Thursday, December 2, 2010

Russian Fraternal Twin Flags: pt 1

Leningrad & Ulyanovsk

Flag of Leningrad Province

My primary work in flag study revolves around pairing up flags with design synchronicities. These uncanny alignments of design and colour occur with US State Flags, Australian Flags, Japanese Flags and even Russian flags.

The coincidental alignments offer hard evidence for synchronicity - or in the ancient way of looking at things - as the mysterious footprint of providence.

Leningrad Province & Ulyanovsk Province are Russian federal subjects whose pattern mimics each other and the pattern of Russia's national flag. Coincidentally Vladimir Lenin was born in Ulyanovsk Province in 1870. And oddly Ulyanovsk Province matches up with a province named after Lenin - Leningrad Oblast! St. Petersburg used to be called Leningrad during the Soviet Era, but has since reverted to its classic name after the fall of communism.
Flag of Ulyanovsk Province

Russia does not have states like the USA or Australia. Rather they call their sub-national divisions 'oblasts' which is equivalent to province in English.

Both flags have white dominantly on top as the 'sky.' In the middle both have blue waves. The bottom of both flags utilizes red. Leningrad Province has red waves, while Ulyanovsk Province has a red stripe. The provincial coat of arms are found of both flags.

A balanced coat of arms alignment is that Leningrad has white rampart while Ulyanovsk has a white column.

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