Friday, March 22, 2013

A Western Flag for the Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Dragon

 Western Year of the Dragon Symbol and Flag.  This is the last Westernized symbol for the Oriental Zodiac.  Why invent a Western Symbol?  It is only a natural path since the East has developed and adapted symbols for the Occidental-Western Zodiac.  Besides its 2013, the East is all over the West and vice-versa.  Just as the Western Lunar Zodiac is universal for all nations, its high time that the Eastern Zodiac be recognized as well in a similar manner and not just for peoples of East Asia.  The East and West Zodiacs can be brought together since they do not compete in the same virtual space.  The Eastern tempo is set by the solar cycle punctuated by the moon, while the Western beat is set by the lunar cycle punctuated by the sun.

The flag of for Earth's Year of the Dragon has a yellow background with the Westernized Dragon symbol in black.  


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