Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Holiday Card of 2008

Back in 2008 I made another Christmas Holiday Card. It featured the soul mate states of Rhode Island and Indiana. Although they are different colours they have several overlapping harmonies.

They complement each other very well. Rhode Island and Indiana are the only US State flags to have a complete 'Betsy Ross Circle' of 13 stars. Although Indiana has six more on the inside since she was the 19th state, but both of their stars are coloured gold. In harmonious balance, Indiana has a torch while Rhode Island has an anchor. These are man made devices that work with opposite elements of fire and water.

Coincidentally when you combine the ancient alchemical symbols for fire (a triangle pointed up) and water (a triangle pointed down) - you get the star of David. Likewise if you combine the anchor and torch on these two flags it sort of looks like a Catholic Cross.

These cards have been decorated with two ancient scripts - Hebrew and Aramaic. Likewise Rhode Island is the older state and was home to the first US Synagogue. On the other hand Indiana is a younger state and home to one of the most famous US Catholic Cathedrals at Notre Dame. Likewise Christianity is younger than Judaism and it's good bet that Jesus was familiar with Aramaic.

Link to Holiday Card 2010

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