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Wedding Band Vexilloid - from Clash of the Titans 1981

 The tied wedding band is a type of vexilloid and made an appearnce in Clash of the Titans 1981. Instead if a pole, the hand of a human acts as the vexilloid anchor.  It appears as a golden ribbon that is tied around the hands of Cassiopeia and Perseus. 

Close up of golden wedding knot.  The classical story of the hero and princess is retold, as it will be over and over.

Several ancient world vexilloids also appear in film.  They are classical vexilloids before the rise in popularity of the fabric based ones - usually called flags.  

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Flags of Corona Borealis the Northern Crown and Corona Australis the Southern Crown

Corona Borealis & Corona Australis
The Northern Crown and the Southern Crown 

This is the last post of this cosmic series that reveals for the first time the notion that the Constellations can be discerned in distinct pairs.  In essence several constellations both official and historical are a part of this uncanny and amazing phenomena.

The 'Fraternal Constellation' of Corona Borealis the Northern Crown is Corona Australis the Southern Crown.  Why not an Western Crown?  Maybe a Center, Middle or North-West Crown?  Brown Crown, Pink Crown, or just a Queen's Crown?  No, the human mind seems to have a tendency to create and label things in pairs.

Of the ten thousand things made by mankind, by mere chance they labeled the stars with a special kind of subconscious pattern.  Or is this destiny?  Or maybe it is a  mixture of chance and destiny...'chanesity?'

 The flag of the Corona Borealis has a field of yellow and orange, with black stars reflective of the constellation.  The Astrological symbol is a four pointed crown in honor of the four constellations within the black striped Northern Elite Eighties Declination Club: Draco Dragon, King Cepheus, the Giraffe, and the Little Bear. 

The flag of Corona Australis has a field of yellow and green, with black stars that mirror the stars in the constellation.  The Astrological symbol is a five pointed crown in honor of the five constellations within the black striped Southern Elite Eighties Declination Club: The Bird of Paradise, the Chameleon, Hydrus, Mensa, and Octans the Star Compass.   

The rest of the 'Fraternal Constellation Pairs' unmentioned in this series will remain hidden until the book gets published.  So have fun guessing who is Pavo's or Serpen Cauda's 'Fraternal Constellation.'  Serpen's cosmic partner should be pretty darn obvious.  But if you can get a million people to pester this blog, then more will be revealed. 

link to the first part "Corvus & Columba"

The Cat and the Hunting Dogs

Felis & Canes Venatici
A Cat and The Dogs

Cats and dogs are perfect examples of Yin and Yang.  Most people would ascribe cats as being more feminine while dogs are considered masculine.  But there are always exceptions to the rule.  Essentially all the constellations of the night sky exhibit this duality theme, as if the mind inherently needs to label things in a balanced order.  Perhaps it is a natural reflection of things or maybe its our density... or is it destiny? 

Felis the Cat kinda' like a black market-underground scene constellation, with a heavy spell of magical grace.  While the Dogs are legal market-officially sanctioned constellations.  The thing is you need both, official rules and non-official rules. 

Nonetheless the Felis the Cat and Canes Venatici are 'Fraternal Constellations' like night and day or cats and dogs.

Constellation Flags of Nubecula Major and Nubecula Minor

Nubecula Major & Nebecula Minor 
The Greater Cloud and The Lesser Cloud

Here we go again with the Lesser and Great theme.  So overplayed, Lesser this, Greater that, how about a Greatest and Least Cloud.  Or maybe the More and Few Cloud?  Maybe a Most and Mostest Cloud.  Just have some fun with it.

Flag of Constellations of Rosa and the Ramus Pomifer

Rosa & Ramus Pomifer
The Rose and The Apple

The constellations of Rosa the Rose and Ramus the Apple pair up with a natural accord.  They match up like before and after photos, as the flower begets the fruit.  In our case here, the most popular of flowers and fruits have been adorned upon the Celestial Globe - The Rose and the Apple.  They are symbols of beauty, love, and knowledge. 


