'provinces' while in Australia they call em' like they do in the USA: states.

My paper focused on the flag symmetry phenomena of Japan. You can watch a video on my Youtube sight that illustrates this point. It also has videos about Canada, Australia, and the USA:

To the right is a mock cover of the book about the flag symmetry phenomena in Japan. Partially visible as a zoomed close up is the Japanese National Flag. In the foreground are several prefectural flags aligned with their partner.

After living in Japan for five years, I traveled to all 47 prefectures. I was a University Student in Osaka and high school teacher of English in Fukuoka Prefecture at Kurume Chikusui High School on the JET Program. The JET Program is a National Japanese Government sponsored public English Education program.

I became very familiar with Osaka and Fukuoka and coincidentally I have aligned them in my book! Osaka and Fukuoka are at the East and Western ends of the Inland Sea of Japan. Thus both have strong reputations for business like acumen, more so for Osaka.

This 'flag symmetry' phenomena takes place in both Eastern and Western Cultures. It is not an isolated event or some kind of 'fluke.'

The ICV 23 congress was hosted by Japans National Vexillological Association. It was held in the prestigious Yokohama Port Memorial Hall. After WWII it was one of the many US-Allied Command centers. Now it's open to the public as community forum.

I gave my lecture at several other smaller community events. They were all amazed that a foreigner knew so much about their country. Most Japanese are totally unaware that their 'state-prefectures' have flags. Civic duty in Japan is less than enthusiastic and most people rarely dare express personal political opinions.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Andorra & Moldova

Flag of Andorra
Andorra, the name almost sounds like something out of a fairly tale? Well it's kinda' true. This little nation of Europe is hidden in between France and Spain.

Kinda of a mix but not quite!

Moldova? Sounds like a nice drink? Perhaps a type of Vodka? No Moldova too is a nation hidden, but in between Romania and Ukraine.

Flag of Moldova

Andorra and Moldova are 'small' nations whose colours unite South Eastern Europe with South Western Europe. Both are Christian and geography has put then on 'opposite' Catholic polarities. Roman Church for Andorra and Greek Orthodox for Moldova.

Andorra has a recent peaceful history being able to exist in the twilight zone as a nation mixed between France and Spain. While Moldova has been recently rocked by ethnic violence after the fall of the Soviet Union and a rather contentious place to live.
Challenged by her Slavic and Romanian Ethnics; although united in faith there is a contentious division in culture and language.

Both flags have coats of arms to distinguish themselves from other look a likes: Romania and Chad. I'll write about them later.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Iceland & Norway, Lands of the Midnight Suns....OR.....

...Lands of the 'Starry Night Moon at High Noon!'

Iceland and Norway are partners in the Arctic Lands with fjords and snow a plenty. They were for hundreds of years ruled by Denmark.

Both nations employ the Scandinavian Cross of matching design and conversed colours.

Here a trick not to get them confused. Iceland is closer to the UK thus it looks more like the British flag, and like the UK Iceland is an island nation separate from the European mainland. And Norway is much closer to Denmark and it looks more like the great Dane flag, and like Denmark she is connected to the European mainland.


Geographically Iceland is at the very fringe of officially European lands that satisfy the requisite that it must be lands due north of Africa. But that's only on the eastern side, the west side of Iceland is not due north of Africa and a part of the North American Continental Plate.

This geographic uniqueness fits Iceland as she sits at a nexus between Europe and North America. Iceland was an essential jumping point to reach the Americas by the Norse peoples.

Although Iceland is a part of Europe she is closer to North America by her proximity to Greenland. Norway also has a portion of herself closer to North America's Greenland than Europe, Svalbard.

And Yes! Santa Clause has homes is Norway and Iceland. Mrs. Clauses family is originally from Iceland. While His uncle twice removed is from Norway.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Greece & Uruguay, The Sun & Cross


Greece and Uruguay are a union of the Old and New Worlds. They are worlds away yet much closer than most. Greece is a nation of the Eastern Mediterranean while Uruguay culturally is of the Western Mediterranean, since they are Catholic and speak Spanish.

