Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baloo & Boo Boo Bear as the California Republic Bear

Boo Boo Bear on the California State Flag

Yogi Bear's loveable side kick is Boo Boo Bear. Boo Boo may be the world's favorite side kick. Born at the beginning of the space age in 1958 Boo Boo got a his big break in Yogi' Bears Big Break.

Bears have been always sacred totems in the Native American tradition, but in Modern America the appreciation of the bear has gone to new levels of enchantment. Usually animated - these bears from fantasia have become virtual teachers and friends.

Baloo Bear as the California State Flag

Another fictional bear - Baloo Bear - originates from the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. The animated Baloo was featured in Walt Disney's adaptation of the Jungle Book in 1967. Baloo is a caring bear, who helps a lost orphan boy find his way. Baloo is the idealized over-sized big brother bear of protection. His mantra was, "All you need in life are the bare necessities."

Boo Boo bear is the lovable naive little brother bear of good conscience, while Baloo Bear is the wise big brother bear of protection.

Baloo Singing about the Bare Necessities

Boo & Yog in a Service Ad

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