Sunday, February 17, 2013

Geographic Flags - State Flags with a Virginia Tilt

 Six states in the Union have a  Virginia Tilt.  A Virginia Tilt means that they follows in a sense the climatic and geographic positions of ye' Virginia.

Virginia is geographically aligned in between the two great continents.  Virginia's northern counties are parallel to Europe only while her southern parts are parallel to North Africa.

Seven states, including Virginia, can legally claim to enjoy both 'hot African summer nights' and know 'a chilly winter's day as it is in Europe.' The design of the flag is based upon design of Jamaica and final design of the Confederacy with adjusted colours and style of the modern state flags. 

 The Kentucky-Virginia Tilt Flag

Kentucky is a near match in climate to Virginia.  The southern counties are on par with North Africa, while her northern counties match to Spain.

The Illinois-Virginia Tilt Flag

Believe it or not the southern part of Illinois is much like the South.  Some cities in Illinois are even more southern than Richmond, Virginia. No doubt General Washington would've found the southern tip of Illinois to be mosts like home.

Illinois also has the most northern reach of states with a Virginia Tilt.  Also, the northern part of Illinois is on par with Canada.  Illinois is of the proverbial middle states to know both the climate of Canada and the Confederacy.

 The Kansas-Virginia Tilt Flag

Yep, the southern counties of Kansas are on par with Algeria.  It's no wonder the original immigrants thought it was a desert.  But thanks to rain water and productive use of water Kansas is an American bread basket.

The Colorado-Virginia Tilt Flag

Just as the Atlas Mountains of Morocco pierce into the sky so do the Rockies of Colorado.  

 The Utah-Virginia Tilt Flag

Utah is the last state to have that semi-unique way of knowing with African and European climate, at least at high altitudes.

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