Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back to the Future Flags - Part VIII, Banners of Hill Valley

Hill Valley 1955 Essex Theater
Air Conditioned Banner

In 1955 the Essex theater proudly touts that it is "AIR CONDITIONED." This is a marvelous technology that is often taken for granted in the modern world.

The banner is written white with a blue background. The letters are topped with snow to show that its cool inside.

Hill Valley Essex Theater 1985

In 1985 the Essex theater lives up to its name in more ways than one.

In the original 1985 banners of the Essex theater tout a new DNA exchange art festival every Thursday and promotes a daily double. The sign has been slightly altered to read 'Org American Style' for the wee ones.

Hill Valley Court House Mall Banners

In 2015 the Court House Mall has zip zap early nineties art banners. The colours are rather unconventional - grey, sea green, and red. Apparently there was a retro art exposition going on at the Mall in 2015?

You can see the hands of Biff's Gang smashing though the windows after their aborted attempt to bully Marty McFly.

Hill Valley 1885
Gold Bunting behind the Mayor

By fateful chance Marty and Doc end up in 1885 and witness the opening ceremony-festival for the start of the clock tower.

On stage is the Mayor of Hill Valley in 1885. He is standing behind a certain type of vexilloid - the golden bunting - fan shaped 'curtains' that are more often decorative than symbolic.

Fireworks go off with the official start of the Clock Tower

Here Marty and Doc witness spectacular first minute of the clock tower. Below the fireworks on top of the wooden scaffolding are decorative 'flags' known as bunting.

The bunting on the clock tower is fan shaped and from the outside it is red, white, and blue. The people are crowded around a flag pole with the US and California State Flag. And just in the upper frame you can see the bottom stripes of other American Flags, that fringe the shot.

Red Bunting with ZZ Top

Finally ZZ Top plays music on stage, surrounded by red bunting.

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