Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back to the Future Flag - Part IX, Biff's Butthead Cane

Biff Hitting Marty with his Golden Fist Cane

In Back to the Future Part II we travel to 2015 and see an elderly Biff harass Marty McFly. In this episode the cause of trouble starts with Marty. In a way Biff is less not the guilty party, rather Marty can only blame himself for the sequence of negative consequences.

Subsequently Marty must face the music of his own making, that leads him and Doc into a nightmare universe, that must be fixed.

Biff holding his Vexi-Cane

Biff's cane has a golden fist for its finial. The handle is has a shimmering black coating.

Although vexillology mostly concerns itself with flags and fabrics, a pole with a decorative icon or totem falls under the general term of vexillology. The Egyptians were famous for using such objects.

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