Sunday, July 17, 2011

The California Republic - Yogi Bear & Fozzie Bear Style

Here are two of America's most famous bears posing for the flag of California - Yogi Bear and Fozzie Bear.

Yogi Bear as the California Republic Bear

Yogi is older, and made his debut in 1958. Yogi was formed out of the imagination of Hannah & Barberra. Yogi's personality stems from the entertainment of that era. A dash of the Honeymooner's, spiked with a famous baseball legend - Yogi Berra. But Yogi's primary occupation is to steal food from unsuspecting people who visit Jellystone Park. Yogi's favorite catch phrase is that he is, "Smarter than your average Bear."

Fozzie Bear as the California Republic Bear

Fozzie Bear was born out the imagination of Frank Oz and Jim Henson in the early 1970s. Fozzie made his debut in 1974 on the Muppet Show. Fozzie coincidentally dresses like his older cousin Yogi Bear - both bears wear a hat and collar/tie. Fozzy has more blue collar edge, while Yogi matches to white collar and coincidentally wears a white collar.

Fozzie Bear is essentially Kermit's sidekick and 'brother' by some strange twist of Muppet gene splicing. Fozzie like Yogi often suffer from verbal diarrhea and tell lame brain overplayed jokes.

Other the other hand the situation is reversed with Yogi Bear. Yogi is the main star and his tag along side kick is a rather dim witted yet charmingly cute Boo Boo Bear. Yogi and Fozzie are two iconic bears from the American Imagination. They can charm children as well as adults and their off beat never give up humor is sometimes funny, if not nostalgic. "Waka, Waka, Waka"

link to Hanna-Barberra's Wikipedia page
link to Jim Henson Studios

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