Friday, November 11, 2011

Back to the Future Flags - Part VII, US Flag Flying Proudly

George and Marty McFly next to US flag

Here father and son stand next to each other. Usually a father must stand by his son, but in Back to the Future the roles of coach or teacher are reversed. In this case George McFly's son helps the father rise to the occasion. In this scene Marty coaches his future father to woo his future mother. Marty is playing more than a match maker, if he doesn't get his potential mom and dad to meet up - it'll be the end of his existence.

'Clint Eastwood' with Doc
When is it Cowardice or Stupidity?Notice the US flag in background

In Back to the Future Part III, Marty McFly learns that fighting over ones reputation and over ones ego may not be worth it.

In this scene Marty (aka Clint Eastwood) is taunted by Buford 'Mad Dog' Tannen. Marty learns to stand down a dare-foolish challenge. There is a fine line between holding your ground, following a foolish taunt of the ego, and cowardice. In the end, Marty learns to value his own internal sense of worth than what others think.

US flag shadows Marty McFly
US Flag of Protection?

In Back to the Future 1985, the US flag coincidentally shadows Marty McFly when Biff tries run him over. Marty gets stuck in front of Biff's car and is nearly rammed into a manure pile, but right before our hero gets it... he instinctively jumps over the bullies. While he does this, the American Flag in the center of Hill Valley seems to follow or rather shadow Marty on his daring escape.

Link to Part VII - Back to the Future Flags

Video of Marty being chased by Biff and Gang
notice US Flag 'shadow' of protection when Marty jumps over the car

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