Monday, March 25, 2013

Virginia Tilt flags for nations with a Virgina Tilt

Virginia Tilt?  What in the world is a Virginia Tilt and why do we need Virginia Tilt Flags?

First of all a Virginia Tilt flag is based upon a geographic artifact of Virginia in the United States.  Virginia is of the states to sit parallel to both Africa and Europe but with a slight tilt towards to Europe.  On the other hand there are another group of states that lay in a similar way but with a tilt towards Africa - which are the Tennesee Tilt Flags.  But that's another can of worms.  Suffice it to say nations or states with a Virginia Tilt have their southern ends waddling into the latitude of Africa while their northern parts are parallel to Europe.  Thus the nations Spain, Greece, and Tajikistan all qualify for a Virginia Tilt Flag.  Six other US states also qualify for this honored emblem as well.  You can see those flags here. The design of the flag is based upon the flags of Jamaica, US and final Confederate design.

The Greek Virginia Tilt Flag
The Greeginia Tilt Flag

Hot summers and mild winters in Greece and Virginia.

The Spanish Virginia Tilt Flag
The Spriginia Tilt Fla

The Tajikistan Virginia Tilt Flag
The Virjikistania Tilt Flag

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