Flag of Argo Navis and the Globus Aerostaticus

Argo & Blobus Aerostaticus
The Ship and The Hot Air Balloon

The Argo is an ancient constellation paired up with a relatively modern one Blobus Aerostaticus the Hot Air Balloon.  The Hot Air Balloon was the first aircraft to soar in the heavens amongst the clouds and stars and become the hallmark vehicle of the Enlightenment, and spur interest in science and technology.  It is a crime that it did not become an officially recognized constellation, as it was harbinger of expanding wonder yet to come under the stalwart service of science.  
In concordance the Hot Air Balloon and Argo represent two ends of the cosmic mind.  The Argo is grounded in imagination but the Blobus Aerostaticus the Hot Air Balloon is grounded in science and technology.  

The Flag of Blobus Aerostaticus the Hot Air Balloon is composed of a field of orange and yellow, with black stars.  It is best visible during August, thus the Leo symbols.  The Astrological Symbol for Blobus Reostaticus the Hot Air Balloon consists of two elements.  An Omega that represents the balloon and reflects the air sign of Libra.  Also note this modified Libra frame has lost its  lower 'grounded' line.  Instead a triangle pointing upwards takes it position.  In alchemy a pointing upwards triangle represents fire.  Thus the hotter air - caused by the creation of a fire, caused hot captured gases to do man's bidding, resulting in the first aircraft of the ages.

image credits

Constellation flag of the Slug and the Earthworm

Limax &  Lumbricus
The Slug and The Earthworm 

 Two Constellations that have purposely been buried by scientists are the Limax and Earthworm.  But in this post they get recognition and are paired up as 'Fraternal Constellations.'  The Cosmic Slug and Heavenly Earthworm were created by John Hill.  Hill honored these lowly yet essential parts of the ecosystem with constellations.  

Constellations Flags of Pinna Marina and Patella

There exist constellations beyond the established 88.  These forlorn designs were cast into the void of ignorance by science, but history has become their natural abode.  Here we have the Pinna Marina the Mussel and Patella the Limpet.

Mussels are cousins of clams with a purposefully confusing name.  They could have invented a new sounding word.  Golly, there are lots of unclaimed unique sounding words they could have used, instead of Mussel, which sounds like Muscle.  For example they could have called these edible clammy cousins Muslams, Thalams, Shlams, Jrams, Vrams, or Znams.  Nope, they had to double up on the beaten path. There is a natural human tendency to recycle words instead of utilizing new ones.  They decided to call'em mussels, apparently because some old' English Witch Doctor though that eating lots of these 'things' that look like clams would give your strong muscles?  Some say they do this so they can make make silly jokes, riddles, and poems. 

But the Limpet is another often overlooked amazing animal of the sea.  When will SpongeBob SqaurePants put some Limpets on his show?  Theory has it Patrick the Starfish is a racist anti-Limpetic individual.  A shame since limpets are way cool.  Limpets are like snails but look like living movable mushrooms since their shells don't curve.  They have one shell on the back that gives them a rock like appearance.  Unfortunately many Americans think limpets are type of fish due to Don Knots seminal role in the 1964 smash hit the The Incredible Mr. Limpet.  But for our younger readers Limpets look like something like out of Super Mario Brothers Video Game, like a living rock.

Oddly ya'd think they have the common decency or sense to create a 'Starfish Constellation?"

Fraternal Constelaltions of Machina Electrica and Battery of Volta

Machina Electrica & Volta
The Dynamo and the Battery

The Constellations of Machina Electria the Dynamo and Volta the Battery are Outlaw Constellations.  As much as real as the big dipper, they only differ in the magnitude of recognition to science versus history. 

The Scepter of Brandenburg and the Scepter of Justice

Two Scepters are hidden in the Nights Sky one was the Sceptrum Brandenburgicum the Scepter of Brandenburg and the other wasSceptrum et Manus Iustitiae the Scepter and Hand of Justice.  

Unfortunately the Cosmic Scepter of Justice has been hidden but can be found for those who seek it under the light of history. 

Constelaltion flags of Apes and Vespa

Apes & Vespa
The Bee and The Wasp

Here is another pair of constellations outside the margins of official 88.  Although not 'official' in IAU terms they are very real in a historical sense. 

