Monday, November 14, 2011

Back to the Future Flags - Part X, The California State Flag

Back to the Future III - 1990
California Flag Flying Alone

In the Back to the Future trilogy the California State flag makes an appearance in all three movies. In Part 3 the modern version of the California State flag can been seen outside of the bar when Buford Mad Dog Tannen calls out 'Clint Eastwood' for a gun fight. The flag is flying in the upper right corner.

The appearace of a modern California State flag in 1885 is highly unlikely but not impossible, since the modern flag was adopted in 1911. It's interesting to note that the flag with the original Bear Flag is also flying in the movie.

Back to the Future II - 1989
California Flag is never alone

In Part 2 the California Flag never appears alone but always side by side with the US flag. You can see a mini California flag on Principal Skinners desk in between the US flag and school trophy.

Back to the Future 1985
California Flag Alone in Hill Valley

By far the best shot of the California State flag flying alone in Hill Valley. You can see the white shoes and skate board of Marty McFly under the tree branches on the left. The California State flag is barley visible. It is flying from a pole on Bank of America above the Hill Valley welcome sign.

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