Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baseball Team Symmetry - Rex Sox vs White Sox, part 2

Logo of Red Sox

So what is the most important piece of clothing for a baseball outfit? The hat, gloves, shoes, or maybe the humble sox? Sox are an essential component to nearly any sport. Sox cushion and carry the player and act as a perspiration barrier between athlete and shoe. Sox give extra life to the shoes. Sure the can be smelly and may not be at the front line of the players lucky mojo. Sox are nonetheless critical an important items for any baseball player.

Logo of White Sox

Coincidentally socks are the mascots for two major league baseball teams - the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox. The Red Sox and White Sox names are linked to the National League in its genesis in 1876. There were eight original teams and two team names were the Red Sox of Boston and the White Sox of Chicago. However the current Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox of the 21st century are not the direct ancestor of the original Red and White Sox of 1876.

Officialy the Chicago Cubs are the legal heirs of the original White Sox, while the Atlanta Braves are the legal heir of the original Red Sox. But putting all the legal mumbo jumbo aside. The Red or White Sox name is iconic of baseball's history and modern age.

This is a perfect alignment by object that differs only by color. This contrast is also like that of the essential hard red leather ball of cricket and the white ball of baseball. Although both teams are in the American League they have never played each other in a modern era "Super Sox Series."

But just as the USA entered WWI to fight the Kaiser, the Red Sox and White Sox clashed in 1916 and again 1917. The White Sox won in 1917 while the Red Sox won in 1918.

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