Flag of GREECE

As you can see both flags have blue and white stripes, nine to be exact. The primary difference is that Greece has 5 blue and 4 white, while Uruguay has 5 white and 4 blue. The upper left box - Canton - also has differing symbols. Greece a cross, Uruguay a sun.

These two flags unite the sun with the cross. Both nations are dominantly of the cross but their rivers of Christianity diverged at the turn of the first millennium, when the European Church split between Rome and Constantinople.

This grandest and first rip in the Christian Universe occurred simultaneously as the remnant wake of a distant sun in a 'galaxy far, far away' exploded - BECOMING A SUPERNOVA - in 1054. Since then Uruguay flows with the Pope of Rome while Greece follows the first patriarch of the Orthodox Church near Mt. Athos.

The sun is perhaps the most brilliant symbol in all the heavens, even if you were blind you can still feel the presence of this most luminous specter in the skies. It crosses the heavens with gentility and is never late nor too early. It's constant perfection is a metaphor for the grand cosmic creator and many civilizations for a time have worshiped this icon from Rome, Greece, Scandinavia, and along the ancient coasts of South America.

The cross is perhaps the most widespread icon of the world, on every continent and in nearly every nation a small community of Christians uses this symbol to invoke their spirit into the divine.

Around the world a union of Christianity and the perpetual cycle of the sun have collided into the creation of Christmas. Bitter for some, yet sweet for most this cosmic celebration of the sun with the birth of Christ has a spirit of its own, the Spirit of Christmas.

Recently both nations came into their modern age during the same time period. Uruguay's road to independence was molded by Spain, Brazil, and Argentina. Finally with British assistance Uruguay became an independent nation in 1827. Greece finally broke free from the Ottoman Empire in 1829, again with British help. Greek recognition as a nation formalized with the 1830 London Protocol, while in 1830 Uruguay had is first Constitution.

Their stripes and colours shimmer along similar lines. I ask you is it all just a coincidence or is something strange going on here?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Iran & Tajikistan

In the heart of Asia two Islamic & Persian speaking sisters have been at the center of it all. Tajikistan was for a brief moment in history a part of the Chinese Empire while Iran was once a part of the ancient Greek Empire under Alexander the Great.

Flag of IRAN

During the age of colonial empires, they sat at the Nexus between the two great Empires of Europe. The leader from the West, the United Kingdom adopted Iran and the leader from the East, Russia adopted Tajikistan.

During the Cold War they were initially polarized to opposite ends. Iran became a puppet for the United States while Tajikistan became a puppet of the Soviet Union. However the deep connection to Islam would allow them their space between these two technologically superior 'alien nations.'


Near the end of the Cold War, Iran would thaw itself out first. Resisting both the USSR and USA choosing the path of their native version of Islam.

Subsequently a tragic river of blood was spilled in the 1980 Iranian-Iraq war as Islamic Brother fought Islamic Brother. Likewise after the fall of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan entered a deadly phase of Civil War with Islam on Islam warfare.

Today both nations are relatively stable but yet resentful of the past history with the USA for Iran and the USSR for Tajikistan.

Iran and Tajikistan are Islamic Nations in between Eastern 'World of Middle Earth' (China) and Mediterranean World of Rome. They worship God in a similar format (Islam) and speak in a similar tone, Persian.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Switzerland & Turkey

Switzerland & Turkey are blood brothers of the Ancient Roman Empire, like Romulus and Remus. Long ago their lands had temples to the Gods - Jupiter, Venus, and Apollo.

Their paths would differ. Eventually much of Switzerland forsook the Holy Roman Empire. Turkey too would further forsake the Christian Roman Empires. As Switzerland would bury her Pagan Heritage for the rest of Eternity, so to would Turkey discard her Christian Roots till the End of Time.

Their beginning as national histories separate from their neighbors are synchronized to the same era. The first Swiss Cantons united in 1291 AD, while the Turkey became its own dominion in 1299 AD.

The Cross and Crescent are ancient symbols of the perpetual dichotomy of Western Civilization. Two great faiths were born out of the children of Abraham that allowed gentiles access to the God of Abraham - Islam and Christianity. Their cosmic contest for souls and power in the Mediterranean World cut it in two - guaranteeing neither 'spiritual operations systems' the Bible or Koran a monopoly.