Apes the Bee was created by Petrus Plancius around 1598, and in 1624 Vespa the Wasp was created by Jacob Bartsch. 

Constellation Flags of Musca and Musca Borealis

Musca & Musca Borealis
The Southern Pooper Nipper and The Northern Pooper Nipper

Flying is such a beautiful thing.  But it is quite odd the English Language would associate this divine like activity with nature's most notorious sanitation crew of the universe - the pooper nipper, aka the fly. In most languages flying and a fly use different words.

The fly of the Southern Skies has been adopted by the scientific community as an official constellation, while the Northern Fly is ignored.  Just because something is ignored does not mean it does not exist.  Likewise just because a group of people declare something as not official does not mean another organization must follow suit.  Take for instance, unrecognized nations or religions.  There are several 'renegade' nations on Earth right now, in a strange way they bring balance to the world in their own way.  Likewise there are several 'meaning of life organizations' that have a faithful moral flock, yet do not get official federal tax free recognition.

So no matter, it is rather odd that one of the lowliest animals would get a coveted astronomical spot on the Celestial Globe - the Southern Fly.  Yet Pooper Nippers are essential organisms in the food chain working mostly on the sanitation crew.  Otherwise it'd take a rather long of time for the Fungus kingdom to decompose poodoo and compost.  Too bad there are no officially recognized plants or fungi on the official scientific chart.  But just because scientists don't officially recognize something does not mean it does not exist. Science is a wonderful tool but it is limited to logical and static phenomena. 

The Southern Fly's 'fraternal constellation' is the Northern Fly which has historical recognition, which is a distinct value in its own right.  This gives the Northern Pooper Nipper a power similar to former nation-states like the Prussia or the Confederacy.  Although Prussia and the Confederacy are no longer official, they exist in some sort of unbreakable and perpetual sense on a historical level.


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Fraternal Constellations Gemini and Indus

Gemini & Indus
Castor & Pollux and The Native American & The Native to India

Gemini and Indus are 'Fraternal Constellations.'  Indus represents a 'Janus Element' in the order of things.  In this case Indus has two forms - the High Priest from India and the Shaman of Native America.  Which is it?  Depends on who you ask.  Some pick a side, some say both, and some say it depends.  Likewise Twins offer up a similar debate on labels and a Janus Element to what life is, especially conjoined twins.  If they are connected just below the heart and only have one digestive-plumbing system but two heads; do they have two souls in one body? If they have children, do any children born of such a father with two heads have two biological dads or one dad?  These are not science fiction mysteries, but current realities.

 The Flag of Indus the Shaman of North America/High Priest of India  is composed of a field of four colours: green, blue, indigo, and violet.  The stars are black and white.

The symbol for Indus the Brahman or Indus the Sage are two letter Ss, crossed at 90 degrees.  It represents the typical formation of a spiral or barred galaxy.  Symbols of this sort have been found in many tribes across North America and within the Hindu-Buddeic Tradition long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus or the landing of Lief Ericson upon the shores of North America.

Fraternal Constelaltion Pisces and Picis Austrinus

Pisces & Piscis Austrinus
The Twin Fishes and the Southern Fish

Did you know that there are two Pisces Constellations?  One is in the Zodiac the other is just below.  

The Astrological Symbol for Pisces Austrinus is basically a modified Pisces Symbol.  Rotate Pisces 90 degrees and straighten out one fin and extend the cut like a swordfish.

Fraternal Constelaltions of Leo and Leo Minor

Leo & Leo Minor
The Lion and The Little Lion

Yin and Yang is an ancient Chinese way of thinking.  Basically it says their are two elemental forces in nature the Greater and the Lesser.  In this case Leo of the Zodiac is the Greater while Leo Minor is the Lesser.

The Astrological Symbol for Leo Minor is similar the 'Leo Major' - except it is a lowercase 'q' with a backwards 's' squiggle.

Fraternal Constellations of Aries and Taurus

Aries & Taurus
The Ram and The Bull

Like the Buffalo Bills and St. Louis Rams, the wild sheep and wild cow are partnered up as 'Fraternal Constellation.'  Both animals have horns, hoofed feet, and represent the powerful masculine vegetarian.

