Saturday, August 11, 2012

Olympic Flag with 6 rings to more accurately reflect the 6 participating continents

Six Ringed Olympic Flag for Six Continents

The Olympic Flag only has five rings to represent five continents. However there are a total of six participating continents! Don't they know how to add? Well the reason that only five rings appear is because North and South America are counted as one continent.

This is unfair since both are several times larger than Australia and have a wider range of cultures.

As for comparison to North America two and half Australias would fit snugly in one North America. Likewise two Europes would still be smaller than North America.

As for South America - South America's aboriginal cultures have a much wider array of diversity than Australian aboriginals. South America is bigger than Europe, Australia and Antarctica.

And what about Antarctica? Well before the seventh ring is added an athlete needs to be born on it and make it to the Olympics - then a seventh ring is in order. To see that flag click here on yesterday's post.

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