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Flag of the Corvus the Crow and Columba the Dove

 Corvus & Columba
The Crow and The Dove

This is the first part of the Constellation Flags Series, beginning with Corvus the Crow and Columba the Dove.  The uncanny aspect of the 88 constellations is that they pair up, in a manner like Yin and Yang. 

In this case the Constellations of the Crow and Dove form a special relationship. They were the only non-sacramental animals mentioned on Noah's Ark, and were the key messengers that told Noah that the flood had subsided.  They are symbols of light to dark and mysterious to the mundane.  The crow is dark and mysterious, while the dove is light and mundane.  The temperament of the crow and dove also differ like night and day.  Both are rather common animals, but the bird song of the crow is described as a spine tingling crackle while the Dove speech is thought of as a peaceful coo. 

Constellation Flag of Corvus the Crow

Constellation Flag of Columba the Dove

The flag of Corvus the Crow uses the colours red, orange, and black.  In between the Aries symbol is the Astrological Symbol for Corvus, because it is best visible during April.

The flag of Columba the Dove uses the colours orange, yellow, and green.  Like the flag above the black stars show some of the brightest stars in this Constellation.  The Peace Sign has been chosen as the Astrological Symbol of Columba the Dove. 

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