Fraternal Constellation of Virgo and Aquarius

Aquarius & Virgo
Man & Woman

Virgo the Virgin and Aquarius the Water Bearer represent relatively mundane human forms in the night sky.  Sometimes Aquarius is drawn as female, but hardly ever is Virgo drawn as a man.  But never is either drawn as some kind of animal or mythical beast. 

Fraternal Constellations of Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer & Scorpio
The Crab and The Scorpion

The Cosmic Crab and Heavenly Scorpion match up like Yin and Yang.  The Crab being Yin which is the feminine, and the Scorpion being like Yang which is the masculine - since it has a deadly stinger. 

Long long ago when the Galaxy was in a different place far far away, the Crab and Scorpion were brothers.  But time separates families and the Scorpion had a harder life than the Crab.  Mother Earth loved all her children and saw how difficult a life the Scorpion had, so she gave her scorpions a stinger to defend themselves from the wild animals. 

Cancer and Scorpion are 'Fraternal Constellations.'


Constellation Flag of Centaurus the Centar and Sagittarius the Centar

Centaurus & Sagittarius
The Spear Carrier of the West vs. The Archer of the East

As fate would have it, there are two Centaurs in the Night's Sky.  Both are rather famous.  Sagittarius is well known for its role in the Zodiac, while Centaurus is the celestial harbor to our closest neighboring star system. Both are rooted the Southern Celestial Sphere and just ever so slightly cross over into the 'neutral zone' of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Each centaur is armed with a different weapon - one is a master of archery while the other carries a spear. 

Is this fate?  Some would say it's the hallmark of destiny?  Or rather the imprint of cosmic synchronicity?  Some will even declare this alignment providence.  Maybe it's just a natural reflection of the group mind we all share?  Collective Unconscious anyone?  

So no matter, two magical beings were placed in the heavens long long ago, when the galaxy was different place in the cosmos far far way. 

They are 'Fraternal Constellations' illustrating the natural tendency of mankind's ego to label things in dualistic kind of way.
The flag of Centaurus the Centaur with Spear has field of yellow, orange, green, blue, and indigo with black and white stars. The Astrological Symbol for the Cosmic Spear Carrier, like Sagittarius, is an arrow.  However, it has a pointed top and a ribbon hanging down.

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Flag of Mensa the Table Mountain and Eridanus the River

Mensa & Eridanus
The Mountain and The River

Odd as it may seem, the names of the constellations in the night sky can be ordered along a harmonious line, two by two.  In this case two natural lays of the land collide in the heavens to make a concordant whole: Mensa the Table Mountain and Eridanus the River.

It is often said that a river has a spirit of its own, likewise many claim the same for mountains.  Although science draws a declarative line between what is living and what it not, scientists always classify great collections of hydrogen as being alive.  Apparently the scientific community agrees that atoms are not alive, but stars are, since they are 'born' and 'die.'  Watch any PBS or Discovery documentary about space and they will always describe stars as living entities.  If you do the same for a small collection of methane gas, they will lock you up and throw away the key. 

Nonetheless the River in the Sky and Mountain upon the Celestial Sphere pair up like Yin and Yang, combining the natural and awe inspiring elements of water and earth.

From a military point of view this comparison is like Navy and Army.  Together, these two constellations cover all the bands and colours of the Southern Night's Sky from equatorial region of white unto the polar region of black.

The flag of Eridanus the River crosses the equator unto the Southern 50s region of the Celestial Sphere.
The flag of Mesna the Mountain covers the end of the rainbow from the 60s indigo region unto the 80s black region of the Celestial Sphere. 

Flag of Monoceros the Unicorn and Pegasus the Winged Horse

Monoceros & Pegasus 
The Unicorn and The Winged Horse

Two mystical horses balance the heavens - a Unicorn and a Winged Horse.  Of the legendary animals to maintain a big following in mainstream consciousness the Unicorn and Winged Horse are it. 

You can think of these constellations as representing Scotland and Greece.  Because Scotland uses the Unicorn in their national arms, while Pegasus was revealed to us from the Greek Universe.  

