Monday, November 28, 2011

Never Ending Story, part 1- the AURYN, a Badge for Fantasia

first appearance of the AURYN

The film the Never Ending Story 1984 is based on a story written by Michael Ende of Germany in 1979. In it a bullied little boy learns about the power of fantasia and unlimited bounty of imagination. The movie is a story within a story that even hints at the presence of the audience.

The world of Fantasia is under attack by a fear mongering entity known as the Nothing. The Nothing preys upon people without dreams so they can be controlled. When people live without dreams they become virtual zombies and give away their power to the empty soulless power hungry Nothing.

Thus if you think you have been bitten by a zombie and may be infected, find a dream - find it fast and never let it go! A Luck Dragon will find you, believe me!

Atreyu is chosen to save Fantasia

The badge of the chosen hero is the AURYN. The AURYN is similar to an ouroboros - a snake that is eating its own tail. But in The Never Ending Story the AURYN is composed of two snakes symmetrically intertwined and chasing or latched upon each others tail. The upper snake is gold and the lower snake is green in inner fantasia - the fantasy world of a fantasy.

But in Bastian's universe the AURYN is found as a monochrome decorative seal on the book he borrowed.

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