Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cricket vs Baseball - The Yin and Yang of Stick Ball

Notice that the typical color of baseball is white with red thread, while the typical colour of a cricket ball is red with a white thread. In heardic terms we call this juxtoposition of colours a counter charge.

But in New Age-Ancient Eastern Tao...little grasshopper is way of Yin and Yang.

Baseball and Cricket descend from a common 'stick and ball' ancestor game that originally formed in the United Kingdom. This is an analogous situation with American Football and Rugby. Cricket are Baseball have similar elements but went their separate ways.

Will Russia choose Baseball or Cricket?

Baseball and Cricket are beloved sports all across the world. And the world is divided as to their favorite 'stick ball' game. The core nation identified with Cricket is England. Cricket is like tea time, crumpets, and calico printing.

On the other hand, Baseball is as American as apple pie, but apples originate from Asia as does calico printing.

Interestingly the preference for Baseball or Cricket has divided the world and especially Asia. East Asia - Japan, Korea, and China have made baseball their own. Baseball for East Asia is home as much as chopsticks and squatting for a number 2.

Swing Batsman, Batsa-Batsa-Batsaman!

But West Asia has adopted Cricket as its national pastime. The head quarters for the ICC - International Cricket Council is nowhere near London. It is in Dubai, of the United Arab Emirates in the West Asia. South Asia has also hopped over Cricket rather than Baseball. Only North Asia has remained relatively undecided.

I speculate that in Russian-Asia.... Baseball will pull ahead in popularity over Cricket.

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  1. We are easily understand your blog said. I am really happy. I shared your blog to my friend circle.

  2. Cricket is American, the first president of the USA; George Washington played Cricket, the very first ever international Cricket match was Between; USA & Canada in the 1800's. Cricket as American as Apple Pie!