 Monoceros the Unicorn is a natural organic  Prime Meridian for the Celestial Globe.  The Cosmic Unicorn crosses the Milky Way and also crosses both sides of the Galactic Disc - making contact with Andromeda's Side and M87's Side.  
Pegasus is nearly an equatorial sign, but just misses out on crossing the equator.  This magical horse of the heavens is rooted to the Southern Galactic Side but flies across the Northern Skies. 

Flag of Hydra the Water Serpent and Hydrus the Little Water Serpent

Hydra & Hydrus
The Water Serpent and The Little Water Serpent

Hydra and Hydrus are water snakes: the Greater and Lesser.  The Greater Water Snake Hydra is a mystical beast that had the ability to regrow a severed head.  Hydrus is a relatively new constellation invented by a French Astronomer -Nicolas Louis de Lacaille.

Out of the thousands of other mythical animals they could have chosen for the 'new' stars of the Southern Skies they chose to repeat themes that were already there.  Why couldn't have they chosen a Griffin, Tiger, or Zebra?  Nope, they had to stay in their comfort zone and went for the duality-yin yang balance theme: two lions, two water snakes, two triangles, two crowns, two bears, two centaurs, mostly just two 'similar whatevers.'

Note, both Serpent Icons face 'Sinister' since snakes are considered the master species of 'Sinister Behavior.'

 The flag of Hydrus the Great Sea Serpent, also called a water snake, spans wide and deep.  It crosses the equator unto the 30s degrees South Celestial Band.  Although most of the constellation is in the Southern Skies, it is rooted to the Northern Galactic Team. 

The flag of Hydra the Lesser Sea Serpent, also called a water snake, spans on the pole in stark contrast to the larger equatorial serpent.  But it effectively counters the Great Sea Serpent by swimming into the Celestial South Polar 80s, giving it a black stripe in its field and Navy Blue longitudinal band. 

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Flag of Hercules the Strong Man and Ophiuchus the Healer

Hercules & Ophiuchus
The Strong Man and The Medicine Man 

Hercules and Ophiuchus are the proverbial match of Brawn and Brains.  They are men who have traveled far and accomplished much.  Both are miracle workers in their own right, have wrested with serpents, and fought the good fight with Death.

Their constellations are fairly big and their Celestial Longitudes match, since they are best visible during June and July - thus their individual Astrological symbols are Gemini and Cancer.  Coincidentally both are rooted to the Northern Galactic Faction and dip into the Milky Way.

 The flag of Hercules is nearly a perfect rainbow.  It is missing indigo and violet. 
 Ophiuchus the Healer is a quasi zodiac sign since the planets pass through him.  Additionally the Celestial Equator runs past his legs. 

Flag of Andromeda the Princess in Peril and Perseus the Hero of High Heaven

Andromeda & Perseus 
The Princess in Peril and The Hero of High Heaven 

The romantic tale of the hero coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress has been told in all cultures and civilizations.  It is a timeless story form long, long ago and far, far away.  Retold for countless millennia as night follows day.  From Mario and Princess Peach unto Superman and Lois Lane, the list is endless and surely more heroes are sure to come.

 Andromeda the Princess in Peril is seen in the Northern Skies, bur ironically she is grounded to the Southern Galactic Team.  Furthermore, the Princess is the home to our nearest galactic neighbor - the Andromeda Galaxy.  
Perseus the Hero of High Heaven completely crosses the Milky Way.  This makes senses as a hero must be willing to travel far and away, to find his path. 

Flag for Orion the Hunter and Bootes the Herdsman

Orion & Bootes
The Hunter & The Herdsman

The Hunter and Herdsman are ancient occupations, before the rise of any written word.  These occupations are the economic forefathers of modern man whence Astrology and Astronomy were one in the same.

So too, once upon a time was the Wall Street Trader and Family Farmer united as one occupation.  Business traders and shepherds are still united in manipulating the matter of the universe for maximum profit, but have changed much in the manner of doing so.      