Both Christianity and Islam originated from Asia. On the African Coast Islam rooted itself deepest while on the European Coast Christianity dominated the lands. But there is a balance, since there is a sizable Christian Population on Egypt likewise there is a large Islamic Population in South Eastern Europe.

The Swiss are different from their European brothers whence they became a neutral nation forsaking the spillage of blood since WWI, while Turkey too is different from here Islamic sisters as she followed the ways of Europe after WWI becoming a secular democracy. She also returned to the alphabet of Rome. Turkey discarded the holy script of Arabic in public usage to be more like her European Cousins to the west than her Islamic Brothers to the east.

Sad it was after the fall of Rome. Sadder even more after the Fall of Turkey's Ottoman Empire for Europe would witness the greatest and most tragic war between nations, the War of Endless Tears (1936-1945). Both Switzerland and Turkey were mostly neutral nations during this most tragic yet grandest and final war of European Warlords. Although Turkey respectfully joined the Allies three months before Hitler was defeated.

This war has many names sometimes it is called World War II (Winter 1941-1945) and by others it is called The Great Patriotic War (Summer 1941-1945) in the East.

Their flags strikingly mirror the red crescent and red cross flags, more so for Switzerland as she was the originator of this organization. Their fields of red are charged with a centered white symbol of their dominant faith. They are so near to Rome yet so far away.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thailand & Coasta Rica, Freedomland & the Rich Coast


Thailand used to be called Siam, which referred to only the people of Siamese ethnic however a name change to Thailand had a dual purpose. It was inclusive of all the other ethnics that were not Siamese and it was a proud notion that they were never ruled by the nations from the West. Literally translated Thai means 'Free,' thus Freedom-land.


Thailand and Costa Rica are both tropical nations and were relatively centers of peace during the raging tempest of the Cold War. Central America & South East Asia were blazing with war, poverty, imperialism, Communist insurgencies, and all sorts of human induced tragedies. Somehow Thailand and Costa Rica made it out relatively unscathed unlike the killing fields of their neighbors Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Thailand & Costa Rica were lucky and played their cards correctly. Thailand walked the peaceful path of the Buddhist while Costa Rica walked with peaceful path with the Pope.

It is a union of the Golden Buddha with the Golden Cross.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Emeralad & Ivory Coast: Ireland & West Africa


Several Years ago I was talking to my friend at a student involvement activity fair at Oregon State University. My friend Chris Lay was a part of the international student friendship club and had his booth decorated in the flags of the world. Suddenly an older man came up to Mr. Lay and told him that the Irish Flag was upside down and must place it right side up. At this point I didn't know much about flags but Lay said there is nothing wrong with this flag & that you have it confused with another country in Africa. The man ignored Chris's explanation and again demanded that 'his' flag be reversed! Lay decided to do it, and the strange man was happy. Five minutes after the man left, Lay put the flag back to it's original position. Lay then told me there was a girl from the Ivory Coast in the international club.

If you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, then you may have noticed the colours of Ireland flying almost with equal passion of your nations flag. The Irish are proud of their flag even if they become hyphenated Irish-American, Irish-Canadian, Irish-Aussies, or Irish-Kiwis.

However the Irish flag is not unique. It has a special kind of twin. You can easily turn the colours of Ireland upside down and it will represent the nation of the Ivory Coast in West Africa!

So where is the Ivory Coast? Amazingly it is at the same longitude of Ireland. This means they are in the same time zone, which allows them to dream and live under similar stars at night, but during the day their heavens are as different as day and night. The sun in Ireland is present but weak and often overshadowed by clouds, making it a dark land allowing the natives to have a light complexion. While in the Ivory Coast the sun is strong and intense, blasting though the clouds with a preponderance of light, allowing the natives to have a dark complexion. Thus the Irish have a skin like the leopard while the Ivorians have a skin like the black panther.

Historically both nations are relatively new, born in the 20th Century. Ireland was the first of nations recognized free in 1922, while the Ivory Coast became a nation in 1960. African and Asian nations keenly remember their oppression from Europe, but the Irish also belong in the club of oppressed nations by the 'white man.' The Irish were under the thumb of the British Empire while the Ivory Coast was under the pinky of the French Empire. Although the Irish are white themselves, their oppression by the 'British Whites' has been by far the longest compared to any other nation 'colonized' by the British.

