Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Western Flag for the Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Rabbit

The Year of the Rabbit is the most feminine sign of the Eastern Zodiac.  Simple black and white are the elements of its flag.  Black is the background and the Western Symbol illustrated in white.  The Western symbol is loosely based upon the official Chinese Character.

Also note that some people see this 'animal' of the Zodiac as the Year of the Cat instead of the Year of the Rabbit, most notably in Vietnam.  Which is right?  Well it's a Yin and Yang thing, so it can be both.  The essence of a cat is like a rabbit with a dash of Yang energy.  Besides, Vietnam and China are already flag partners in the early colonial yellow national flags as well as Communist Red flag forms.  Coincidentally they both look like animals that come from eggs - China looks like a chicken while Vietnam looks like snake. The cat is an evolved level up of the rabbit.  Both are associated with the moon, thusly every Oriental Zodiac should thus get an alternate form or 'Pokemon' like level up.  Another animal in the Eastern Zodiac with a binary point of the view is the Year of the Pig.  

But the next step in the Eastern Cycle belongs to the scaly Draco.

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