But in the conventional sense comparing these constellations, the Hunter must track his free and wild prey using stealth, patience, and wit to gain his prize.   While the herdsman must use love and vigilance to keep his domesticated and imprisoned prey safe.  

 The flag for Bootes the Herdsman is colourful due its wide range from the equatorial 00s region unto the 50s.   The Herdsman fills up the Northern Sky and is rooted to the Northern Galactic Region. 

The flag of Orion the Hunter has the equatorial stripe, since he crosses the Celestial Equator.  Orion is rooted to the Southern Galactic Region but dips his arm into the Milky Way Galaxy.

Flag of Cepheus the King and Cassiopeia the Queen

Cepheus and Cassiopeia 
The King and The Queen

Like a good hand in a game of cards, it's good have a King or Queen.  Likewise the Night Sky must have King and Queen in the pantheon.  In this case Cepheus the King matches up with Cassiopeia the Queen.  The purpose of this post is to show that each constellation has a cosmic harmonious partner.  In this case the Northern Skies is where the King meets his Queen.

 The flag of Cassiopeia is similar to the king via a violet, indigo, and blue band.  The Queen of the Heavens completely crosses the Milky Way to earn a 'traffic light' colouration on her longitudinal axis, which means she is best viewed during the months of Libra to Sagittarius - October to December. 
The flag of Cepheus the King crosses in the northern polar 80s celestial latitude.  Subsequently the flag has a black stripe along the top, which causes his longitudinal band to shift from black to navy blue.  The King also touches the Milky Way but does not cross it completely.  The King of the Cosmic Sphere is best viewed during the months of Leo to Pisces. 

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Constellation flags of Lacerta the Lizard and Chamaeleon the Shapeshifter

Lacerta & Chamaeleon
The Normal Lizard and The Strange Lizard

Only two reptiles were able to gain official IAU recognition as one of the Elite 88 Official Constellations

Funny thing is that every constellation has a harmonious partner.  Like something of Noah's Ark, we have two crowns, two triangles, two lions, two bears, two snakes, two centaurs, and two lizards.  However the lizards are different species.  Nonetheless a plain lizard matches effectively with the hardly shape shifting chameleon of Madagascar.

The chameleon is not really Earth's best 'chameleon;'  rather the octopus is the best of the best Earthly Chameleons, that happens to live in water.  Unfortunately the octopus's ability to change colours and its shape has not enchanted any storytellers.  Maybe because their ability is so good, consequently it has been undetected to mainstream consciousness?  Instead its eight arms is what gets artists and storytellers buzzing.  

Both types of lizards are rooted to the Southern Galactic Team, but Lacerta the Lizard crosses into the Milky Way in the Northern Skies. The colours of Lacerta's Flag includes blue, green and yellow. 
Chamaeleon the Shapeshifter crosses in the lowest of low in the southern 80s so its celestial longitudinal band is navy blue, since it has black in the field.  The Astrological Icon coincidentally has a 'shape shifting ability' as it can be read two ways: either as the body of this lizard looking towards the hoist with its tail curled under, or as an open mouth with its long tongue stretched in curl.   

Flag for Cygnus the Swan and Grus the Crane

Cygnus & Grus
The Swan and The Crane

The two most graceful birds of the Constellations that exude an elegance are linked and revealed to the public for the first time as 'Fraternal Constellations.'  Some birds are noisy, loud, annoying, or fearsome.  But the presence put forth by these birds illustrates that elegance is not just a human quality.

The Swan and Crane are water foul, but yet reflect the docile spirit of heaven.  They are something more than a humble duck, but of free flowing avian royalty.

 Cygnus the Swan is a double agent that touches base with the Northern and Southern Galactic factions, completely crossing the Milky Way.  Thus it has the traffic light pattern on its Celestial Longitude axis.  The Swan is best seen in August and September.

Grus the Crane is attached to the Southern Skies and Southern Galactic Pole.

Flags for Cetus the Whale and Delphinus the Dolphin

Cetus & Delphinus
The Whale and The Dolphin

The constellations of the Whale and Dolphin match in a cosmic kind of way.  Each name of the Constellations harmonize with a special partner.  In this case two air breathing 'fish' are branded together as 'Fraternal Constellations.'  Astronomers had a tendency to name things in pairs, on a subconscious level.