Much of America was enriched with Irish kin who came in search of a better dream. While much of America was forcibly fused with Irovian kin in the nightmare of the Atlantic slave trade.

Whenever an Irish-American marries into a African-American family (or vice verse) there is good chance that the combo maybe combining the Emerald and Ivory Nations.

Ireland and the Ivory Coast are a proverbial union of Ebony and Ivory.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Flag is Henious

What is evil: the action or the word describing the action?

Dumb grasshopper think flag evil and is afraid.

Dumbest grasshopper can only see flag from one angle, either good or bad.

Smart grasshopper know it does not matter but of context.

Smartest grasshopper use flag to scare and manipulate dumb & dumbest grasshopper for money.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cuba & Puerto Rico, Loyalty & Rebellion


If you live in the NYC area you should be familiar with the Puerto Rico Flag. If you live the in Miami area you should be familiar with the Cuban Flag.

Cuba and Puerto Rico are what I call 'soul mate' nations. Their pattern matches exactly. They are inverses of each other.

If you ever get them confused don't worry! Here is a trick that will grant you immunity from making such a mistake. Both nations were at one time ruled by the United States. However Puerto Rico has maintained a loyalty to the US, likewise her stripes and star field mirror the US flag. The US and Puerto Rican flags have red stripes and blue star fields.

Cuba's flag with respect to the USA Flag has reversed colours. Cuba has blue stripes and a red star field. It is ironic that the twin that looked less like the US flag also has a white star on a field of red & was the 'twin' that turned to Communism!

But here are some neat coincidences. Several US Presidents tired in vain to assassinate Fidel Castro of Cuba. But a US President was almost assassinated ironically by men from Puerto Rico! In 1950 right wing Puerto Rican nationalists Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola tired to kill a US president at the Blair House in D.C., Harry S. Truman.

Both Cuba and Puerto Rico have some of the oldest cities in the Americas, older than anything in US and Mexico. In fact as an 'in-out' part of US, Puerto Rico can claim to have the oldest city in the US, out doing Jamestown VA and St. Augustine FL. The only older 'European Founded' city in the Americas exists in the Dominican Republic, next to Haiti.

FLAG OF OHIO: President McKinley
was from Ohio and acquired
both Cuba and PR during his admin.

Both Cuba and Puerto Rico were gained in the Spanish American War in 1898, during the McKinley Administration. Which oddly, Ohio has a state flag that looks like the flag of Puerto Rico and a lesser extent to Cuba.

Cuba is one of the most beautiful places in the Americas. Forget the image of long lines and wacky Communists. Remember that Cuba sits at nearly the same exact latitude of Hawaii! Thus the tropic beauty is astounding!

The US maintains military bases on both Cuba and Puerto Rican soil. The Cuban Base is by far the more popular or rather infamous base with Guantanamo Bay. Less famous is Fort Buchannon in Puerto Rico.

The US military presence on these islands are rather controversial. Most famously Guantanamo Bay, Cuba has been a flash point for the perpetual holding of terror subjects. While in Puerto Rico the island of Vieques is a sore spot for Puerto Ricans. Vieques is a rather large island off the south eastern coast, you can think of it as a transitional island next to the US Virgin Islands. Vieques has been used by the US Navy for weapons testing and bombing practice. This has adversely effected the land and some of the population, and caused the death of several innocent Puerto Ricans. The Naval Weapons testing ending in 2003, much to the relief of most Puerto Ricans. But by this time, 'international protest' switched from Puerto Rico to Cuba.

During the Cold War, Cuba has been the proverbial angry kitty towards the US and has scratched her eyes out, while Puerto Rico has been the proverbial loyal puppy standing by her master's side, except when it comes to assassination attempts!

So there you have it Cuba and Puerto Rico, Spanish speaking isles in the Caribbean nestled between North & South America. Another uncanny balance between nations.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Lone Star State's Soul Brother, North Carolina


Texans are very proud of their state flag! And they should be it is quite striking and beautiful. Every visitor to Texas will become aware of this flag. It is distinguished, abstract, and bold...just like Texas. However it is not unique. There is another state flag which strikingly mirrors the flag of Texas, North Carolina. But for the record Texas's flag came first.


