Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Flag for Australians born in Africa

The Australian-African born flag is composed of four colours: black, red, yellow, and green.  The field is black and the stars are yellow.  This flag is for an Australian who was born in Africa by Australian parents or is transitioning to Australian citizenship.

List of Famous Australians born in Africa:

John Maxwell "J.M." Coetzee - Intellectual from South Africa
Kofi Danning - Soccer player from Ghana
 Majak Daw - Soccer player from Sudan
Anton Enus - Newsman from South Africa
Dean Geyer - Singer Song Writer
David Gonski AC - Righterous Business Leader
George Gregan - Rugby Player from Zambia
Janine Murray - Gymnist from Zambia
Selwyn - Singer from South Africa
Tim Omaji - Singer from Nigeria

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