Both flags are in the Equatorial region of the Celestial Sphere, thus both get white stripes.  Cetus's territory actually crosses the Cosmic Equator.  Both cetaceans are rooted to Southern Galactic Sphere allied to Andromeda Galaxy.  

 The flag of Cetus the Whale has two white stripes since it completely crosses both the north and south 10s field.
The Heavenly Dolphin crosses into the Milky Way, so its Astrological Totem is white.  The totem is a fused Greek Letter D (Delta) and Roman Letter D, which coincidentally looks like a dolphin's dorsal fin breaking the water at a certain angle. Although visible in the Northern Skies, Delphinus is rooted to the Southern Galactic Pole.

Flags for Lupus the Wolf and Lynx the Bobcat

Lupus & Lynx
The Wolf and The Bobcat

Cats and dogs are the perfect example of Yin and Yang, like night and day or bitter and sweet.   Likewise the Lynx and the Wolf are joined as Constellation Partners that echo of cats and dogs.  In this order the older cousins of cats and dogs who were never tamed by man and woman are honored in the night sky. 

You can combine dogs and wolves, since dogs are domesticated wolves.  Likewise you can combine cats with lynxes since cats are domesticated bobcats/lynxes.  There is a slight difference between the lynx and bobcat, but the bottom line is that cats are closely related to both of these wild cats.

Both Lynx the Wildcat and Lupus the Wolf are rooted to the Northern Galactic Pole.  However The Wolf roams in the Southern Skies, while the Wildcat pounces along in the Northern Skies.

 The flag of Lupus the Wolf uses the colours yellow, green, and blue.  Since the Wolf steps into the Milky Way its Astrological Icon is white.

Lynx has the same field colours as the wolf but in a different order and an extra stripe of indigo since it reaches into 60s.

Flags of Canis Major and Canis Minor - The Big Dog and Little Dog

Canis Major & Canis Minor
The Big Dog and The Little Dog

Once again duality strikes a chord amongst the heavens.  Every constellation has a particular harmonious partner.  In this case The Big Dog and Little Dog match up.  Both dogs are loyal to their respective Northern and Southern heavens, Northern and Southern Galactic poles, and cross over into the Milky Way.

 The flag of Canis Major the Greater Dog uses the colours red, orange, and yellow on its field.  It is rooted to the 'Southern' Galactic Faction-with M87 and Southern Skies.

In balance the flag of Canis Minor the Lesser Dog uses the colours red, white, and equatorial band.  Although not as big a Canis Major, the smaller dog rests on the equator.  But she is rooted to the northern skies and 'Northern' Galactic Faction with Andromeda Galaxy.

Flags of the Constellations for Ursa Major and Ursa Minor

Ursa Major & Ursa Minor
The Great Bear and Little Bear - or - The Big Dipper and Little Dipper

When they were naming the constellations they couldn't help but apply the Yin-Yang duality theme, it happens a lot.  In any case each constellation has a particular partner that matches on some harmonious level.  I suppose there was need for some kind of Cosmic Harmony, otherwise the stars may have fallen out of order.  In this case the Ursa Major the Great Bear matches up harmoniously with Ursa Minor the Little Bear.

 Both bears are partisan to the Northern Skies and matched to the 'Northern' Galactic Faction that is facing the Super Cluster Capitol on the Golden Grain of Virgo - M87.  You can think of the Little Bear and Big Bear as Serbia and Russia. 

The flag of Ursa Major covers many bands from the 20s all the up to the 70s, so the colours orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet are present.

 The flag of Ursa Minor covers fewer degrees on the Celestial Globe, but it taps the 80s, thus is gets a black band. It is also the keeper of the North Star with its tail.

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Constellation flags of Vela the Sails and Carina the Keel

Vela & Keel
The Sails and The Keel

Two of the most important parts to ship are the sails and the keel.  These essential parts of a sailing ship match up in a harmonious way. 

Each constellation is dedicated to the part of the ship that interacts with opposite elements that allow the vessel to move.  The Keel makes deepest contact with the water, while the sails make highest contact with the air. 