The major difference is where the red and white panels are placed. The red panels coincidentally reflect their wars of independence. North Carolina fought the British-Canada in 1776 for independence from the North and the upper panel is red & up on map usually represents north. Texas's red panel is on the bottom and she fought for independence against Mexico to the south & down on a map typically represents south. So the position of the red panel, is directed to where they shed blood for independence.

Historically both states were witness to the age of Pirates! North Carlina's outer banks was famously a secret base for Black Beard, while wild Galveston, Texas was one of the biggest Pirate Ports until the United States shut it down.

North Carolina was witness to America's first fledgling flight in 1903 at Kitty Hawk where some clever Yankee Ohio Brothers designed some kind of diddly doo'dah flying contraption. On the other hand Texas was first witness to the mastery of American flight when, once again a clever Yankee Ohio Man did some fancy dancy moon walking in 1969. After the lunar module landed on the moon the first intended message was broadcast to Houston, Texas and it was said, "HOUSTON, Tranquility Base Here the Eagle has landed."

Nobody knows what the Wright Bros. said when they became the first in flight at a North Carolina Beach. But here is an oddly interesting cosmic coincidence, worthy of an X-Files Episode. The geographic position of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina is special. Kitty Hawk is directly aligned with the opening of the Mediterranean Sea at the straights of Gibraltar, in between Spain and Morocco.

Why is this special? Forgive me if you already know. The Mediterranean Sea is at the focal point for humanity. On her North Shore is Europe, on her Southern Shore is Africa, on her Eastern Shore is Asia, and to her west is an opening to the Atlantic Ocean. And this oh so narrow opening is directly aligned (Indian Jones music playing in the background) with America at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina!

An amazing political alignment is with presidents Johnson and Johnson. The first one, Andrew, from North Carolina became president after the assassination of Lincoln and had to lead America during the dreadfully painful Civil War Reconstruction Era. The last one, Lyndon, from Texas also became the big kahuna after the untimely exit of Kennedy and had to lead America during the bitterly divided Civil Rights Reconstruction Era.

Both Johnsons are considered poor presidents, but honestly I love them both. They may have had the most difficult jobs facing a president and neither had a map nor the guide book, 'How to Heal a Nation after Civil War or Integrate an Oppressed Minority for Dummies.' I think they both did a mighty fine job. They were keen Southern Gentlemen who did the best and followed their heart.

For a time North Carolina was the tallest state in the Union with Mt. Mitchell from 1790. It wasn't until that darn upstart Texas, that America had a new King of the Hill, with Guadeloupe Peak in 1845. But Texas only had the crown for 5 years until California entered in 1850 with Mt. Whitney. But since 1959 Alaska is King of Hill with Mt. Denali-McKinley.

However, both Texas and North Carolina retain indisputable titles. Texas is the Confederate King of Hill, she will always be remembered as the tallest state of the Confederacy. While North Carolina is the Original King of the Hill of the 13 Colonies!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mexico & Italy a distant mirror


Tis' the season for red and green, and there is no better match than Mexico with Italy!

What are the chances of this happening? It's pretty solid, the design symmetry clearly links these two nations separated by the Atlantic. There is no need to explain why they are similar.

But the interesting note here is the cosmic historical connection these two nations are entrusted with. For starters both these nations were for time the paramount civilization in the old and new hemispheres: the Roman Empire and the Aztec Empire. During their reign as hegemonic Pagan Empires, they were the industrial leaders of their times, a kin to being the USA as it is of now in 2009.


But the ending of their old faith was of the lion and lamb. First Pagan Rome was slowly Christianized like a sacrificial lamb. Christians made heroic efforts to ensnare the people unto a higher path. The iconic image being sacrificed in Colosseum and turning the other cheek.

In Mexico the old faith passed a way like the roar of lion, with the advent of Spanish Conquistadors and courtesy of Cortes. After witnessing literally heart wrenching ceremonies, these Christians who prayed to Rome, disestablished the old ways of the Mexico like the roar of Lion with steel, gun powder, and blood.