Both Constellations make contact with Milky Way Galaxy.  Vela the Sails crosses into both Galactic Spheres, while the Carina the Keel is rooted to the Southern Galactic Side and merging into the Milky Way Galaxy.

 The flag of Vela the Sails uses the colours red, green, and blue on its field. 
The flag of Carina the Keel uses the colours blue, indigo, and violet on the field.

Flags for the Constellations of Horologium the Pendulum Clock and Reticulum the Spatial Grid

Horologium & Reticulum
The Pendulum Clock and Spatial Gird

Space-Time is one of their weird dimensions of Outer Space, and not to mention regular mundane space.  Thus the Clock and Spatial Grid as meta-perceptual concepts match up harmoniously.  Science only has a simple grapple on these phenomena, but talented poets and writers have become masters of time and space by having their spirit transcending the ages across space and time. 

Reticulum the Network is much like the internet, brain, or natural connectivity between all things.  Likewise time is that invisible yet malleable material intimately ingrained in space, whether it be outer space or the space in your atoms.  Consequently they pair up nicely in this Constellation Series of paired up regions of the Night's Sky.

Coincidentally modern astronomers have interlinked these constellations as the long arm of the Cosmic Clock crosses through the Heavenly Network of Reticulum, just look at any modern astronomy book and the 'lines' of Horologium always pass through Reticulum.  It must, since space and time are interlinked.

 The flag of Horolgium the Pendulum Clock uses the colours green, blue, indigo, and violet.  The symbol for the Clock is long arm tied to the star key that is often found in a phone. It also honors the old cogs and crankshafts of the ancient pr-digital time pieces.
The symbol of Reticulum the Network is the hash tag, also known as the pound, also known as the tic tac toe sign.

Constellation flag of Ara the Altar and the Crux the Southern Cross

Ara & Crux
The Altar and Southern Cross

Ara the Altar and Crux the Southern Cross are gateways to the spiritual dimension.  The cross was originally a method of execution, likewise ancient man often used the altar to execute animals and sometimes people for the Gods and God.  In this post, here they are bound together as the spiritual holy totems of the night's sky.  But to most astronomers they are simply a region in the sky.  Coincidentally they both have regions in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Crux the Southern Cross resides totally in the Milky Way, thus is non-partisan.  Ara is just slightly tilted towards the Southern Galactic Side, but mostly resides in the Middle Way Milky Way Galaxy Path.

 The Southern Cross is visible best during the month of April, coincidentally near Easter. 

The Altar is best viewed during the months of June and July in the Southern Skies.

Flags for the Constellations Lyra the Lyre and Pictor the Easel

Lyra & Pictor
The Lyre and The Easel

Lyra the Lyre and Pictor the Easel illustrate the two most basic forms of art: music and pictures.  To be specific they remind us of the cosmic melodies and vibrant colours that can be found all across the Universe. 

The flag of Lyra the Lyre completely crosses the northern 30 degrees sector.  The Lyre is doubly North-bound as it is rooted the Northern Heavens and Northern Galactic Pole.  However it crosses into the 'Monkey in the Middle' Milky Way Zone. 
The flag of Pictor the Easel is bound to the Southern Heavens and also rooted to Southern Galactic Faction. 

Constellation flag for Scutum the Shield and Sagitta the Arrow

Scutum & Sagitta
The Shield and The Arrow

Scutum and Sagitta are a union of objects that defend and offend in times of war, crime, or urgency.  Scutum the Shield and Sagitta the Arrow are also non-partisian on the Galactic Sphere, since they reside in the Milky Way Galaxy.  The Cosmic Arrow and Heavenly Shield do not completely cross a sector of ten thus they both have central stripes. 

 The flag for Sagitta the Arrow has a field of orange and red with a stripe of red and orange.  Best seen during the month August and July, it is in the heart of the Milky Way, but allied to the Northern Skies.
The flag for Scutum the Shield has a similar field but it is white and red.  It is best seen during the month of March, thus a Pisces sign.  But Pieces is tilted towards the Southern Skies.