Thanks to Christianity people stopped watching people murder each other for entertainment and gambling purposes in ancient Italy, while in ancient Mexico, Christians stopped people from performing psychotic sacrificial human ceremonies.

Geographically Italy and Mexico both have peninsulas at the center of it all. Italy of course juts into the Mediterranean Sea between all continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. Mexico has the Yucatan that extends into the Caribbean Sea in between North and South America.

The United States went to war with Mexico in 1845 and passed her final international test before coming the dominant power in the New World that was followed by the 'Civil War.'

100 years later the United States in 1945 passed her final old world challenge after making war with Tokyo, Berlin, and Rome. Soon then she became the dominant power in the New World, that was followed by the Cold War, which was basically a global 'Civil War.'

When Mexicans and Italians get patriotic and wave their flag in a cosmic sort of way their formulas of national enchantment nearly match. They are birds of a feather, in colour and faith.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ruissa & Serbia the Big & Little Bear

It's interesting to note that the flag of Russia and Serbia are strikingly similar. I have conjoined them in my mind as the Little Bear and Big Bear, kind of like Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. If you take the flag of Serbia and rotate it 180 degrees you will get the flag of Russia, rotate another 180 degrees and it becomes the flag of Serbia. Unless either of them has their coat of arms on it!


Here is the neat part: their cultural coincidences. Both Russia and Serbia are traditionally rooted to the Eastern Orthodox Church of Constantinople. Currently the world calls this place Istanbul. But don't tell that to a fundamentalist Eastern Orthodox Christian. Imagine if the Arabs had invaded Rome and renamed it Islamashad? You can imagine the angst and rivalry some Catholics would retain?

Both Serbia and Russia are Slavs in language and tongue. Although the languages are a little distant. Russians can understand Ukrainian and Belorussian, likewise Serbian is mutually intelligible with Croatian and Bosnian, and to some extent with Bulgarian.

Russia and Serbia were the dominant partner during their Communist phase in the 1900s. Basically the Soviet Union was run by the Russians while Yugoslavia was run by the Serbians. Yugoslavia was Communist-lite, while USSR was Communist-full bodied.

Because of their willingness to experiment with new forms of obtuse 'democratic' governments both nations had frictional relationships with United States and Western Nations. Both were allied with America during the Great Patriotic War. The Little and Greater B ear united to defend the world against Hitler and his buddies, both nations suffered immensely from the Axis Powers of Europe. After WWII the Bears became fierce social rivals with the Western Democracies.

RUSSIAN Coat of Arms

SERBIAN Coat of Arms

After sensibly and honorably surrendering the Cold War, Serbia and Russia had rough transitions to freedom. Unfortunately they both entered into new conflicts with their former underlings: Chechnya and Bosnia. Serbia and Russia had a technological and numeric advantage but Chechnya and Bosnia became the proverbial thorns in their paws, and quite frankly they still are.

Although NATO was primarily directed at the Soviet Union and Communism, it was quite an irony that 'free right wing' Serbia was bombed by 'leftist' NATO during the Bill Clinton Administration. Thus the US has interfered in both modern day Russian and Serbian 'Civil Wars.'

Unlike most European Nations, Russia and Serbia have a history of being dominated by Islamic Society. Russia was first over ruled by the Mongol Empire mostly under Islamic Khans. Who are sometimes called Tartars. There is a big difference between Tartars and Mongols, but the interchange of these terms is not strictly enforced. On the other hand, Serbia was ruled by Islamic Turks in the Ottoman Empire from the 1500s until the 1800s.

with coat of Arms

Both Serbia and Russia get a lot of negative press in the US Media, no matter what they do. They see m to always be portrayed as the as bad guys. Even the Nazis got some good
positive press, Tom Cruise recently made an odd movie
about the 'good Nazis' in Valkyrie in 2008. Perhaps someday Hollywood will have to make a movie about the happy good Serbian and friendly Russian Communist?

FLAG OF SERBIA with coat of Arms

So when the Russians planted their flag at the bottom (or rather top) of the North Pole under the Arctic Ocean, I was informed by my Serbian Neighb or that it was actually an upside down Serbian Flag!

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